Three new tarot decks for spring

Here’s a quick peek at the tarot decks I’m eagerly awaiting this spring.

Click the images to load a gallery for your viewing pleasure!

The Ostara Tarot

Morgan Applejohn , Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard & Julia Iredale

The Vernal equinox, Ostara, wakes the city after winter. … Identify your relationship with the Earth and pay homage to the natural world and those romantic moments where you can again be part of the nature around you. Use keywords as well as upright and reversed card explanations to manifest your deepest spiritual renewal.

Out in April 2017 | Available for preorder now from the usual online bookstores.

Dust II Onyx Tarot

Courtney Alexander

I would at this point in my life describe myself as fat, black, queer, and divine. There isn’t a deck out there to my knowledge that expresses this freedom that I feel within myself. … I needed to see ME in a deck. I wanted a deck that pushed past surface meaning for me. That drew me into a deeper place in my subconscious and I had yet to find one that did.

Out in May 2017 | Read an interview with Courtney here!

Dark Days Tarot

Wren McMurdo


I created the Dark Days Tarot deck as a devotional exercise to the moon, my favorite femme. She is dreams, weight, sex and wild abandon. She is the all-seeing princess of the starry night sky, the silkiest orb of my universe. She is heavy and full no matter how you spin her. This deck reflects her, as she has always reflected us. Did I mention I am absolutely and completely in love with her? Her many faces soothe me like lavender, rock me like a baby, and light my intuitive fire.

Out in May 2017 | Read more about this deck here!

I’m a 30-something writer, artist, tarot reader, and perpetual explorer of the space between thought, feeling, and action.

I believe that spirituality and ritual are for everybody. I’m about the journey, in all of its messy, non-linear, chaotic iterations. I am excited by anticapitalist business and living with my whole entire self present. I use tarot cards to bring forth hidden truth, and ritual to affirm my commitment, over and over, to my ever-shifting path.


  1. I’ve been excited about Ostara for awhile now, but the other two are new to me! Dust II Onyx looks like one of those decks that completely opens up new worlds for you…. and Dark Days may be the most intriguing B&W deck I’ve seen previewed!

    …time to add MORE decks to my wish list….

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