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  1. Tango says:

    Golly, these parallels are lovely. They highlight the rhetoric often found [almost parasitically] attached to taboo & liminal subjects.

    I mean, you could even stretch this further. I [unfortunately] know folks who believe that astrologers prey on the naive or that poor folks aren’t worth anything to society or all Muslims are going to hell or that they know everything about BDSM without ever studying it or that intersex folks aren’t real.

    Articles/Posts like this work at sucking the power out of that rhetoric by highlighting its hollowness and lack of tangible meaning, which is, ya know, like really rad. Thanks.

    • Thanks Tango. That’s exactly what I wanted to get across and I totally agree with what you’re saying…there’s so many marginalised identities and misjudged practices that you could apply the same idea to. I just woke up to a new conservative government so am bracing myself for more of that “poor folks are worth nothing” rhetoric as we speak (dunno where you live but am sure you’re feeling the same if you’re in the UK!)
      Ste / Tarot Cat

  2. XD I wish I had read this sooner! I love your cleverness, humor and wit in addrressing marginalization and, as a previous commenter mentioned, the parallels you draw. As a rather marginalized person (privileged spaces notwithstanding) and a taroist within a unique niche in the Tarotverse-mainly that of humor and horror- I appreciate great, fun pieces like this addressing these topics.

    I especially liked the part about “queer folks corrupting the youth”. I just picture some villain out of Scooby Door going, “If it wasn’t for those damn kids…” – very cartoonish indeed. I may just have hit you up on Twitta, Tarot Cat. You’re that awesome!

    • Ah, Scooby DOO- “damn those queer folks” & their spell-check… *No, imaginary voice in my head, no- that was our own damn mistake and ignorance. Life is not a cartoon with strange, masked villians- okay, maybe that does happen sometimes. Then again, this all could be the result of those nefarious cannibals, but we likely all have a cannibal ancestor somewhere, so really no one but myself to blame. Yep.* smh >_>

      • Haha, I love this! Thank so much Chani for the lovely words 🙂 Please do that Twitter connecting – tarot blending with humor and horror sounds so up my street you wouldn’t believe. Smiles to you and your Scooby Door! Ste / Tarot Cat

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