OPEN THREAD: My resolutions, your resolutions 2017 (and a free tarot reading!)

Happy new year, friends!

And so to our new year’s resolutions. Yours, and mine.

Weeeeeellll….I’m kinda not making any.  Because, y’know, I’m politically opposed to the idea that I – or you – need fixing or improving. I am a perfect human being! You are a perfect human being! No resolution could make you more wonderful than you already are!

But I kinda am (ha!) because at a time of year when everyone’s planning and scheming, it’s hard not to have just a few things you’d like to do or tweak or accomplish, right?

The main thing for me is holding this word at the heart of my year: Connection. I felt ‘disconnected’ in many ways last year and it made me feel sad; this year I want to challenge that in 2017. This ‘resolution’ is bigger than this post. I wrote about it a little last week, and I’ll write about it again.

Apart from that? Ooh, just a few pressure-free bits and bobs…

I’m gonna take a community class. Any class will do, I don’t care what it is. Watercolours, creative writing, car maintenance…anything that gets me out once a week into a classroom doing something fun and creative. I want the social contact and the absolutely-only-for-enjoyment-ness of it.

I’m gonna make more bread! Cos I love making bread.

I’m gonna keep my wildflower book with me on walks and make an effort to learn more plant names. I did this a couple of years ago and I love naming the plants I know. I want more of this!

I’m gonna reach for my film camera more than my digital. The digital one is handy for blogging, but it makes me lazy. I want my 35mm art back!

Over to you!

For the past few years, I’ve hosted a big old open thread here on the blog. I share my new year’s resolutions with you guys, and then you join in, sharing your own in the comments.

And then! You get a free one-card tarot reading! Like so!

However. The Little Red Tarot community has grown hugely over the past couple of years, and I am seriously doubting my capacity to answer every single one of you by pulling a tarot card. I’d love to… but I just can’t manage it on my own.

So we’re gonna try something a little different this year!

You still share your resolution, and you still get a tarot reading…

…but this time, everyone gets involved! In order to share your own resolution, first, you have to pull a card for the commenter before you.

I know, I know – this is gonna be kinda chaotic. Some folks might get no replies and others might get several. It will probably be really hard to know who you’re supposed to be replying to.

But still, let’s try!

How to do this:

  1. Reply to the last commenter, drawing a tarot card for their resolution and giving a super short reading to help them achieve it (a couple of lines is fine).
  2. Then share your own resolution in a separate comment (comment on the post itself, don’t reply to another commenter).

If it’s hard to work out who you should be replying to, you can find someone above you who doesn’t have a reply yet – or add a second reading to the one above you. Don’t overthink it!



This open thread is now closed. Thank you so much to everyone who participated…and happy new year!

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  1. Beth says:

    I’ll start!

    I’m gonna reach for my film camera more than my digital one. The digital one is handy for blogging, but it makes me lazy. I want my art back!

    • Hey Beth! I’m planning on doing the same with my manual camera, so best of luck to both of us. 🙂

      The card I drew for you is the Wheel of Fortune from the Prisma Visions Tarot. This is a pretty big energy, so I get the sense that your photography and art could play an important role in your life this year if you stick to your resolution. (I can’t help but think of the Wheel of the Year as well–definitely get your film out for those witchy celebrations/rituals!) Try not to limit what you photograph; documenting all of life’s ups and downs will help you feel out the bigger picture, and you’ll be able to share those epiphanies and insights with others through your art.

      • Beth says:

        Thanks Lauren! Wow, interesting card – I love the association with the wheel of the year, too. I love the thought of bringing the film photography into ritual…I’m going to have a real think about that! Thanks again!

  2. I worked really hard on personal growth in 2016–analyzing, journaling, going to therapy and working through some tough stuff. I used tarot as a tool to help me throughout the year, but found myself relying so much on predictive readings that it became its own form of procrastination, and was self-limiting in a way. By overanalyzing every decision and hoping to control the outcome, I spent a lot of the year feeling anxious and frustrated and powerless.

    So my main resolution is to get out of my head and into my heart more this year. I want to be present and take life as it comes instead of dwelling too much on the past or fearing the future.

    (Thanks for organizing this, Beth!)

    • Trine says:

      Hi Lauren! I drew the Ace of Buckets from the Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi for you. A rider on a horse is plunging into a big pool with a giant leap of faith and without trying to limit the outcome, whatever it is. With the pool being filled with water, there’s a lot of emotion present. I feel this card is advising you to dive in head first and greeting what’s present without fearing what the result might be. Being in the moment will prevent you from over-thinking your next move.

  3. Trine says:

    My resolution for 2017 is writing more. Writing more in general, to express myself and understand more of what’s going on in and around me, but also trying out writing poetry. I want to try to have an open mind and a wide perspective to learn and to engage my creative side.

    • BiancaB. says:

      Hi Trine (and fellow writer, woohoo!) I drew the Seven of Swords from the Shadowscape Tarot, and the first thing I thought was: find *your* voice! (Which can be annoying for a writer to hear, I understand…) This card often speaks of deception and theft, but you can look at this particular image in another way. What do you admire about your favourite writers? What is that particular characteristic that you love? In this image, the swan (= other writers) has seven swords, but the blackbird is attracted only by one. In engaging your creative side, you can start from your obsessions, the things that you adore. Even if they are not immediately related to writing, they can still inspire your writing. (I remember Esmé Wang writing a booklet titled “Where’s your electricity?” on finding your themes and obsessions. It could help you!)
      I cannot but wish you a wonderful journey with your writing:)!

      • Trine says:

        Thank you so much BiancaB! I really relate to the Seven of Swords, and I often see it as being a bit selective as to what’s good for me rather then to always put other people first. Your interpretation in relation to writing was great, and it gives me a practical approach to this resolution! I’ll be checking out Esmé Wang as well! Thanks again!!

    • Read says:

      Hi Trine! Writing more is definitely a goal that resonates with me.

      I pulled the Knight of Wands from the Prisma Visions Tarot. The card is of an abstract/almost ethereal figure suspended between two trunks by ropes of light. He’s foregrounded against a body of water. This card seems to be saying that you’ll have lots of ideas, energy, and passion to draw from in the coming year. But make sure not to let yourself get burnt out! This card definitely wants you to go for your goals, but also wants to remind you to create some structure and balance in your life if you find yourself too divided by different ideas/energies.

      • Trine says:

        Thank you for the lovely card Read! I will take it with me for inspiration and most of all keep in mind not to let this journey get the best of me!

    • Jane says:

      Hi Trine! I pulled the High Priestess for you, who is totally the queen of listening to your inner voice and writing those poems. She’d like to tell you not to worry too much about getting it perfect or working out formal structures—what you need is to listen to your intuition and get in touch with the deep and weird in your subconscious. On a practical level, maybe try some free writing every day where you just write without trying to make anything out of it. Something brilliant is going to come out from the inside!

      • Trine says:

        Thank you Jane!! I feel your advice and the High Priestess in my current situation, and I’ve actually been trying to free myself from formal structures and just trying to get in the flow of things. Looks like I should keep going down that path!

  4. peterjeffs says:

    Hi Trine,
    I love your resolution, and for you I drew the Student of Branches from the wonderful Slow Holler tarot. This card shows a student creating a ladder by placing branches between two ropes which will then take you across a wide gorge. The expansion in the Slow Holler guide says : be present to the way life pulses through your body, in your lips, in the fire of your eyes. Give yourself permission to move in that and to be moved by it. It is okay to take heed when the wind whispers to be still.

    My New Year’s Resolution is to open and then read no source of news-information-actuality website before 18h each day. I have always read the Guardian and checked the headlines on waking. I realised how this takes me out of the bliss of waking, my meditative state, my own inner “better feeling place”. I do care about what is happening in the world but I no longer wish to carry it upon my waking shoulders. So I have decided this year I will put this down. Already I feel better and better !

    Wishing you all a wonderful 2017.

    Thank you Beth for inviting us to join in this lovely Tarot sequence !

    • John in Brooklyn says:

      Hi Peter! I loved your intentions around letting the Guardian wait until you’ve had your own time in the morning. I also find benefit in leaving the news alone at night before I sleep.

      I drew the Two of Stones (Pentacles) from the Slow Holler, the first card I’ve drawn from the deck and one of my favorites. You noted the morning allows for a meditative space, and the Two of Stones speaks to the importance of balance and balancing opposing forces, especially in the face of change. The card also includes rosevines arranged into the infinity loop symbol, suggesting that while changes may come sweeping in, their reverse will emerge in time within the ebb and flow. Considering the changes coming in the new year (the effects of Brexit?) the Two of Stones highlights the importance of maintaining personal balance and a long view.

      • peterjeffs says:

        Hi John,
        thank you for your message and for drawing this card for me ! Awesome ! I love the butterfly balancing on the plank of wood. The rose-vine in infinity loop also speaks to me — in kinesiology we often work to balance the “figure of eights” energies which run all over the body. Balancing the infinite loops is a great way to hold energy and set out into each day in great form ! Wishing you an excellent New Year !

    • Trine says:

      Thank you so much peterjeffs! Your card gives great advice for picking up inspiration and drive. I’ll definetly take this with me!

  5. BiancaB. says:

    My resolution for 2017 is getting paid projects & kickstarting my writing career. The last year was spent understanding my strengths & improving my skills, so now I’m ready to truly prove my worth in the field, so to say. I’d like to work for other businesses, using both my writing skills and my creativity – right now I’m doing an internship as a sort-of editorial assistant, and I’m learning a lot about branding, setting a voice, brainstorming content, managing websites… activities that both my Sagittarius and my Virgo side adore.
    What I’m finding difficult, I guess, is branding myself & finding places that could use my skillset. Any advice to kickstart the job search would be really helpful:)

    • Beth says:

      Hi Bianca! For you I drew The Precipice, from the Slow Holler Tarot – it corresponds to the Hanged Man. This might seem a little frustrating, but it encourages patience, rather than a ‘go go go’ approach. Before leaping into any big decisions, practice a little restraint, hang back a moment and let just a little more information emerge. On the other hand, if there’s a particular area where you know you procrastinate or experience fear or self-doubt, put some focus here – there’s some stuck energy that you can clear with those Sagittarius and Virgo qualities.

    • Kortney Garrison says:

      Hello, Bianca!

      I drew the Ace of Swords for you. Aces–always good for beginnings. But this one holds a bit of challenge as well. The road toward paid work is going to have road blocks. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path. Facing your problems honestly will help you overcome the setbacks.

      On a practical level, I highly recommend the book Bootstrap VA. 🙂

  6. Read says:

    My 2016 was sort of a transitional whirlwind and I’m just starting to feel like I’m getting settled in my new job/living situation/status as an “adult”. I’m hoping now that I’m more settled in those aspects of my life I’ll be able to focus more energy on creating more and socializing more. Writing has been hard for me for the past few years because I keep getting boxed into this idea that in order to be a Real Writer I need to Write A Novel. So I’m planning on just doing a lot more freeform and short story writing this year (I also want to read more short stories!). I’m also planning on figuring out ways to get more involved in/connected to the community I’m now living in.

    This isn’t really part of the ~resolution~ part per se, but I’m just starting out with tarot and so I hope this year will also be full of lots of tarot exploration and learning.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Read! For you I drew the Nine of Pentacles, from the Circo Tarot. It’s a card of hard work, sure, but also one of knowing that you have all that you need, and that all you have, you earned and can be proud of. The message here is to be proud of what you’ve achieved so far – rather than seeing a past in which you ‘didn’t write much’, celebrate the transitions you made that have brought you to this point – there’s a richness of experience that will add depth to your current/future projects. In terms of community involvement – the Nine can warn of isolation – so don’t lose sight of that willingness to dig in and connect as you throw yourself into writing!

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi Read, I pulled the Knight of Pentacles for you, from the Magical Realism Tarot deck. This Earthy Knight is slow moving and practical, creative, sensual, loyal and strong. This would imply that you should slowly take practical steps to reach your goals. There is a time for organizational thinking and inspirational feelings, but now is a time for you to do the practical, physical part of reaching your goals. Slow down and do what needs to be done, one step at a time. You also might find that a practical, Earthy person could be helpful in pursuit of your goals.

  7. Jane says:

    My resolution this year is to be more in touch with myself and what I want to do. Not doing things because I should do them, or because other people are doing them, but trying to work out what I’d actually like. (And then once I’ve done that, doing it!)

    • Hi Jane, I’ve drawn for you the Eight of Wands from the Fountain tarot; a card of movement, of action, fire and creativity. If you have been holding back because you ‘should’ be doing something else or other people want you to be doing something else, this card says that you have a huge amount of potential that you haven’t tapped yet. When you decide what it is that you want to do, then go for it!

      • Jane says:

        Thanks so much Elaine. And what perfect timing, when today Cassandra’s queering the tarot is for the 6 and the 8 of wands!

        She said “The Eight would also show up in instances where we’re still working to truly embrace our full selves too, perhaps suggesting we follow our gut into a series of quick happenings that would allow us to discover new things about ourselves, and fall in love with ourselves all over again”. GUT FOLLOWING. Time to get on it!

  8. I have made bad emotional decisions over the last few years and got involved with people who have in the end given me pain rather than happiness, out of anxiety and fear of loneliness. This year I am resolving to not get emotionally involved with anyone. I’ll be social as I usually am, and look after my friendships, and be as kind as people need me to be, but I am going to turn loneliness to solitude and learn to love myself. A lot of wonderful writing has come from that place of solitude, so I’m going to use it as my place of inspiration and see what I bring back.

    • Claire says:

      Hi Elaine, I’ve drawn Ten of Swords from Shadowscapes deck for you. From this I got that the tide is turning for you. Yes, there will be hard times ahead but you can, and will, rise above, no matter what tries to knock you down. You will be tested, but you’ve got this 😉

    • Rebecca says:

      Happy New Year, Elaine! I drew the Five of Swords for you, using the Sun and Moon Tarot. I think of this as an affirmation of the importance of putting yourself first and focusing on your own goals. Be sure to enjoy solitude not just as a means of self-defense, but a way to create strength for yourself. And if others try to shame you into making those kinds of commitments again before you’re ready, know that you’re doing the right thing for you.

    • frombloomtobloom says:

      Hi Elaine! I picked up my Wild Unknown pack to read for you and the Strength card exploded out of it into my face very dramatically! The lion in his cave, patient, courageous, focused, self-reliant: this seems like exactly the energy you crave. I think he has enormous wisdom and self-love. He’s carrying a rose in his mouth to show his loving, gentle intentions, and has the mark of infinity on his brow to show how he sustains himself – he’s his own best friend, his own source of power, his own lover. Buy yourself roses, look at yourself lovingly, do good for yourself. You are beautiful and strong and deserving of all good things, just as you are. <3

      I wish you SO MUCH luck and success with this endeavour because I've also been there. Learning to be alone is a priceless skill I think (I'm still working on it!) Happy New Year!

    • Hey Elaine, that sounds like a great resolution and I hope it brings you fruitful returns. I drew the Moon for you from my Anna K deck. I think what she’s encouraging you to keep in mind is digging deep into your resolution. You’re coming at it from a very balanced perspective, make sure you don’t get lost in maintaining the letter of the law and stay true to the spirit of what you’re doing- writing sounds like the perfect way to keep your eyes on the prize and get in touch with the depths of your psyche. 🙂

    • irene says:

      Hi Elaine!

      First of all, i totally connected with your resolution. Same goes for me 😀

      I draw the Page of Wands for you. I can sense that you are going to become very passionate about something and motivated. You have to trust in your creativity and spontaneous,

      Discover your inner self , through (creative) writing.

      Trust that you can connect with others emotionally, but without dependancy. Because you can search and find your own motivation and inner enthusiasm.

      Let yourself explore and discover through any creative expression. Listen , explore and follow.
      Channel your impulsive feelings through new projects.


  9. Hi Elaine, I drew the justice card for you from the Llewellyn deck – as you learn to love yourself and evaluate your life, your likes and your dislikes – remember mercy is as important as justice. Don’t pick out all of the bits you don’t like about yourself – remember balance – there’s lots to love too.

    My resolutions are twofold, business (just in the process of starting a new one), and really getting a grip on returning to a spiritual path.

      • Beth says:

        Hey Fay! Not sure why that happened!

        I drew the Three of Cups for you, from the Circo Tarot. This is a reminder of the strength you can draw from community. Not to discount the friendships you already have, but to me this especially feels like forming NEW community and connections – something about getting out there and finding your people, both for business inspiration and support, and also for your spiritual path.

        As you grow and change this year, you’ll find yourself forming some powerful new relationships – enter these with a spirit of generosity, asking yourself what you can offer to the folks who turn up to support you. Pay it forwards too, helping to form a network of goodwill and encouragement.

  10. Claire says:

    Im not the resolution making type usually but wanted to get involved. So this year I’m going to try to look after myself more. Emotionally, health, physically, spiritually. Get daily routines going, meditation, cards, yoga. Here goes…
    Also, I did it wrong! Forgot to hit reply for giving my card.

    • Rebecca says:

      Happy New Year, Claire! I drew the Princess (Page) of Pentacles, from the Sun and Moon Tarot. There is so much more abundance out there than we think there is, for you to take in and to offer to the world in return. This card specifically affirms the importance of daily routines to building the foundations for taking care of yourself. Be sure to take the time to look within yourself and discover what routines are helping build yourself up. And, while you’re at it, take delight in the natural world–there is a descent of blossoms in front of this Princess that feels like drawing inspiration from nature.

    • Hi Claire, For you I pulled the page of cups from the linestrider tarot. This suggests to me that your self-care resolutions are needed and welcome now. Perhaps you’ve been focusing on supporting others and neglecting to look after your own needs… (I know for me that’s often true anyway) The more you can nourish yourself, the more benefits your mind & body will reap!

  11. Kortney Garrison says:

    I’m trying to get a creative habit going: 12 poems for the 12 moons as well as a photograph each week. We shall see!

    • Jeanna says:

      Hi Kortney! What a tremendous project.

      The card I pulled for you is the Queen of Swords (Shadowscapes deck). She reminds us that creativity is a habit, a commitment, a state of being: to commit to creativity is to commit your mind to the work, not just your heart and soul. She helps lift the veil on the sometimes foggy emotions that surround the work closest to your heart, enabling you to pull out to the Google Earth view of things when you need to. Keep her energy close.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Hello all! The resolution I keep coming back to is twofold. First, to be a better ally, by continuing to educate myself, make room for voices from marginalized communities, and speaking up with my privileged friends. The counterpoint resolution is to do more to stand up for myself, starting with steps as small as finding my communities and taking pride in my identities, and going up to more concrete action.

    Also, I want to do some more readings than just the one minimum, so I may be looping back for people who don’t have any readings yet.

    • Jeanna says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      The card I pulled for you was The Tower (Shadowscapes deck). And damn, that feels relevant. Disaster, upheaval, external change: a cultural earthquake. Sounds familiar.

      The Tower reminds us that we are truly all in this together, and that we desperately need to support each other. This is a community effort; saving everyone in the collapsing Tower is not on any one person’s shoulders, but rather on all of ours. It’s easy to feel intimidated or small in the face of such destruction, but it’s also easy to forget that in such situations, it is the sum of small actions, taken together, that makes the most impact. The Tower asks, how are you best positioned to contribute? Where is your strength most needed? You can’t do everything (nor should you) – take some time to think and reflect on specific actions that can be embedded in your daily life.


    • frombloomtobloom says:

      Hi Rebecca, extra readings is a great idea and so in keeping with your resolution! So here’s one for you.

      I thought about your resolution and drew The Tower from my Wild Unknown deck. You asked for ‘concrete action’, you got it! Surely this must be the perfect card for patriarchy-smashing? The message I’m getting is that you have rightly perceived there are some big ignorant structures that need to be demolished, and you have the hammer. Demolition is painful. People’s feelings may get hurt, you may alienate people who you thought were friends. As you open to being a better ally, you will find structures within your own ego that also need to be dismantled, which is also painful. But on the other side of dismantling the crap there is something better than the old way of being: transformation, creativity, honesty and integrity – a golden opportunity to find your people and claim your identities, to be truly centred in yourself and truly able to help others. Pull down the tower and build a new city in its place. xxxx

      • Rebecca says:

        Whoa, double Tower! Thank you for this important message and interpretation of the card. I know I can be a people pleaser, and I want to work on letting that go when I need to–there’s a lot of work to do.

  13. Hi Elaine

    I have drawn for you the Ten of Vessels from the Wildwood Tarot – wow. This for me is confirming that your decision for some solitude to connect more with your inner self is the way to go. By becoming more complete with ourselves we attract the people who will complement our energies and there will be a fair exchange. I’m feeling that this is a massive turning point for you in preparation for another stage in the journey of life when this ten has borne fruit.

  14. frombloomtobloom says:

    Hello! So my resolution for 2017 is to do a two-year creative writing course. I am all booked in already and so excited to start in September! Aware this is an amazing privilege and I want to fully engage with and enjoy this opportunity. But feeling a bit nervous about balance… I’ve had burn-out and mental health issues before, and I’m going to be pushed for time as I have a toddler and a business to run at the same time, as well as commitments in my Buddhist community. I deliberately haven’t taken this much on since 2009 when I had a breakdown and ended up signed off work. Advice about how to stay healthy and happy would be very welcome. xxx

    • Alba says:

      Hi frombloomtobloom, happy new year! I drew a card from the Wildwood Tarot for you; it’s the Two of Bows. Managing your energies seems indeed crucial: your decision makes you strong, but be sure to observe carefully if you feel balanced as you go on, day by day. Seeing this as your priority can help you to avoid burnout: better listen to early little signals of fatigue, and find your own strategies to keep the flame alive – the flame that allows you to keep all of your projects going.

    • Rebecca says:

      Hello! I drew the Nine of Pentacles for you, from the Sun and Moon Tarot. From that, I infer that careful time management will be a key for you as you embark on this new journey, to make sure that you stay organized and keep all the balls that you’re juggling in the air. That careful time management includes breaks, so that you don’t get burned out. This card is here to help you through the long haul, and that includes taking time to stop and smell the roses. Good luck!

  15. Jeanna says:

    Beth, I love this idea so much!

    The end of 2016 brought a number of life-altering events for my partner and I. The Tower and Death were frequent companions in readings. Big Changes are afoot, and it seems the universe is forcing things into being, regardless of whether I feel ready for them.

    Towards the end of the year – and in part due to aforementioned external circumstances – I took a respite from Girlboss Woo, which I’d just rebranded to my own name before going on break. Partly, this was because something in my life had to drop to deal with everything, but partly, it was because imposter syndrome got the best of me. I wasn’t sure precisely how tarot reading professionally dovetailed with Bluestockings, and with writing, and with my FT job at a NYC startup.

    But I miss the work – I miss it a lot. So I am figuring out how, precisely, to dive back in.

    Welp, didn’t expect to write all that. tl;dr thank you for opening up your comment section. Now, on to pull some cards for folks!

    • lexicrow says:

      Hello, Jeanna, I drew the Witch of Air for you from the Dark Goddess Tarot, corresponding to the traditional Queen of Wands. In the DGT, this card is Goddess Oya, Santeria Goddess of the Whirlwind. Right away I see a connection with the external forces that were not your choice, resulting in changes you did not choose, and losses, so very painful. Oya is depicted with her colorful skirt of ribbons, and she is deeply, emphatically connected with her dance, twirling colored ribbons in a whirlwind from below her feet on up to far over her head. There is no separation here between Self, action/participation and outcome. This speaks to me that even when it is events leading to internal changes, there is no spiritual separation between outer and inner — our work is Our Work regardless. And so, that you’ve been rerouted from your chosen work perhaps means that all that’s been required of you, both internally and externally, is of a single piece of cloth.

      The whirlwind has settled somewhat (you mentioned Death and The Tower as recent repeat visitors) and you have this space to give to the work or gift you can bring forth by choice. So many choices you have, too! —it’s own kind of whirlwind. Oya in this gorgeous, active, rainbow hued card is a spitting image of a girlboss, and because she is Queen, I’m feeling this card represents you; you can claim Her and you can claim You….whether via the rebranded venture or another direction. Of course Oya as the Divine is also you as you….all of a single piece of cloth…no imposters, not even for a minute.

      Google the image if you feel called. Even though Oya is whirlwind/chaos I think you will enjoy the sight. Oya in this card is also strong and joyful. Oya herself has weathered many losses and now they are Her regalia.

  16. irene says:

    Hi! My most important resolution this year is to stop feeling the need of someone to complete me, or that i need someone in my life to be happy.
    I know this for sure, but i don´t totally feel and embrace it yet. I need to be balanced and calm.

    And my second resolution is that i will be focus on being able to mantain my 2 children and i. Receive regularly income through my work.

    Happy 2017!

    • Ruby says:

      Hello Irene! Since you have listed two resolutions, I have drawn two cards for you.

      For your first resolution of wanting to feel complete without another person, I have drawn the Lovers. This may seem counterintuitive, but the Lovers is a card not just of partnership, but also of balance, as well as decisions made after serious consideration. I interpret this card to mean that this self-acceptance will require deep thought, finding the balance and harmony of your own spirit in order to understand that you are whole and complete as your own self.

      For your second resolution of wanting to receive regular income sufficient to support yourself and your family, I have drawn the Eight of Pentacles. This card is more straightforward, I feel, especially since I use the Shadowscapes deck, which depicts here a spider weaving her web. The spider works steadily and skillfully to build not only her source of nourishment, but also her home. To me, this card indicates that you should use and refine the skills you possess, and that you should use both your time and abilities wisely to work steadily toward your goal.

      I hope that you find these cards useful in focusing on your resolutions. Best wishes and happy 2017!

  17. My resolution is to use my bullet journal every day. I started using the bullet journal system late last year in a cheap spiral notebook and it’s been a good way to keep myself organized and accountable to good habits. I got a nice journal from Santa and I have it all set up to fill with life notes in 2017.

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi Tessa! I drew the Sun for you – what a great sign! The Sun is all about enthusiasm and personal power, and it usually signifies a sense of victory and everything working out for your best. You are facing this new year and its challenges head-on, and your practices (like your bullet journal) will help you get a sense of enlightenment and insight.

    • Hi Tessa!
      I’m glad I got your resolution to work on. For me journaling everyday has been a struggle for years. But I hope you can do it.
      And I believe you will, cause the cards I draw for you was The Lovers. As for the many interpretations that can have, the one I can see from your words is that you already in love with the idea, now is time to put in practice. Remember that The Lovers is not only a card for couples, it also can be about loving yourself, and journaling is a beautiful way to do it. And remember, love is also patient and to love and be loved is a something for that we have to fight every day, just like you and you bullet journal.
      I hope you will!!!

      With all my heart,

  18. My resolution is to find my calling! Four years ago I was diagnosed breast cancer with secondaries and told I would have a couple of years. Made my Will and organised my funeral. Well, I’m obviously still here and think there must be a reason for it but I can’t figure it out! Any insights would be appreciated.

    • Alba says:

      Dear Christine, hello, I drew a card for you from the Wildwood Tarot… here it is: the Hooded Man. I love this version of the Hermit, as it points to the fact that our moments of meditation and inner search for meaning, solitary as they may feel, are bound to bring fruit in time. After what you’ve been through, you have in yourself all the wisdom to figure out what to do next, but it’s a process that can’t be hurried. You’re in the position to appreciate every little thing in life, and observing what is near you with your new eyes might yield ideas for new projects? As looking for a new learning path might. Rebuilding your self after such a hard and life changing experience surely takes time xxx

    • Marieke says:

      Hey christine,

      Thanks for your life story, so good to hear that you are still with us and you sharing tour wisdom. I just sat down and have drawn the justice(or strenght card) from the wild unknown tarot deck.

      The main lesson from this card is that emotions must be transcended if spiritual wisdom and intuition are to be awakened. Your inner voice is often drowned out by the dominant noise of ego and fear. Let go of these negative emotions and you will begin to create the silence you need to hear your inner self. Conquer your fears, control your impulses, and never lose patience with yourself or what you are doing

      In a Tarot reading, Strength offers you the hope of connecting with both your inner and outer strength. It asks you to find the confidence within yourself to present yourself to the world as strong, assertive, and persevering. If you have been self-doubting, the Strength Tarot card gives you the confidence to fight those doubts. Additionally, if you are feeling worn out or stressed, Strength says to you, “Things are going to get better! You are going to find the strength within yourself and within others to keep going!”
      When you see the Strength card in a Tarot reading, it is an important sign that you are strong and you have the endurance necessary to see whatever task that is bothering you through to its eventual end. If you are pushing too hard and forcing change, Strength shows the need to withdraw for the moment, and to be patient. Alignment with your Higher Self and full manifestation of your goals will come only when the time is right – it cannot be rushed.
      With the Strength Tarot card, it is clear that strength and courage will be applied to all your endeavours. Results may be slow in coming but you will hold your own, get a lot accomplished and summon up enough energy to do what it takes to get the job done. One way or another, you will be recognised or rewarded for your efforts.

      Hope it will give you more insight in your current situation. Hope you are doing well.

      Xo marieke

    • Diana Starheart says:

      Christine…I pulled a card for you…the response is way down the list…I took too long writing it, so you may have to dig for it…! Lol. Love and hugs…Starheart

    • John in Brooklyn says:

      Hi Christine! For you I drew the Nine of Vessels from the Slow Holler deck, which speaks to an abundance that you’re in the position to enjoy or employ to some end. For more clues I drew a second card and turned up the Architect of Vessels, similar to the Queen of Cups. The Architect points to useful skill sets you have for utilizing that abundance from the Nine, but it doesn’t (at first pass) indicate what your goal should be. So, maybe make an assessment of the skill sets and resources you have and how you can use them to address issues and inequities in your community (however defined) that you care about?

  19. Ruby says:

    For the last two years, I have been ruled by impulsive, short-term decision making that has left me in a frankly lousy place financially and health-wise. My resolution is to fight that drive to seek out the most convenient source of temporary happiness, though I recognize it won’t be easy.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Ruby! For you I drew the Ten of Cups from the Wild Unknown Tarot. This flies right in the face of ‘convenient and temporary’, with a message about depth and fulfilment, too. Listening to what you really, really want, deep down can lead you to surprisingly simple decisions – it needn’t be complex or a huge effort to move towards what your heart and soul desires. The key message is about integration – this card suggests that compartmentalising yourself has been a big part of your decision-making in the past, which might be what led you to those ‘convenient’ but ultimately unfulfilling decisions. Try instead to see yourself as a complete person, with all of these different needs and desires and facets making up one beautiful, complex whole – and look for simple ways to satisfy these different parts of yourself. Hold the word ‘holistic’ at the heart of your decision-making.

  20. I I decided for 2017 I’d make one batch of home brew every month, because I like brewing not I’m not great at it. I have a few hobbies I’m stuck at the same level with, and I think I don’t spend enough time on those to improve my skills.

    My brewing resolution symbolizes learning new things, making time for good food & spending time with good people… whatever 2017 brings my way, I think those will make it more enjoyable.

    • Meg says:

      Hi Lindsey! I drew the Ace of Swords for you, from the Wild Unknown deck. The sword is pure white, with lightning bolds descending, and a colorful band of what appears to be a snake wrapped around the handle to form an infinity sign. For me, this is a card of power and clarity, of new decisions and full potential. Your desire to hone your skills and use them to strengthen relationships represents a burst of clarity, that focusing on your home-brewing hobby can energize you in your daily life and also provide a new way to relate to people in your life. Keep working that home brew!

    • Hello Alexandra,
      I drew the Queen of Cups for you.
      This is a Queen who uses her emotions as the source of her bravery. Rather than letting them rule over her and dominate (where they can get tangled up with fears and anxieties), she uses them to compliment her intuition. This is best described as “trusting your inner bunny.” If your inner bunny says “run!” then might be a good idea. If your inner bunny would rather admire the scenery while the rest of you is feeling worried or scared, then try to follow your inner bunny. That’s the secret to using your emotions towards being brave, according to the Queen of Cups.

      Also, my word of the year was *almost!* “bravery” too 🙂

      • Alexandra says:

        Thank you so much! I love the image of an “inner bunny” helping to guide our intuitions. 🙂

  21. Like Beth, I don’t set resolutions. Instead, I set goals. I set aside a few weeks to analyze my life and my various businesses, and I set goals for them to be achieved over the course of the year (some of them don’t even apply until June, for example).
    My current goals are to tidy my place up before starting school next week. And my word of the year is “whole-hearted”

    • Emily says:

      Hi anemonerosie,

      I drew the Five of Stones from the Slow Holler Tarot for your word of the year, “whole-hearted.” This card isn’t quite your usual Five of Pentacles card. It features cracked geodes and an armadillo with its belly exposed. I think this card illuminates some of the challenges that can come when we try to do things whole-heartedly: where do we shut down? When are we acting from a place of scarcity? What are we trying to protect or hide when we shrink from doing something with both hands, as it were? This card is a great reminder that there can be a lot of beauty in letting down our defenses and exposing what we hide from others, and a reminder to open up even when it’s uncomfortable.

      Best wishes for your goals and whole hearted intentions this year!

      • Oh yes, the fives. I’m always getting fives.
        Thanks so much for reading for me! You’re absolutely right that there is a power in vulnerability and it’s why I went with “whole-hearted” as my word this year – because I need to get so much better at doing exactly this.

  22. Marieke says:

    Hello everybody,

    My name is marieke. The thing to learn this year and every year after that is to learn listening to my soul, feelings and not thinking with my brain. I always learned as a chilc that my needs werent important so now im actually learning a new language and its dofficult. Still doing a lot with my head and do what the world and people want me to do. One big question for me is: what is it that im feeling with my brain and what is it that i feel from my gut, soul my bigger purpose? At this moment i feel lost but not sad. Just looking for a better way forward and listering to myself. And hopefly find my soulmate on the way!

    Xo marieke

    • Amy Jane says:

      Hi Marieke,

      The card I pulled for you was The Dreamer, knight of mirrors (cups) from the Chysalis Tarot. So perfect for what you’re describing. I think this knight is fighting for the intangible– because someone has to.

      As to the “bigger purpose,” I think he could be speaking to that too: if you’re fighting to heal this belittling belief from your past, maybe that’s calling you into an advocacy role, or even something smaller like being that voice of value to a single child– like in a big-sister or auntie role.

      Best to you in the new year!

  23. My resolution for 2017 is to work every day at being gainfully self-employed so that I can have more flexibility with my family and to pursue my interests. I also want to continue doing my spiritual work and get more private yoga clients!

    • Miriam France says:

      This is for Jennifer! The card I pulled for you is the Seven of Knives from the Slow Holler deck. The image shows a nude person swinging on a rope, like a rope swing over a lake. Underneath the person are seven knives pointing straight up. It looks a little bit dangerous to an outside observer. Switching from a paycheck to self-employment can be scary. Those knives are no joke! This person is truly vulnerable. But when you look at the person’s face you can see they are calm, centered, and joyful. They are finding a way to do what needs to be done–even if it’s unconventional.

      You might meditate on a few questions:

      In what ways are you feeling vulnerable about this path?

      What the actual risks will you face in implementing your plans? How can you discern what is a true risk, and what is a self-defeating thought?

      How will you prepare for this leap? The person in this card surely checked to see that the rope was safely rigged, that they were physically strong enough to take their glorious leap, and so on. What things do you need to do?

      Finally, what resources might you draw on to help you channel the calm, centered, joyful mindset that will allow you to take this leap?

      It’s so exciting to think about career transitions that will allow you to be with your family and pursue interests and spiritual growth. The Seven of Knives is cheering for you, and encourages you to be brave–and vulnerable–as you find a way.

  24. Sorry, but I have two. My first resolution is to continue to work on my mental health and try to be my best self.
    The second is to find the way of using my creative talents. I write, paint, sew, embroidery, jewelry, etc. I don’t know from which expression channel my ideas.
    Thank you to the person who’s gonna draw a card for me, and Thanks Beth, this is beautiful.

    • morgan says:

      hey! i drew a card for each of your resolutions, both of them from the Slow Holler deck.

      working on mental health & trying to be your best self: Seven of Knives. this card depicts a person hanging from a rope above seven giant steak knives–a bit of a precarious position, but their expression is peaceful and focused and confident. the LWB warns specifically against trying to conquer all challenges alone. what’s important here is to be honest–with other people, but also with yourself. it’s okay to be vulnerable and rely on others, but it’s also okay to NOT be vulnerable with people who have proven themselves incapable (or untrustworthy, etc) of handling your vulnerability. if you slip and fall and get hurt, forgive yourself and get up and try again.

      using your creative talents: 14 The Alchemist (Temperance). imo a GREAT card to get for this question! it depicts a person standing on the shoreline at night, mixing fire and water from vessels that wrap around each other and create steam that rises up around their body. if you’re asking which medium you should use to express your ideas, maybe the answer is multiple mediums! you don’t have to monogamously pledge yourself to embroidery before you take it up. it’s okay to begin painting a work, and midway through realize that your ideas might be better suited to writing. try a new combination, try something that might not be your first impulse. be unafraid to fail.

      (this is literally just the second time i’ve ever read for somebody else, i hope i did okay…!)

      • Thank you so much! I didn’t know the Slow Holler and I think I’m falling at first sight. And thanks for engage in this and give me the honor of being the second person you share your talents with. You were actually really on point with your lecture. Specially the first one, I’m learning with who to trust my vulnerabilities.
        The seconds lets me right were I started but gives me a sense that is not bad to let it flow. As I will.
        Very much appreciate this <3

  25. Diana Starheart says:

    To the Amazing Christine! The card I drew for you was the “Seven of Cups”. I used the “Tarot of Delphi” which shows a nymph playing her lyre to the fish in the brook who all come to listen to her beautiful music. She charms them with her playing. In the traditional RW deck, the “Seven of Cups” is a card that symbolises many choices and a bit of confusion (which is reflected in your enquiry). Yes, there is confusion, but it is only because you have so many gifts and possible pathways open to you,you cannot decide which to use! You are still here on this earth because you have work to do and your soul knows that …you still have music to play and songs to sing. There is a bit of an entertainer in you, Christine. You have a great sense of humour. That has seen you through some difficult days. You also have tremendous insight into people and what makes them tick. Strangers open up and tell you their secrets. When you speak, people listen. What an amazing story you have to tell…write it down and begin to share it with people. I see you talking to groups and inspiring others who feel that they have been struck by adversity and life is now about closing the shutters for the winter. You know very well it is not. I would look into training as a counsellor or a life coach, joining Toastmasters, making some YouTube videos and speaking to civic organisations. Write that book, self publish it if you have to. It is all about being “out there” for you in this next glorious phase of your life. Listen to your heart’s calling. Someone needs your inspiration…even if it is one-on-one to begin with. Your presence is enough. No need to play small anymore…and remember to play that music with gusto and sing your own song…both metaphorically and literally if need be. What an adventure awaits you!

  26. maxlafond says:

    I wish we could see the cards people are pulling. The interpretations are great but is it possible to allow for an upload of an image of the card?

  27. Meg says:

    Absolutely love this idea.

    I have two major resolutions this year – one for my spiritual side, and one for my more worldly side. My spiritual resolution is to become a true student of tarot. I purchased my first deck last year (the Wild Unknown deck) and have been working with us for the last six months or so. While I’ve been doing daily readings whenever possible and trying to work through meanings, my goal for this year is to rely more heavily on my intuition, making the deck more personal for me rather than relying so heavily on the interpretations of others. I’ve learned so much from this and other sites, and from the tarot community, and while I still have so much to learn I also want to make sure that I’m trusting my own instincts about the cards and learning them for myself.

    My worldly resolution is to be more mindful and intentional about developing my skills. While my work as a freelance photographer is going well, and I have been steadily growing my client base, I want to set personal goals for creating images for myself this year. It’s not enough to just wait for someone to hire me to take photos – I want to be very intentional about creating work for myself, developing my portfolio, and improving my technical and artistic skills this year.

    Thank you to anyone who draws for me – such a lovely thread and community here.

    • anna marie says:

      hi meg!!
      because you said your first deck is the wild unknown i thought i would use that to draw for you!! plus i drew one card for both resolutions as your wish to develop your skills is apparent in both of your resolutions, just in different formats.
      i drew the 9 of pentacles for you!! this is a card of prosperity. its a card about enjoying the hard work you have put in, which bodes well for your spiritual and worldy resolutions! its a card of happiness and fulfilment – a sign that the hard work you put in to your endeavours will culminate in contentment and knowledge! so i think its just about keeping on keeping on, your work will lead to fulfillment <3
      happy new year! i hope everything does go well for you!

  28. Emily says:

    It’s wonderful to read about your resolutions. I have very few particular things that I am resolving to do this year, but I have a general intention to “boss it up” in 2017. I essentially took 2016 off, which was not something I intended or wanted to do, but I now have a sense of how much more work is going to be required for me to reach my goals for employment and writing. My word for the year is also “awakening” and I am interested to see how these two themes will come together.

    • Una B. says:

      Hi Emily! “Boss it up” is such a great resolution. I pulled the Ten of Cups for you from one of my new favorite decks, the Starchild Akaschic Tarot! As you’re actively making shit happen in your career and professional life, don’t forget to receive the wealth of love and emotional fulfillment in store for you. You don’t have to bring that abundance into existence! It’s already there for you through the hard work you’ve done and the journeys you’ve taken. All you need to do is show up for it. Stay open, stay loving. Cups are also the suit of intuition: stay present with your inner eye as you work! Your intuition can serve as a powerful guide in the awakening you seek. Happy 2017!

  29. morgan says:

    (i added a comment above but it hasn’t shown up yet? probably just stuck in a queue. anyway)

    my main resolution for 2017 is to finish my degree in psychology. i only had a semester left when i had to drop out for mental health reasons, but it’s been three years and lately i’ve been feeling stable enough to tackle this challenge and tie up this last loose end. i know that i want to do it, and i’ve got a decent sketch of how i want to go about doing it, so i suppose i’m looking for a bit of advice on things to watch out for, ways to not shoot myself in the foot.

    thanks to anyone who reads for me! this was a great idea

    • Kat says:

      I drew the page of wands for you, from the prisma visions tarot.

      In going back to college and finishing your degree, you will also be opening yourself up to a new creative journey down a path of self-fulfillment and igniting passions; don’t keep your guard up too much, and don’t let past wounds and bruises make you too guarded. Be wary, yes, but also be open to new possibilities of personal expansion that will come from this final chapter of obtaining your degree. Leave some room for being vulnerable; trust the positive signs that good things are coming your way, be mindful of any doors you see opening, and let yourself be open too.

      I hope this was okay! This is my first time doing a reading for a stranger online.

  30. anna marie says:

    [my response is two comments above 🙂 ] my resolution is to cultivate the attention and energy of the sun! i have lots of anger and sadness inside of me which i am trying to express, but in the end i just end up staying up to late and sharing with the moon (who i love obviously). but like not sleeping is slowly killing me to be honest as i am mentally ill and i have limited energy!! so in 2017 i would like to really try to develop a relationship with the day, with warmth, with the companionship of the sun!!

  31. Diana Starheart says:

    This is a pivotal year for me. I am in the last stretch of my second Saturn return. I am about to celebrate the beginning of my sixth Aquarian decade on this blue planet and I am about to be a grandmother for the first time. And in the midst of all this my old life is disassembling and changing. There is a great reassessment of my life going on at the moment. My resolution is simply to pay attention to my inner voice more. What do you see in a card for me? Thank you and blessings.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Diana! Your comment jumped out at me as I am just about to enter my second Saturn return and these past few months have been intense already! The card I drew for you is the Ace of Rods from the Anna K Tarot. I love this image: a woman walks across the rod which acts as a bridge between two grassy pieces of land. Her arms are outstretched and the expression on her face and through her posture is Openness to the Adventure ahead! New beginnings indeed! In light of your intention the message here is that by listening to your inner voice, and trusting and following its promptings, will be the means by which you navigate this next cycle in your life. Open eyes, ears and heart mean this will be a time of great discovery and opportunities. I always feel like this card expresses a wonderful daring … to honor the urges of the heart … and that doing so will be reward in itself. The sky is clear, the birds are out, a river gently travels towards the horizon, so listen to that “small, still voice within” and be ready to be guided into a realm beyond anything the intellectual mind could plan or imagine. Rods are Fire … what lights you up? Let that guide your next move.

      Happy Birthday! xo

      • Diana Starheart says:

        Dear Lisa…Thank you for your words…as you also experience this second wave of Saturnian energy. Everything you wrote was perfect. I know there must be others in the community going through their second Saturn return. Do you remember what happened on the first return? I do. I divorced and set out as a single mother. The energy this time is similar, but it is experienced from the energy of a crone and not a maiden/mother as I was at the time. There is a “breaking-free” that seems to be combined with wanting to be alone, to be quiet, to reflect, to commune with nature, to take stock. I envision myself in a little rose covered cottage surrounded by enlightened friends who come to visit and who have done the inner work and who still remember to laugh. The first time around with Saturn at my door, the world (even with its incumbent responsibilities) felt like my oyster. This time, as Saturn knocks again, my world is about embracing the pearl …the pearl that was polished with the years of love and pain and joy and sorrow and bucketfuls of laughter…the pearl that can bring forth the wisdom borne out of decades of stories and encounters and diving deep. To you, Lisa and all the other “deep sea divers” who are in their second Saturn return…I wish you every blessing possible. May that pearl you polished over the years find its way into all your hearts and illuminate your being always.

  32. Amy Jane says:

    My resolution– or intention or whatever– is toward Contentment.

    I have a tendency to always keep my eyes open and always collect (used books, primarily. Also countless “useful” and surprising stuff), and for at least the first month– maybe six, my goal is to not-buy, and rather turn my attention back to what I already own. (I’ll have to start thinking about school part way through and don’t have all the kids’ textbooks, so that’s the reason for an end-time).

    Part of this is deleting/unsubscribing from marketing/review emails as they come in, and also to stay out of stores that aren’t selling food (one necessity I’m keeping up with).

    Ultimately I want to overcome what feels like a scarcity mindset: that I have to get /this/ thing, and *now* before it’s gone forever and my life is… anyway, yeah. I’ve got it good, and I want to keep that at the front of my mind this year.

    • Arielle says:

      I drew the Hermit for you. I think this card reflects your resolution to focus on necessity over wants, suggesting that you are removing yourself from a capitalist system and really shining light on what you need, what nourishes you in the new year.

      The Hermit feels like a contented card to me. I’m reading with my joie de vivre deck, and the representative image is of a horned fairy with awesome leggings holding a lantern that is giving off hearts. On her horns are baubles, the things she already has, so it’s not like she has reached the top of the mountains with nothing, but her focus is on her little light and the love that light emits.

      Good luck on your new year!

  33. Una B. says:

    Hi all! This is a beautiful thread: I love this idea! For 2017 I’ve set an intention of grounded embodiment and rootedness. This encompasses a lot of smaller resolutions, but basically I realized in 2016 that I’ve never been at peace with my body, and I’ve established an unhealthy habit of treating it as only a mobility device for my brain. A chakra test confirmed all this: my root and sacral chakras are extremely blocked. So this year, I want to nurture my physical, sensory self through beginning a practice of intentional self-care.

    • Mary silla says:

      Hello, I picked a Four of Wands for you on my miniature RWS deck. This suggests consciously adding more fun and public celebrations to your self-care. I think it is often the way that an urge to heal and work with yourself can become something done by yourself, especially for netty people. I don’t say you have to join a class, but maybe make sure to incorporate fun and other people into your body exploration!

  34. Mary silla says:

    I spent the whole year following your saga and trying to find a home myself or decide if I wanted one. You drew Death for me, and I think mostly it highlighted the things I should notice are dead rather than actually “ending” anything. Therefore I had a lot of repetition and “duh, obviously” moments about work, homes, money and That Person.
    My resolutions this year run from “wear face cream” to “promote my art” to “help in the community”, so go under the name of “nurture”. This is probably my last year of being even remotely fertile and it hurts, but I neglected money and security so long I can do nothing about it.
    But I’m getting much more confident about work and art and having the strength to say “no” to awful jobs abroad just because other people think they’re a great opportunity (other people love vicarious travel but I need a rest!)
    I’ve also kept up with cards and just learned the point of face-up readings – so much more helpful than I imagined!
    Hope you have good home luck!

    • Beth says:

      Hi Mary!

      Well this is interesting: I drew Death *again*. I love your interpretation of this card, about noticing what is already dead, and feel that this card reminds you that this work is not yet done – it’s still in progress. At the same time, it *does* feel like it’s about transformation within you, too – in direct relation to those awakenings, and how you move forwards now, leaving those ‘dead’ things behind.

      There’s also a really strong feeling here about your expectations for yourself – it feels strongly to me as though Death is asking you to do some letting go here, too. It’s saying ‘stop giving yourself a hard time’, and although that sounds flippant, it feels like a really deep, transformative promise you can make to yourself.

      • Mary silla says:

        Thanks! The same card, how odd! I hope I don’t get exactly the same year again, but at least get to have different problems. That’s interesting about giving myself a hard time – people are always saying that to me but I’m worried that I’ll do nothing otherwise!
        But not worrying really would be a change…

  35. Lisa says:

    This is so much fun! My guiding themes for the year ahead are: Simplicity and Devotion. I am very good at over complicating things and this year I want to deep my connection with spirit which for me is about being in intimate relationship with the community of birds, animals, plants and spirits in the region where I live. I have always struggled with the “What” of my life – what am I meant to be doing? What is my purpose or gift? This year I hope to ease into the Mystery and rather than finding a single purpose or goal, live my life open to receiving and allowing. I suppose if I had one resolution it would be to return to writing and finish the story/book I started 2 years ago.

    • Rebekka says:

      Hi Lisa

      Happy New Year.

      I drew the Mother of Stones in the West card from the Haindl Tarot for you. She is Spider Woman from Navajo myths, a weaver and a maker who helps those who need her.

      I interpret this card not as divine help for you but as a role you can step into in 2017. You will write. It may be the book. It may end up being something else. But it will help you and it will help others.

      You mention that you will work on your relationship with the living beings of the region you live in. Spider Woman knows that all things are connected.

      She may not be flashy. She may not draw attention to herself or the work she does. But she gets the work done and it is good work.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you Rebekka … What you share here really resonated and feels so true. I have to check out this deck! Spider and Spider Woman really capture much of what is in my heart/mind. xo

  36. Harvest Dawn says:

    I love this idea! I like to have a resolution AND set goals for the year. My resolution is to drink more water. So far so good (granted its only been 3 days!)
    I generally set 2-3 general goals, and then break them down into monthly goals (which I havent done that step yet) My general goals are to declutter my home and to spend more time focusing on myself and my own mental and spiritual health, Continuing on the Wiccan path and using the tarot for mediation, and journaling more regularly are part of this journey.

    I have started the de-cluttering process in my bedroom, which will also serve as a oasis from he chaos of my family.

    I tend to take on a lot of volunteer work as well as the regular craziness of working full-time and having 2 kids, So in 2016 I cut down the volunteer work to the 3 key areas that are most important to me. So I also will continue to focus on ONLY these 3 areas and saying NO to all other requests. This is difficult for me since I am a people-pleaser and i like to help. Since 2017 is the year of focusing on pleasing my own self, this may require me further cutting back my volunteer work, and if that is the case then so be it. I will do it without guilt.

    • I pulled the Judgement card for you. It signifies a personal epiphany or changing of one’s mindset and it sounds like that is what is happening for you. It’s so hard to cut down on things and to say NO. I have helium hand myself. Use the judgement card to release any guilt that might crop up. Yay for taking more time for you!

      • Harvest Dawn says:

        Thanks paisleymoon! I like this and I think that it is does indeed make a LOT of sense! Happy New Year to you!

    • Paige says:

      Hi 🙂 Your post really resonated with me because I try to do similar things (break down goals, have monthly resolutions, take on too much volunteer work…). I tried to focus specifically on the last paragraph because for me, that’s the hardest part–saying no and then feeling guilty, or saying yes and regretting it.

      I pulled for you (from the Little Monsters Tarot):

      This card shows a figure standing up, with two wands in their hands, each pointing in a different direction. (See the card here:

      Justice is about fairness. So when I see this card, I think one strategy might be, if you’re feeling pressured to take something more on, or if you’re feeling guilty after turning something down, to ask yourself, “Am I being fair to myself? Would taking this on be fair to me?” Maybe even reminding yourself of everything else you’re doing, what your goals outside volunteering are, and that commitments you make to yourself are just as important as commitments you make to others. This card seems to also be about balance–don’t overcommit in one area and leave nothing for other things. Wands, which this Justice card is “balancing,” are about energy and passion, and two paths are represented here (I guess the “outside”/people pleasing path and the “inner”/journaling/spiritual health path, in this case). They both matter to you; it’s about feeding them both and finding what’s a fair and just solution for yourself.

      I hope that was helpful 🙂

  37. Arielle says:

    This is my second year on the open thread. I love the idea of getting readings from the community!

    This year I am finally in a good place to focus on my health. I’m in a stable place where I can get a primary care doctor. I have been in a pretty good place to get a therapist while I’m not in crisis. I’m going to work on eating better and coming up with a plan for some cardio that doesn’t exacerbate my asthma. I want to focus on making my body work better this year.

    • Hi, Arielle. I drew The Magician for you from the Slow Holler Tarot Deck. What a great card for manifesting physical change! If I had to reduce this card to an encouraging phrase is would be “Just do it”! This deck is brand new to me so let me tell you what the gorgeous LWB that came with it says about The Magician for starters: “Close the gulf between what you can imagine and what you can create. Tap into universal forces as well as your inner resources and strength. Stream forward on the arrow of will. Become what you need. Call in your god/desses, your allies, your magic. Predict the future only you can create. Believe in your power.” At first I was surprised to have drawn a Major card for something that deserved a more Minor answer–you know, the actions we can take rather than the Big Archetypal Forces. But to me this just says that there is major pull for you in this direction. Embrace it! It sounds as though you’re in a great place to attempt the body work you mention. The Magician is giving you a huge go for it! Trust your instincts, your creativity, and your commitment. Happy New Year and good luck!

  38. Rebekka says:

    My 2017 is shaping up to be full of new and unknown challenges workwise and at home. I feel like I am mostly prepared, but even the best laid plans and so on and so forth.

    I’m a mother and a crafter. I’ve gotten a leadership role at work with heaps more responsibility. And I strive to be a good person. To speak my truth kindly. To know myself in all of my parts.

    I am still in the process of finding my word or theme for the new year, so any input regarding that would be awesome.

    • Claire H says:

      Hi Rebekka

      I pulled the three of stones – creativity for you from the Wild Wood Tarot. To me this card is suggesting the need for intuition and listening to your own inner self to channel your energies into what is meaningful to you. Perhaps it is telling you to listen to your creative true self at work? The card suggests if you leave yourself open to divine inspiration and release your creativeness you will heal, fuel your mind and lead yourself to greater intuition and artistic ability. Ultimately I feel the card is saying – be true to yourself and your feelings, do what represents you best but leave yourself open to further inspiration from all sources.


      • Rebekka says:

        Thank you so much.

        Lots to think about in that answer. And it’s in pretty good alignment with the words for the year that I’ve been mulling over.

  39. This is a fun idea! I have tried to avoid resolutions and instead have been trying to find a word for the year to focus on. I have’t decided on one yet…. Maybe this will help
    Last year was a rough year. I lost a job, my father passed away, and I’ve found my friendships changing. A new job started right at the end of the year so I am positive that things are picking up, but transitions are rough.

    • Hiranya says:

      Dear paisleymoon,

      So sorry to hear things have been rough – as you say, transition times are tough.

      I pulled the Nine of Bows for you from the Wildwood Tarot. The word says, “Respect.” Looking at the hunter with his bow and arrow waiting in the grass, I feel a great attentiveness and attention in his presence. He’s perfectly placed amongst the undergrowth, and waiting for the opportune moment. It reminded me of something a friend once said to me when I was looking for a job. It went something like, “you can’t control when the train goes passed, but make sure you waiting on the station platform when it does.”

      I feel like it’s saying – pay attention, pay attention to what sparks joy and energisers you, and look for more of it!

  40. Claire H says:

    2017 for me is all about moving forward. I have felt very static and stuck in a rut for a few years. This year is all about taking opportunities and thinking outside my own comfort zone, especially at work. I hope to move house and increase my earning capacity. I would like to care for my physical health better this year too and bring more stability into this aspect of me, no fad diets!

    • lexicrow says:

      Hi Claire, I pulled for you a major from the Dark Goddess Tarot…Ishtar who here is the Chariot (VII). She is the Babylonian goddess of love and war. A bit of a laugh escaped because my first thought…”My o my, She’s surely moving forward!” Her clothing colors are deep and bright red with turquoise bits, she is against a dark blue background. She is depicted in profile — in line with ancient Sumerian tablets — and she rides her lion(ness) STANDING UP! There is no mane; however I do not know if there was an ancient middle eastern lion where there was no mane on males lol. The lion is red on the outer (obvious exposed) side and hints of turquoise glimpsed on the inner side suggest this lion is two colored. I had to lift my glasses and peer closely as it seemed there could actually be two lions. She holds two reins in one hand and the red-lion side’s rein is turquoise and the turquoise-lion side’s rein is red.There is an eight-rayed star in the heavens and She wears another at the top of her headdress.

      I’m seeing lots of twos, pairs, dualities and opposites, and the subtle reminder that each ‘one’ carries a bit of the other one.

      The Chariot, a major aracana thus suggesting big themes, challenges, changes, does align with your self-knowledge that this is a year for taking opportunities. I’m wondering about that comfort zone and a possible push-pull energy tugging on you given all of the “two-ness” in this card…so perhaps there is already some of what you are not comfortable with residing directly inside of you, ready to be tapped. Because Ishtar here is the Goddess of Love and War, gentleness/quietness can coexist with charged assertiveness.

      This Goddess has stability down to a tee…she is indeed riding standing up on the back of her lion. This reminds me of the fancy horse riders who do this…what a feat of skill…and how much practice and getting up from falling down does that represent? Perhaps ‘ride the current’ with challenges overall, but perhaps specifically with your health efforts. Those kinds of changes occur in a long view, not an immediate one.

      I’ve just consulted the book — I’m not a professional reader so I wanted to make sure and check myself — and Ishtar is actually described as being worshiped as both male and female by both men and women.

  41. Sofia says:

    My resolution is very similar to Beth’s! This year I want to invest in my surroundings– to connect with the world and people around me. I recently got in a relationship, and I want to fully immerse myself in the happiness of the earthly realm.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Sofia!

      For you I drew the Star – which reminds you to begin always with yourself, the core of yourself. You connect to the world around you from this core, you connect to your new partner from this core – it’s not about what’s ‘out there’, but what is within you. Always come back to the essence of who you are, how you feel, what you’re bringing to your relationships (with people, environment, anything!) – noticing how these things outside of you meet and interact with that core of your self.

      • Sofia says:

        Thank you so much!! Honestly, this hammered in the nail: this year needs to be dedicated to self-improvement and understanding. In my 2017 spread I drew The Star (coincidence? Nah) for what’s surrounding me. I think I’m on the right track! Thanks again, and keep up the good work– you inspire so many.

  42. Stacy says:

    My official card of the year for 2016 was The Hanged Man but it felt more like the year of The Tower. It’s been rough (relationship upheaval, job upheaval) but I’m taking it as an opportunity for positive–if often rocky–change. So for 2017 I’m nursing the intention to go freelance rather than look for another 9:00 to 5:00. What should I know as I embark in this direction?

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi Stacy! I pulled the World for you, which seems like an awfully good omen for your goal of going freelance. As the last major, this one represents the completion of a big life cycle, the integration of everything you’ve learned and experienced into a unified and satisfying whole. Your move away from office work could make you feel like you are on top of the world — but it could also make you feel like you’ve taken the weight of the world on your shoulders. The key is to remember balance, and also present moment awareness. Be present in the world and let it bless you!

      • Stacy says:

        Alexandra, thank you for such a fabulous reading! I really appreciate it. Confidence-building but also cold-eyed-realistic. Both aspects of the card that you highlight are worth remembering. May I ask which deck you were using? Again, many thanks! And happy New Year!

  43. Hiranya says:

    My resolution is to strip things down to the essentials – decluttering stuff, using time and money in a way that resonates with my authenthic heart…and, through that process, trust my own inner voice above the clamour or everyone and everything else…being more honest, instead of hiding. Thank you so much in advance!

    • Sofia says:

      Hello Hiranya– I’ve attempted to address your resolution with care, but forgive me if it’s not the best.

      I drew the Three of Cups from the Dreaming Way Tarot. At first, I was surprised to see a card that involved so much social interaction, so I dove in deeper. Maybe the outside world isn’t as much of a distraction as you thought. In order for you to get to your authentic heart, you must explore your relationship with the rest of the world. Not only expose yourself, but your surroundings– everything’s authentic at it’s core. New year, new you (or rather the you that’s been hiding all this time). If you work on decluttering your relationships/job/life, you could find your inner self lurking behind some shelf you never thought to focus on. Best regards!

      • Hiranya says:

        Hi Sofia,

        Thank you so much for your reading. I love what you said – In order for you to get to your authentic heart, you must explore your relationship with the rest of the world.

        Am going to write it down, it feels super resonant for me! 🙂

  44. lexicrow says:

    [my response is to Jeanna mid-thread and Claire H not too far up…]

    I also am not into resolutions, but I have been working with a ‘word for the year’ practice and with my tarot growth card and with a specific goddess for each of the last three years. This year my global intention is to clear a tendency to self-sabotage and the latter half of 2016 this brought me to quite a stand-still. I tend to tie myself up in mental knots.

    My tarot card for the year is The Devil! I am not afraid of this, and I have a solid history of descent work, but I have been being reminded in a number of ways that I have also been quite solidly avoiding some grief-work around a serious loss. It’s been going on 11 years and though I know better, I thought I was ‘done’ — read: gosh I’d like to be done. It’s feeling like the near-total stall facilitated by self-sabotage is plugged up grief 🙂

    Can one purposely spark grief? And what does the Devil have to do with it?

    • Sylvie says:

      Kia orana lexicrow, I have drawn XIII Death from the Sacred Isle Tarot, do you know it? Search for it in Google images and contemplate it, I believe you will find the answer to the first question. As for the second, the Devil has everything to do with it! With the Devil by your side you have an exciting year ahead! The Devil challenges all your preconceptions, beliefs, assumptions and all that binds and restrains you from growing into your truth. In the case of your first question, and in the light of the Arcane XIII, the image depicts the figure shooting out from the spiral of existence towards the open arms of an Angel. Notice the
      posture, arms crossed not in defence but in gentle self embrace…
      It is the Devil’s energy that peels away the erroneous layers that hinder us from self acceptance and the compassionate embrace of our vulnerability.

      As for me, I would like to learn the language of the constellations…

      • lexicrow says:

        Thank you, Sylvie, for this reading. I did not know this deck and I did find the images…the image of Death is lovely…I appreciate you reading the card you pulled in relation to the Devil also. These images you present, the compassionate embrace of vulnerability and Devil by my side (instead of something to struggle with) feel just right. It’s really time for me with this work and I can view it with support. Many blessings to you and yours in this new year.

  45. rachelc says:

    My intentions this year is to breathe a little more deeply into the work I’ve done in 2016. 2016 was a year of grief and trauma and it finally forced me to change my habits and my life in a big way. I started learning tarot for real, I started addressing my health problems in a new way, I made new and deeper relationships in my life, I started a new romantic relationship. I’m hoping to continue all this good work in 2017 and breathe a little deeper into the vulnerability, to start figuring out ways to apply it to my career, and continue maintaining the balance of intentional retreat versus isolation.

    • sandral says:

      Hi rachelc. The card I drew for you is The Magician. This card is about connecting with divine energy to manifest your desires and needs on the earth plane. Do not be afraid to act. The have the power of the 4 elements at your disposal – create magic!

  46. sandral says:

    I’ve felt kinda stuck and alone this past year. My resolution for this year is to move forward with courage into some exciting new plans and ideas that have been lingering on the back burner for a while. I feel that the alone part will continue (I just drew The Hermit card before writing this post) but I feel unafraid of this and interested in the insights and wisdom that will come from this time of quiet contemplation.

    • Eliora says:

      sandraL: We both replied to rachelc. I didn’t want to leave you without a reply! “Stuck and alone this past year” and now an opportunity to begin anew. I picked the Woman of Wands from VOYAGER TAROT, JAMES WANLESS. Very colorful(!!) card with the word “Sensor” on it. This is a collage deck: fire opal that will bring you the Spirit energy to move forwards. This is the fiery aspect of the Priestess. So the “sensor” may mean sensing your own intuition more deeply. This card shows that the energy is available to you now to heal and transmute all that you experienced last year. Dreams will be important in 2017 to access your deeper Self, your intuition.

  47. Eliora says:

    rachelc…..To “breathe a little deeper into the vulnerabliity” is such a beautiful intention. I’m so glad I hung in there and scrolled down to the bottom of this post! Whew!

    So, I have drawn ART/Temperance, from James Wanless’ VOYAGER TAROT. (I lived near him for many years, the deck is collage of images and crystals, if you don’t know it can be googled).

    In the vulnerability called life, it’s time to bring together disparate parts within. To live in the ambiguities of your life. Keats has a beautiful teaching about “negative capability”. In order to create (ART) we need to live in the tension of opposites, to be able to let go of certainty.

    You have begun this work by living with grief, then finding new love and opening to life. This card shows a rainbow as a symbol of how rain and sunshine can create beauty. A spider web with dew is morning of a new day and the creator of the beauty-web.

    With radical expression of your true Self you will continue in a harmonious and creative 2017.
    Many blessings!

  48. Eliora says:

    rachelc!! I forgot to add my resolution/intention for the coming new year: To find more passion and desire: physical, with my poetry,
    and to read the books in my library (which is wonderful) instead of just owning them. That will mean a lot to me!

    • Carojulie says:

      Hello Eliora, I drew the “Prince de Baguettes” (Knight of Wands) for you, from the Druidcraft Tarot.
      Passion ! Movement ! Fire ! Let’s dig into this library, let’s start reading those books, let’s start writing, let’s get in touch with that sensuality, let’s go and find that sexual healing ! The knight is not as acomplished or skilled as the Queen or King, so maybe all that movement, all those tries, will be clumsy at first… but that is not the point, and that is perfectly OK if things are not perfect at first try. The point is to make a start, and the knight is excellent at making starts. Fuelled by his fire, the rest will follow. On this deck, the knight of wands has a radiant smile on his face while galloping forward and brandishing his rod. He is enjoying the ride ! So ignite your fire and follow the knight, and enjoy yourself in the process 🙂
      Happy new year and many blessings to you !

    • claraundco says:

      Hello Eliora! I drew the hierophant (of the Wild Unknown Tarot) for you. It’s all about exploring and learning more about your creativity and your practice – poetry. I find this card connects your two intentions, maybe the books that are hiding unread in your library can be teachers or sources of inspiration for your poetry that you would have never expected. The card shows a key, the symbol of unlocking, maybe unlocking of passion. There is also a bright colorful flash in the otherwise dark image, a flash of inspiration. But I think this card does not only inspire to look for fresh ideas in what you already have, but open up to what people around you are giving to you. Be inspired by others, open up, share your work and accept honest and constructive critique to challenge you and bring you further in your practice.
      Good luck! -Clara

      • Eliora says:

        Thank you for your helpful insight. It’s interesting that I also picked The Hierophant at the center of my New Years Day traditional read. I hadn’t made the connection between two intentions though, so that was very fab to find from you! Yes, it feels really right to imagine the inspiration for new poetry would be within “what I already own”. (many levels of that one) . Wildness and wonder for your new year!

  49. Carojulie says:

    Hello !
    My resolution this year is to spend more time with my kids, especially during “after school” hours, and to have more time to calmly accompany them with their homework and lessons, to have more time to play games, talk, cook… and generally spend unrushed evenings with them.
    In order to do that, I must come home from work earlier in the evenings… I must leave work sooner.
    For that I need to learn to say NO, I need to learn to call it a day at work ; set a reasonable time to quit answering the phone and mails, pack my things firmly and leave the office, and get in my car without looking back.
    The benefice : more time with my kids, will be so rewarding.
    Thank you !
    Happy new year to you all !

    • Sonja says:

      Hi carojulie! The card I drew for you was the 7 of Wands from the Starchild Akashic. It seems to echo what you already know. To accomplish this resolution, you have to stand your ground under pressure. Make your children your number one priority, even when other factors are vying for your attention. Set your boundaries firmly. It will be a struggle at times, but it will be worth it. And it will be fulfilling not just for you, but your children as well. It’s a great source of security and self-esteem for a child to know that their parent is making them a priority and carving out special time for them.

  50. Paige says:

    My resolution this year: get out of my rut!

    I looked at my resolution for last year, and the year before, and they were basically the same, and this year I could have said the exact same thing again. Something’s not working and I don’t know what. I have some ideas for getting out of my rut, and so far they’re going well–only going online/using a computer every other day, systematically going through my house and organizing/cleaning/decluttering, and planning more outings. This is great! But I always have so much energy during times when I don’t have a million obligations. How do I keep this going once school starts back up?

    • claraundco says:

      Hello Paige!
      I drew the seven of wands of the Wild Unknown Tarot for you. It shows a branch with a bright orange flame in a dark surrounding. I think the cards tells you to focus on your “flame” your plans, your intentions, even when there is much chaos around you. Make space for things you truly enjoy during a busy week, and even if it is just a walk in a new neighborhood. Listen carefully inside yourself and act on what you feel you need, don’t let yourself get distracted. Always remember this flame inside you.
      Good Luck! -Clara

  51. claraundco says:

    My resolution for this year is: Finally write that master thesis!
    I am struggling a lot with motivation, even though I generally find my topic interesting. Whenever I am sitting down to work on it, I feel like doing a thousand other creative things that are way more interesting… I need to channel my creativity into my master thesis and be efficient with it, so I can soon start creating other things.
    Thank you for this great sequence and happy new year!

    • zhizee says:

      Hi claraundco!
      I drew the Two of Cups from the Housewives tarot in my Tarot Sampler app.
      Two people are in wineglasses, holding hands. This tells me that you don’t have to pursue your goal alone. Try to draw upon any of your relationships, most likely your fellow students. This will maybe help you to bolster the motivation you need to finish that master thesis. And also don’t forget to help them as well. Helping the others with their thesis may also help to inspire you with yours, and possibly look at your thesis from another point of view. These connections can help keep you accountable 🙂

  52. zhizee says:

    My hope for this year is to build a reliable network of friends.

    I’ve been quite lonely in the past several years and haven’t had much of a social life. In a lot of ways, my resolution is quite similar to Beth’s in terms of connection. I’ve been alone with myself for too long and in some ways it feels like a bubble, trapping me in and feeling putrid from the rotting recesses of my old problems. I would like to build more connections this year and be able to get out of my head more. I want friends that are willing to hold space for me.

    • Sonja says:

      Hi zhizee, I got the 2 of Cups for you! What a beautiful card for this resolution. 🙂 The message here is not to give up hope. Remember that you are lovable and there are most definitely people out there who would love to be your friend. Be open to making these connections, and don’t be afraid of making the first move. Maybe you hold yourself back out of a fear of rejection or feelings of inadequacy? If so, know that you are okay just as you are.

      Focus on forming bonds even in the small moments with people. Lasting connections have to start somewhere. A smile or a joke with a stranger in passing could lead to a new friend. Opportunities for connection are coming. Make sure you seize them when they are presented to you!

  53. Sonja says:

    My resolution this year is to do a major life overhaul. I can’t pinpoint one specific area because there is so much, but I’d like to focus more on my happiness and personal fulfillment. This would include finalizing a move to someplace that really feeds my soul, taking better care of myself mentally & physically, and establishing a steady source of income. Hopefully there will be some progress in one or all of these areas this year!

    • Melanie says:

      Hi Sonja! What a nurturing resolution! The card I pulled for you is 9 Pentacles – Solitary Creativity from Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques. What a perfect card for your focus on happiness and personal fulfillment. This card reminds you that your soul fire, your creativity resides within. In order to manifest outer joy you must begin by connecting and listening to your feminine soul. Drop into your body daily and listen deeply…what Truth is ready to be born? Wishing you many blessings for 2017 xxx

  54. Melanie says:

    My resolution this year is connection; to connect with the Land, with my business, with friends near and far. I hope to move from the edge, towards a centre of being, to feel a belonging.

    • Steven Elson says:

      Hi Melanie,

      I am going to be using the Wild Unknown Tarot for the whole of this year. Having shuffled, and cut the deck into three, I pulled the first card from the central pile, as you want to move towards a centre of being. The card that came into focus for your resolution is The High Priestess.
      To be more connected with all you desire, you are required to be still, in order to access the hidden realms all others pass by. Notice all that is around you. The mysteries of the natural world will show itself to you.
      Melanie, you are also being asked to listen more closely to your inner voice. To come in from the edge of things and become centrally guided The High Priestess is telling me to remind you to look past the obvious and find what is hidden in the shadows.
      I feel that a lot of inner soul work is required this year, so that you can gain that sense of belonging truly to yourself, and to others in your life.

      Steve x

  55. Steven Elson says:

    I pulled the Ace of Swords for my Theme of the Year, which tells me it is a great year to make all those decisions that have been put off. I will be able to see things more clearer. So my resolution is to find out if my tarot studies which I plan to progress in a greater challenging way are going to fulfil my true destiny.

    • Melanie Lucia says:

      Thank you so much Steven! Such an interesting card to have with Connection. I look forward to how this unfolds x

  56. Carmen says:

    Hi, Steven, here’s Carmen, from Spain

    I’m using Sacred Circle Tarot, and the card that has come out after shuffling etc, is 8 of cups.

    I confess that at the first moment, I thought it could mean some kind of abandonment of your plan, but in a more profpound way, according to this tarot interpretation book, it can take you to a saying good-by to plans that don’t fit in you at an inner, deep level. Maybe you have to face difficult moments, say no to people, business and things that you formerly considered important for you. It can take you to difficult and dark moments…

    But you communicate with your inner being, and are able to choose according to you and your spiritual needs. It’s like a chage of consciousness, and developing your spiritual and visionary gifts, so I could think that you be brave and go ahead despite all obstacles that come in your way

    Have a good 2017!

  57. Carmen says:

    my resolution for this year is to get close to my inner being and be able to know what comes really from my deep needs and act in life according to it, to gain a regular inner peace no matter what happens
    Thanks 🙂

    • Charles says:

      Hi Carmen,

      This is Charles, from the United States. The card I drew was the Queen of Swords from the Druid Craft Tarot. A bafefoot woman regally clad in purple sits on a throne in a high place. She lifts her head, eyes closed, facing the wind. She cradles in her hands the blade of her unsheathed sword.

      For your resolution, I see a message of allowing yourself to hear your own truth, even if it’s different from others around you. There is enduring peace and inspired action when you can be still and dialogue with the deepest parts of your mind.

  58. Melissa says:

    Hi Carmen,

    I pulled The Lovers (VI) from the Prisma Visions Tarot for you. Given your resolution, my first thought was that the Lover in this case is yourself. For the last 40 days of 2016 I did a daily spread for self-love. At first it seemed a little self-indulgent, but the more I did it the more I felt like it was something I should have started doing years ago. In my experience, one of the primary manifestations of love — love of self, love from others — is a sense of being stable in the world. Being functional. Able to act from a sense that there is a safety net to catch you when things go wrong or whatever. That net can of course be formed from friendship, romantic, and larger collective social bonds. But to have it emanate from oneself feels really powerful. I have found it increasing my capacity to be in the world and engage with it in all its trauma and terror. So, I wish for you a strong sense of self-love that will help you know your deep needs, make decisions about how to act, and to have the peace that comes from knowing you are loved.

    Blessings in 2017*

  59. Melissa says:

    Hi Beth and Little Red Tarot Community,

    Thanks for the blog and for this daisy chain of tarot readings! I have lots of new year energy for “resolutions,” though I don’t tend to think of them as such. The one I’ll mention here is broad: to be more fully awake and alive. The reason for this is to feel less overwhelmed from general sensory overload, social media anxiety, incapacitation in the face of so much that’s wrong in the world and not knowing how/where to intervene, not knowing how to bring my artist self (i.e. my self) to political work, etc., and instead be more able to emanate a steady glow even in the face of all that stuff, like the house on the hill in the Prisma Visions Tower card.

    Thanks & a blessed 2017*

    • Carmen says:

      Melissa, I guess we’ve skipped your card… Thanks for your reading for me, I’d like to get into that spreads for self love, I’ll give it a chance, i need to find that way…

      I took 4 cups for you, from Sacred Circle tarot

      It is telling you you are getting bored of what you are living, maybe your’e living in a routine way that keeps you safe, but it’s taking you off from your live force and your capacity to get excited with life. And maybe you’re trying to escape from that withdrawing into yourself, and denying yourself opportunities, for the sake that nothing matters all is wrong…

      I’d say to you to find what really makes you vibrate, go to your childhood if it’s necessary, and incorporate these kind of things to your life, drop by drop if it’s neccesary… And making those things grow and grow till you find joyment and excitement… Try new things you didn’t dare, or go beyond your own limitations in issues you feel some fear. You’ll be surprised by yourself…
      Lots of love

      • Melissa says:

        Thank you, Carmen! I love that you drew the 4 of Cups for me. I’ve been pulling that card a lot the past few months, and your reading of its message is both a new insight for me and, now that I’ve heard it, incredibly on target. The idea of incorporating what really makes me “vibrate” is wonderful! I feel I’m already doing it, and this is encouragement to keep going.

        The self love spread I use I adapted from one I found at Daily Tarot Girl ( In the center position, I changed the name to “Self in the world” because I don’t want to think of myself as an individual isolated from others. The “Admirable Qualities” position I call “Adorable Qualities” because it feels more tender and loving. The “Disowned Self” I call the “Shadow Self” because, using Jungian psychology ideas, I can think about incorporating those qualities into myself.

        Best to you & thank you again.

  60. Maximiliane says:

    Hi Carmen, happy new year!
    For you, I drew the Fool from the Smith-Waite Tarot deck. This is a year of rebirth and new beginnings – looking at yourself and the world through young eyes. The Fool urges you to be spontaneous, embrace the unknown, and trust your gut feeling. There’s no guarantee it’s going to be easy – the Fool takes it as it comes, good and bad, fortune and misfortune.

    Enjoy the journey and best of luck!

  61. Maximiliane says:

    My resolution for 2017 is to start therapy. I’ve had a difficult year, feeling extremely stuck, unable to hear my voice. I want to find better ways to cope, and to regain my confidence. I don’t know how I let this happen, but I really feel like I gave away my spirit to a job that did not suit me, in the company of people we had little in common. I feel I need guidance that no friends, or partner, can give, despite all good intentions.

    • Carmen says:

      Hi, Maximiliane, Hi Beth and the oher beautiful people here… I’m enjoying a lot with this chain too 🙂 thanks to all, and thanks for my card

      Despite I’ve given a card for Steven, I’ve felt driven to you, Maximiliane, and your resolution… because that was my case 3 and something more years ago, when I fell ill and had to reconsider my whole life… and was lost, really lost, referring to myself and my life didn’t take any sense to me, and I recriminated myself for having built up a life that didn´t match me..

      And I began a caravan of therapies. It helped me a lot, I’ve been lost and over, but I’ve been rebirth from all the process and I bless all my therapists, specially 2 who helped me to know myself, and to communicate with my body, and be ME. And now, guess what! I feel better than ever, despite my health issues and some problems I’ve got derived from that!
      so I encourage you to go on it

      And as for your card, I took again Sacred Circle Tarot, and it came The Underworld. This is telling you to go deep into your shadows, your fears, to enter what is under your persona, and get what are your unknown desires, your unconscious ways of behaving or acting, your hidden motivations for acting or being as you do now, and remove all you believe you are to be open and ready to build up your true self and your true life and your true way of relate to you and to others… It may be painful, and shoot all your resistances, and make you feel more lost at any times… But you can take your reward when you dare go there and disasemble that “you” that is not YOU at all

      I’m amazed this card has shown up for you: This process has been a revelation to me, when I was able to take appart my resistances and see clearly all those things I would have hid for the rest of my life to maintain my self that I had constructed year after year… And now I bless myself for having given me the opportunity to go there

      Good luck, and all my support, you’ll get to that point of , be sure you’ll find what you need

      • Maximiliane says:

        Wow, this was intense. Thanks so much Carmen for drawing this card for me, for trusting me with your experience, and your insightful reading. I’ll keep your words by my side. All my support to you, too. A virtual abrazo!

  62. Charles says:

    My resolution for 2017 is to get re-oriented in my life, especially career wise. I was tag-teamed by Karma and my Shadow in the last quarter of this year. I am recovering from the body-slam, but feeling at a loss for the next concrete steps to find a career more in line with my authentic self. I’m learning how to advocate for my best life.

    • Cam says:

      Hi Charles! I drew the 5 of Cups for you from the Tarot of the Magical Forest. While the 5 of Cups is indicative of regret over what has come to pass, it is also a card of finding the silver lining in your situation, no matter how terrible it may have been. It may take a bit of searching, but it’s there, right under your nose. This card, while dark and moody, is a card of hope and optimism once you’ve worked through the hard times. In the background, the sky is lightening, the sun is about to rise. Things will soon come to light and reveal themselves, just hang in there and look for the good.

    • Hi Charles,
      I drew the 10 of pentacles from the Wild Unknown Tarot. Don’t hesitate to aim for something big when you think of a new career and when you take the first steps towards it. It’s all within you. you can achieve what will make you feel whole, what will resonate with your passion and autonomy. Carry this truth with you. at some point, all the things you know and want, they will connect into something meaningful and powerful. Be patient but dream big! Because you have what it takes to achieve what you really want.

  63. Cam says:

    My resolution for this year is to be more courageous, to go ahead with what I know I need to do although what lies ahead may seem frightening and uncertain. I’ve had a rocky past couple of years that have beaten me down, and I’ve spent most of 2016 working on building my confidence back up. Now it’s time to fly.

    • Hi Cam, I got the 8 of Pentacles from Thea’s Tarot. You speak of building your confidence and the card tells you just that: take the time to build and learn (again). Be the builder of your own life and don’t hesitate to fetch some help when needed. You’re a builder, you’re willing to learn and move on. You’re gonna learn so much in the process, that’s for sure!

  64. In 2016, I hope to be as creative as possible: write, speak, share, amplify different voices.That’s not a resolution, but a contribution – to the world and to my own happiness.

    • Bex says:

      Hi Chariottarot! I hope you mean 2017, or you have the advantage of already knowing how the year will play out. 🙂
      The card I drew for you was the Seven of Pentacles from the Shadowscapes Tarot. This card says to me, that you have already established discipline within your creative process. You have many fruits (creative projects) that will become ready for you to harvest this year, in whatever way that means for you. This card reminds not to get too focused on the results and finessed words, that you forget to enjoy the creative process and spontaneity of creating in the moment. It expresses excitement and fun in taking creative risks! Hope this gives you some insight for 2017. Much love.

    • jmk (Judy) says:

      chariottarot, you got two cards! Four of Coins and Hierophant. The Hierophant is the Grand Communicator, underlining your desire to share the voices that need to be heard for the benefit of all. The Four of Coins reminds you to stay grounded and maintain sensible boundaries. Know your physical limits.

      (edit: For some reason the following comments didn’t load, so I guess you were meant to have another reading. ????)

      • Eliora says:

        Hello jmk! Well, I also read cards for more than one person because of post delays. I have to tell you that I turned the Hierophant over for my central card on my New Years ritual reading. “Who you are right now” Another person on this thread also told me this same major arcana: Hierophant! So I will pay attention to your message. Thank you and I hope the New Year brings you abundance and peace. eliora.

        P.S. Did you receive a reading? I will be glad to share that with you if needed

        • jmk (Judy) says:

          I did receive a reading, thank you Eliora. A lot people react negatively to the Hierophant, mainly triggered by the more traditional images, but when it’s not obviously shouting “dogma!” it can be quite supportive. Here’s to embracing its energy in 2017. 🙂

  65. Bex says:

    Thank you, Beth! This is a fun collaboration. A good start in the way of connecting humans together. 🙂
    In 2017, I will be supporting myself on my own for the first time. Creating sculptures and jewelry, with supplemental income. I’m scared sh*tless, but I feel called to do this. No other path feels right.

    • Hi Bex, I pulled “Going with the Flow” (aka Ace of Water) from my Osho Zen deck. I believe the message is to relax and trust your feelings and the path you’re on. Be receptive, follow your feelings. Water can carve canyons out of rock with ease. Be open to where life wants to take you, follow your feelings. Choose the path of ease (don’t fight upstream). To me this card is so reassuring and suggests that life will support your dream. Wishing you much joy and prosperity on your journey!

  66. Lisa says:

    What a fun way to do this, Beth! I too have a word of the year (My 7th). It is Sacred Elixir and comes from hummingbird medicine (from the wild unknown animal spirit) reminding me to nourish and rejuvenate myself with creativity, spirituality and nature and play. I’m striving to finish a book I’ve been working on for year. I polished 55,000 words last year and have about 10,000 to go in seven chapters. My next step beyond finishing is to find an agent I adore who adores me and my book.
    Lisa (aka pole dancing professor)

    • Lara says:

      Hi Lisa!
      I pulled the 6 of Swords from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn for you. I haven’t ever done this for someone else before so I’m going to use some words from the book and hope they resonate with you. It’s about using science, craft and intellect to create, finding a quiet centred place to create from even if there is chaos elsewhere around you. Finding your tools and polishing them up til they glow.
      I hope you have a beautiful year. xxx

  67. jmk (Judy) says:

    My unbidden Word of the Year, because I don’t normal choose one, this one chose me, is Flow, so I ‘resolved’ to do more of what comes naturally, and also to be less resistant to the things that pop up in my life, unbidden, like the word Flow. And in typical fashion, within days of the New Year, the Universe has bombarded me with challenges to my new “go with the flow” attitude. I hope it knows what it’s doing, because already I’m not sure I can keep this up. 😛

    • Elisabeth says:

      Happy new year Judy!
      I drew the Son of Swords for you from the Wild Unknown.
      It does look like there are different, sometimes conflicting directions to take and things can seem like they’re happening at such a fast pace and we have to make decisions and act on everything, and right away. This can be overwhelming. We only have so much mental energy to spare on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Getting caught up in the fast pace of things to do and your own thoughts can leave you suddenly saying ‘Hey, how the heck did I get to this place? This isn’t really where I want to be.” The message I’m getting here for you is to make sure you take time to slow down. Meditate or take a walk. You have the potential to get a lot figured out, and I sense you want to. But it’s important to give yourself the time to process and think about what direction you really want to go in. Also, give yourself plenty of time to play and just have fun. Maybe make a list of a few things you used to like to do but haven’t done for a while and then do them. Take yourself on some dates, alone, and just enjoy your own company. I hope you find your ability to let go and flow. Wishing you the best! — Elisabeth

      • jmk (Judy) says:

        Thank you, Elisabeth, and Happy New Year to you, too.
        Very conflicting directions, but I’m trying not to fall immediately into KnS mode, ‘reacting’ to each challenge and desperately trying to ward it off. 😉 If I want to reap the benefits of allowing flow to flow, then yes, I am going to have to rein that in and give myself time and space – and fun to keep me sane!

  68. Elisabeth says:

    I’m sad the email for this post didn’t show up in my inbox for some reason and am so late to the party. 🙁
    But what a great party! Thanks Beth, this is really awesome!
    Your wanting to get out and take a class any class is a great idea. Sometimes any change can bring about amazing things entering our lives. Also, being more creative, in a slow and deliberate way is food for the soul (I think). P.S. I use a Sigma 35mm Art on my digital. It’s pretty much always on my camera and only every now and then takes a back seat to my 85mm. Love that lens! I can’t wait to see what you create this year.

    I did a year ahead spread and wanted to cry. It’s full of difficult cards and the only few “positive” cards are reversed–with one exception. This year my desire is to improve my photography business. I do have very high aspirations for where I want to go but I know it will take time and I probably won’t get there this year. For now, I want to strive to allow myself to be me. I want to want to create work from my heart–work that pleases me, without judgement based on what others are creating or any ideas of what my work “should” look like. I know something is blocking me. I can’t figure out what it is or what it is I need to change to flow freer.

  69. Elizabeth, I drew for you Herne the Hunter — 7 of the Chrysalis Tarot (the Chariot slot). Herne is the guardian of the forest, along with overseeing while being unmoved by its continual change.

    The message I see in this is solidity and intent, and not-waiting (the chariot energy here is of movement and the Will. You want to do your own without the judgment of others? Begin the doing. You can’t control whether they judge, but you may begin to create a body of work to silence any accusation.

    Find your “thing” in the midst of the motion and doing.

    There is an exciting energy with the card. Herne makes me think of authority. The natural, gravitational kind that seems to assure everything will settle out as it should.

    Best of luck to you in the new year!

    If your reading is heartbreaking, don’t assume you’re stuck with it. G.K Chesterton (have you heard of him) once said something along the lines of “Who says making my bed means I must lay in it? If I don’t like it I’ll remake it.”

    This is the beauty of tarot as descriptive (giving insight) rather than prescriptive (locking you into a particular future). Let this be one more gift of freedom for your new year.

    Peace to you,

  70. Lara says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! This year my word theme is Pleasure. Each thing I do I hope to bring in my Taurus love of pleasure with my Scorpio diving into depths, and really plumb the depths of real tactile, sensate joy.

    • Beth says:

      Happy new year, Lara! For you I drew the Son of Wands – a no-holds-barred invitation to dive right in, just as you say. Try not to get caught up in overthinking when you get this urge – be guided by gut instinct, and allow your ego some space too. This is not a year for humility or for holding back. Go forth and be your sexy, charismatic, passionate self and, if you like, don’t be afraid to let the whole world know about it 🙂

  71. Beth says:

    Thanks everyone for participating in this thread! It’s been awesome watching these amazing resolutions and responses flow in – what a wonderful community this is.

    I’m going to bring it to a close now, so no more comments. Wishing everyone all good things for 2017! xxxx

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