A new moon, the revolution, the Tower and the Star

The waters that Aquarius pours forth are cleansing and refreshing. They bring with them the good fortune of washing away the old and outdated ways of thinking to make way for new and innovative modes of understanding.
Chani Nicholas

This new moon, the first of 2017, is in Aquarius.

With the water-carrier as my sun sign, I know only too well the cold, aloof, intellectual qualities associated with this heady ‘fixed air’ sign. But I also understand that Aquarius is a visionary, capable of seeing a wider picture. A humanitarian and a revolutionary, always looking for the new way, to cast out the old, to revision, to recreate, to build something better, for everyone.

As Chani Nicholas urges in her latest writing on this new moon, this is one for looking deeply at the systems that support us, but harm others. Not only for looking at these systems of inequality, but using them as “a point of entry. An invitation to enquiry.”

This new moon asks: What does the world you dream of actually look like? What specifically must change, what must go, what just be destroyed…and what must be there in its place?

I pulled the Tower and the Star from my tarot deck.

Two powerful cards that alone portend momentous change, but which together form a beautiful, coherent, unified whole, their opposite energies combining to create one powerful process of necessary clearance, making way for something new and beautiful.

Together they bring the energy of revolution.

The Tower says What will you burn to the ground?

The Star says And what will you build there instead?

Because revolution can never just be the violent part, the smashing of systems, the bringing down of the old order (or the quiet walking away). The Tower creates space, and into that space we must pour hope. We must also bring in the new ideas, the new ways, the alternatives.

To really make the most of this process, perhaps we should change up the order a little: first the Star, then the Tower, then back to the Star once more.

In the first Star, we imagine the society we want to live in. We visualise communities. beyond this, we figure out how it is to be done, because the Star corresponds to the sign of Aquarius, and Aquarius is nothing if not a serious thinking sign.

Here, we can make plans. Here we do our work. Confront our privileges. Face the uncomfortable truths. I’m talking in the wake of Trump’s inauguration of course, but this applies to our personal lives, our careers, our local communities, other countries, other struggles. Here, we face up to what’s wrong, and we figure out what we want instead. We make conscious choices. Hopeful choices. We plant seeds.

Then we fight. Smash borders, topple presidencies, resist oppression, trash systems, march, quit, walk away, set fire, ritually release. Sometimes, if the Tower is really feeling tough, this stuff comes for you – you don’t have to do a damn thing. Sometimes a situation is just so damn broken that life will step in and smash it up for you.

And then. Rubble. Dust. Silence (maybe). And room for something new.

So, Aquarius, visionary, star, bringer of hope and newness, we build. This is the second star.

The peace we feel in this moment is hard won and rooted in a profound understanding of ourselves and our environments. We know we can expect more from our futures. … What felt impossible yesterday may be possible today. After the rain and winds tear up the garden, new buds push forth.
The Slow Holler Tarot

I feel like this new moon is the first star.

The one where we vision, the one where we commit to those visions. The one where we plant seeds.

I’m not saying this is not a time for action. I know many of the folks reading this, myself included, are throwing themselves into action right now – perhaps wearily, perhaps with renewed energy, perhaps for the first time. That’s where things are at in many of our lives.

But give some time this new moon also to the bigger picture. The vision. What does it look like, the world you want to live in? Who’s there? How will you make space for those people? How will you make space for your self?

How will this new way be different to the old way?

And what are the first steps you can take towards that?

Those are your seeds. Your star seeds. Plant them with love and intention, with clarity of purpose. Plant them because they represent your vision.

Then go fight.

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