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  1. I will join you for a ride on my bike. The sun is coming out and there are some big white clouds floating around but no rain is to be expected. Procrastination is my middle name. The last fews days, after our gardening adventure, I almost get nothing done. Too many options and not enough drive to tackle one of them. So thanks for reminding me of the magical benefits of riding my bike 😀

    • Little Red says:

      Hope you had a good ride Ellen – you’re right, cycling does have magical effects..unfortunately I got about half a mile and my breaks failed, so I had to turn back – damn!

      If you struggle with procrastination, Order Cheap Xanax Online 😉

  2. Greta says:

    Seven of Cups is my card for today, too. I always dread this card. As if I don’t KNOW my energies are scattered?! It tells me to chose one thing; prioritize. As if it’s that easy. What a mockingly true card.
    Thanks for your post. Glad to know its not just me. Also, you’re not alone in going gray. 🙂

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