Five more lovely new tarot decks on Kickstarter

What’s that? There aren’t enough tarot decks out there for your liking?

Don’t fear – creative people everywhere are busy working away on new tarot projects for your personal delectation!

Here are five (yes five!) tarot projects that are fundraising right now (with a few words from their creators):

ALSO: I want to be really honest with you all for a moment. I’m becoming very conscious of how this blog has become a useful platform for artists to promote their awesome projects. This is great! I am absolutely here for the diversification of tarot decks, and the promotion of tarot artists getting their work out there. At the same time, I’m wary of LRT becoming a space that continually asks you for money. Please know that when we share these exciting projects, it’s because we want to celebrate the ever-growing pool of possible tarot decks available. There is no pressure at all for you to spend money. Please enjoy these projects, support if and where it feels right for you, or perhaps share with folks who might be interested. No pressure, ever.

The Delta Enduring Tarot

“There is a savage beauty in the depths of the swamp. For each drop of blood spilled into those dark waters, the delta rises. She thrives. She continues to resist the encroaching gulf. So too is the way of her people, who despite endless struggle, continue to find love and wonder in the ruins of the natural world. 

The Delta Enduring Tarot pays tribute to these ebbs and flows, and to the lives of those that continue to make the deep south a more verdant, just, and enduring landscape – despite the storm of oppression always on the horizon.”

Bridgette Egan

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The Mesquite Tarot

“It’s a pretty strange moment to be on the planet. When we began the Mesquite deck, we wanted to create a soft and approachable space to meet ourselves and others in compassion, reflection, understanding – to find clarity in the madness. Mesquite Tarot is a fresh, gentle voice in the tarot conversation; one that emphasizes the inward process, the silence and intuition, the knowingness within each of us. One that cultivates honesty.

We wanted Mesquite to appeal to people who might find tarot intimidating or dense. Our visual approach is minimal; our interpretations communicate meaning in a more holistic way. The guidebook includes a diagram that shows the energetic spectrum of each card to better allow understanding beyond the intellectual. Mesquite tarot is about connection: to nature, to the self, and to others. We feel fostering this energy of clarity is really important and we hope it will be a tool for expansion and growth.”

Bronwyn Walls and Aleisha Fitz

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A Queerer Tarot

“I wanted to create A Queerer Tarot because I always had a hard time relating to some of the Rider-Waite’s imagery – The Lovers especially; I just didn’t see myself in the cis, thin, straight bodies. I also knew I would never successfully pin down a universal experience, which is why the deck is “a queerer tarot” rather than “the queer tarot.” A Queerer Tarot reimagines the major arcana as symbolic of life’s journey, with new cards such as “The Closet” and more than one kind of Strength. The hierarchy of the minor arcana is also restructured, with Child, Student, Teacher, and Master instead of the traditional Page, Knight, Queen, and King, and I like to think that none of them is above the others – just in a different, but necessary, stage of being. I hope that newcomers to tarot will find my deck accessible, and more experienced readers will find insight in the reimagined cards.”

Wallace Crehan

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Mystic Mondays

Mystic Mondays is tarot for the modern mystic. It is an intuition tool for spiritual guidance, designed with intentional good vibes and a love of color! Energy is made of vibrations and each color vibrates at its own frequency. This colorful deck is full of positive vibes that allow you to access answers for your highest good.

Mystic Mondays is a fresh twist on tarot for today with a modern perspective & illustration style. Instead of a guidebook, we’ve developed an app where you can freely access the tarot card meanings. Right now, the beta version is available for download in the app store where you will be able to draw your card of the day and peruse the Mystic Mondays Major Arcana cards!

Grace Duong

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The Violet Ascension Tarot

The Violet Ascension Tarot reflects key beliefs of the artist and her community: of non-violence, otherness, intersectional feminism, and the power of ideas. Rhienna Renee Guedry is a southern-born queer woman in love with animals and bicycles, who expresses that revelry throughout her illustrative work. In this deck in particular, she makes use of wheels to represent the Pentacles suite, and horned creatures for Wands, to emphasize the importance of human-powered transportation as well as respect for animals.”

Rhienna Renee Guedry.

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    Oh my good goats!!! I adore *ALL* of these!!! I don’t think you need to worry Beth about all you share… you share so much as well as new decks etc and it is a fantastic resource for artists on the fringes… ! I love your blog, I have limited time to read blogs etc but I know that I will always come away from yours feeling fuller than before, so thank you… Thank you for showcasing all these amazing artists and writers, thank you for being so raw and sharing the rough edges of your life as well as the soft plush and shiny stuff…thank you for YOU… Much love and gratitude xxxxxxxxxxxx

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