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  1. Madelene Antrim says:

    How gorgeous! How exciting! The area looks so beautiful. I’ve never visited Scotland but if I do I know where I want to go. 🙂

  2. Xanax Buying says:

    Your wild, hot drink infused, questing, searching, home gathering astounding response to Skye’s call… who could do any different, if they could? Looking forward to more expansiveness from you.

  3. Carole McCleery says:

    This is beautiful. What a wonderful opportunity for you both and how lucky you are to have found somebody to share this dream with you. Look forward to hearing more about your life in paradise x

    • Thanks! Paradise is a comical word considering our ‘home’ is so tenuous and the challenges here threaten to outweigh the good stuff… but I can’t deny this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

  4. Paypal Xanax says:

    The energy of possibility and the excitement are palpable in your images, your words & facial expressions! You will have to edit your profile 🙂 I am loving the images and the window onto this magical world! A new book that you might enjoy: “If Women Rose Rooted” by Sharon Blackie. She writes about rooting ourselves in the land that holds us and engaging in true and intimate conversation with her. Happy home-making!

    • I’m just returning to this comment to let you know that I read If Women Rose Rooted over Christmas. Lots in there that I loved, plenty that I didn’t, too – but I’ve certainly become a follower of Sharon Blackie’s fascinating work. Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa!

  5. Congratulations! I swear, I can feel the beautiful energy of that place through the photos you’ve posted. That looks like a wonderful place of possibility

  6. Ha ha, you’ve clearly mastered the great British art of understatement “it was not tidy” 😀 It looks amazing! Will look forward to hearing more of your Skye adventures 🙂

  7. June Ashanti says:

    Thanks you guy’s! I have just lost job and was looking for a little inspiration and ‘found’ you.
    I’m now feeling so much more excited about my future! Best wishes to you both, Junexx

  8. I keep returning to this photo-diary of your official big move up to Skye. It’s like this consummation of a lot of shifts all coming together beautifully (even with the stress/hectic points in there). Thank you for sharing these reflections with us! I hope Skye returns your love a thousandfold.

  9. Michelle says:

    it looks gorgeous!!!! can we add photo journals to the newsletter???? you can never go wrong with a lot of nature pictures <3 it seems as though you are adjusting, and very well

    • Thanks Michelle! I share as many pics as I dare in the newsletters, but I think I’m gonna keep doing the photo diaries here on the blog. It’s a way I can share snapshots of life without the pressure of having to write loads (increasingly difficult as I move away from a desk-based life)…

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