Five tarot spreads for new year readings

Five spreads for new year tarot readings

New year’s – when we celebrate endings and beginnings, changes, resolutions, letting go and welcoming in – is a great time for tarot reading. Maybe you want to look back over the past year, or do some intention-setting work for the year ahead. Or maybe you simply want to mark the passage of time with a

If, like me, you’re planning on a little tarot reading this new year’s eve (or thereabouts), here are a few of my favourite spreads to try:

New Year Tarot Spread

There’s a clue in the name of this perennial Little Red Tarot favourite! This ten-card spread only actually has five very simple positions, but you’ll be drawing multiple cards for each, allowing you to go deeper into the past year and what’s coming over the horizon, as well as delving into the present moment and the tools available to you as you enter this new year.

The Bridge

My all-time favourite tarot spread for folks who are ‘on a journey’ (and, um, who isn’t?), this spread helps you to step back and view your ‘past, present and future’ via the metaphor of a bridge. From the present moment at the apex, you look back over the year, spend a moment delving into unconscious influences on the present, and then turn to next steps and sources of guidance for the coming year.

Want a shorter version? Try a simple three card spread with cards for the present in the middle, past to the left, and a direction or word of guidance on the right.

Spring Cleaning Tarot Spread

Despite the name, new year is a great time to read with this spread, which is all about clearing out old junk and starting over. A great choice if you want to welcome a whole load of fresh new energy into your life in the coming year.

Begin now, with what you have Tarot Spread

I love this simple pyramid-shaped spread, in which you first identify a goal, then look at the resources you have available now, and the steps you need to take to get there.

New year’s two-card cross

If you’re looking for something shorter/quicker, you can’t beat the brilliant two card cross – a snapshot of your current situation and guidance for your next step. Place one card in the centre – this represents your current situation, you right here at the end of the year. Place a second card lengthways across this card. This is your challenge for the coming year.

This spread is incredibly flexible and you can play with the positions to suit your own needs. Instead of situation/challenge, you might go with ‘resolution/advice’, or ‘last year/new year’. Use this compact spread to create the reading you want.

Cards shown in this post are from the Dreaming Way Tarot.

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  1. Graham says:

    Great spreads for the New Year, thanks! I enjoyed seeing this collection of spreads that were different than the “Draw 12 cards, one for each upcoming month.” Those tend to not inspire me as much.

    My own personal New Year spread ended with the Knight of Wands, 8 of Swords, and The Fool, and I had a couple lingering questions. So I tried the “Begin now, with what you have spread” with those three cards as the goal to try to clarify my earlier spread. The foundations I drew were the 4 of Wands, The Hanged Man, and the Queen of Swords. My next steps were the 4 of Cups and 3 of Pentacles (what tension there!). Finally, what I needed to know was the King of Cups.

    Great! This told me a lot about my introverted self and the external expectations and demands of and on myself. And how I need to be my own King of Cups to my Knight of Wands. Very interesting, I’m using this spread again for sure.

  2. Kal says:

    Got a new year tarot reading professionally done last month, but the I couldn’t really connect with the messages given and the reader for that matter. I will do the Spring Cleaning Tarot Spread this weekend and post it on the blog.

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