Nobody can tell you who or what you are

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Yesterday the New York Times reported that the US Government is considering legislation that would legally define a person’s gender at birth, with no possibility that this could be changed. The abhorrent move seeks to ‘define transgender out of existence’. It is a horrendous attack on bodily autonomy.

Read more about this on Autostraddle.

Whilst those of us not in the US look on in horror, our trans family and their allies in the US move to demonstrate and organise for the battle ahead.

URGENT: Meanwhile here in the UK, our government is consulting on the existing Gender Recognition Act – the deadline has been extended to noon today.

The official consultation page is here, and it takes around 30 minutes to complete, however if you’re short on time or don’t understand the issues being discussed, Stonewall UK have created a way to quickly answer the key questions in a trans-supportive way:

Take the consultation here

This consultation isn’t about whether trans and nonbinary people exist – the government is clear that they do. It’s about reforming the process trans people must go through in order to be legally recognised as their actual gender. The questions effectively ask if the process should become easier for trans people, or harder.

It would be easy to compare the two stories (US and UK) and imagine that trans people are safe in our country – but in reality trans rights are continually under attack from many angles. Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) in particular – who are regularly supported by anti-abortion campaigners, and who leaning on gender essentialism to deny the existence of trans women and exclude them from women’s spaces – are rallying to make the process harder.

This is indeed a battle for trans rights, and if you live in the UK, you can make a difference.

Stonewall are making the consultation process easier for trans allies. You can take the consultation via their site (remember the deadline is noon today!!) and read trans-centred explanations of the key questions.

Take the consultation here

I urge you to please do this right now.

The Next World Tarot, the Numinous Tarot

To all my trans friends dealing with this disgusting news: The state can never, ever define your gender or erase your existence. The state can never tell you who or what you are. I see you, I love you, I will learn better how to fight for you.

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