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  1. Xanax Buying says:

    SAME! I have the Wooden Tarot and keep eyeballing these cards. (get it? eyeball?) And I don’t dig oracles, either, but this deck is hypnotic. Is it the Non-Oracle Oracle deck?

    • I didn’t on this one, but sometimes when I buy decks from the US I do pay it. It seems kinda random!

      When I import decks for my shop I always pay duty, sometimes quite a lot.

      Also, if you’re worried about duty, I’ll have the Earthbound Oracle in my shop in a couple of weeks (you can preorder it now 🙂

      • Thanks for the info Beth. I think it depends on the value of the goods but I’m not sure what the threshold is? If I decide to order them I’ll get back to you and order them from you! 🙂

  2. Beth! I’m a recent subscriber and am really enjoying your newsletters. (You’ve set me a good example, and my own most recent newsletter was the best I’ve sent in a while.)

    Like you, I’m much more tarot- then oracle-deck-centric. But when I saw this today, I RAN (well, clicked really fast) and ordered the deck.

    Thanks for everything.

  3. Lauren says:

    I love my Shadowscapes tarot deck, but the past 2 weeks I’ve been pretty much exclusively using my Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle deck by Lucy Cavendish. I do readings with them alone, particularly a 5 card Faery cross spread that has turned out beautifully, or a 3 card spread. Just my two cents to say that I LOVE my oracle deck, and I’m glad you’ve found one that resonates with you.

  4. I have a friend who is really into Faeries Oracle from Brian Froud, so I have that deck too and I know once I have a good feel for it it’ll get me to use the oracle cards just like the Tarot, yes! It’s so fascinating how many things you can get from oracle cards, which don’t have a set structure and meanings. Also: thanks for mentioning how the deck feels in your hands!

  5. I absolutely adore the artwork in both of these decks, I felt exactly the same as you after seeing The Wooden Tarot’s Temperance card. I just can’t look past an Otter :P. I can’t wait to see a little more about this deck from you in time 🙂

  6. Oh yay, I’m glad you took the plunge! My copy of the oracle got lost in the post, so I haven’t beheld it with my own eyes yet. Andy very kindly offered to send me another copy, so fingers crossed I’ll have it in my hot little hands soon! This post has got me all excited about it all over again!

  7. Catherine says:

    These cards just arrived in the mail and I absolutely love them. My first reading was spot on. I like the simplicity of them – the artwork is stunning. Thanks so much!

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