The Numinous Tarot is Kickstarting NOW!

The Numinous Tarot needs no introduction.

A long-term project for illustrator Noel Arthur Hiempel, the gradual creation of this deck has gathered a rising tide of interest and excitement with every newly-shared card.


Because it’s genuinely, beautifully, radically inclusive. As Noel – a queer and trans/nonbinary witch – explains in their Kickstarter video, the Numinous Tarot aims to include everyone:

It can be very difficult to find depictions of non-white, queer, disabled, and plus-size bodies in Tarot, which means that many readers and querents aren’t seeing their lives reflected back at them in the cards – my queer, trans/nonbinary self included.

I wanted to create a deck that features ALL of these people, and does so in a way that’s mystical, magical, and full of color. I also wanted to write a guidebook that is equally inclusive – so I did!

As well as the no-compromise approach to inclusivity, the other thing that excites me about this deck is its colour. It’s vivid, filled with life, it’s imaginative and magical in the most beautifully queer-feeling way. It looks like a truly radical Pride parade, a representation of the kind of colour and diversity and love we find in our communities when we are truly home, when we are truly held and supported.

At the same time, it’s not queer-specific. It’s for absolutely everybody. As well as a 79-card deck (the usual tarot structure, plus an extra major car: ‘The Numinous’), Noel has created a good-sized guidebook which will introduce newcomers and tarot readers of all levels to the ideas presented within.

This is a deck that will mean so much, to so many folks in the tarot community. A deck that will make tarot more accessible, more supportive, more relevant. So many independent, labour-of-love tarot decks are crowdfunding right now and each one adds something special and new to the ever-diversifying word of tarot. The Numinous Tarot is one I’m extra excited about – and I know so many of you readers are feeling the same.

Well get clicking folks, cos the Numinous Tarot Kickstarter is now LIVE!

This magical and much-needed deck has already been fully funded (yep, it raised $12k in 24 hours) – but with 27 days to go til, let’s see how much support genuinely inclusive tarot can get.

 Pre-order yours (along with a bunch of other goodies) or make a donation right here!

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There is space in the magic: Interview with Noel Arthur Hiempel. Wanjira Murimi spoke with Noel about the creation of this deck in an interview for Little Red Tarot. This is a beautiful conversation about inclusive tarot!

Check out all of the cards on Noel’s website. And elsewhere…

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