New course! A Card a Day to learn tarot…one card at a time

Drumroll please! (In fact, give me angels and trumpets, too!)

Because today, I am so, so excited (and nervous) to be sharing with you the result of over a year’s work.

May I present…my new tarot course!

An email course to teach you tarot
…one day at a time

This is a course I have been asked to create countless times. From those studying the Alternative Tarot Course to blog readers who just wanted a ‘Little Red guide to the tarot’, folks have been asking me for an accessible course that will teach them the tarot card meanings since forever.

At the same time, I know you guys are busy! I needed to create something that would enable little-and-often, piece-by-piece learning, enabling you to meet and learn your tarot cards in just a little time each day.

A Card a Day is that course!

Get started here

How does it work?

This is a daily email course that also includes lifetime access to a complete library of tarot card meanings.

Once you sign up for the emails, you’ll receive a tarot card every day – in order – taking you through the entire tarot.

I designed this course with busy people in mind.

  • If you have just five minutes: Grab the card from your deck, and read through the email. You’ll pick up key words and ideas for the card, and get a brief overview of what it’s all about. Simple!
  • If you have a little more time, grab a cup of tea, too! You have the option to click through to the library and read a longer, more in-depth discussion of the card. If you’re a tarot journaller you can choose from a list of journal prompts to help you go deeper into the card. You can explore cards in sequence or as part of a suit or section. You can bookmark pages in the library, or print them out for your journal. You can spend as long as you like exploring the library, and you can use it together with the exercises in the Alternative Tarot Course.

Ready to begin?

Get started here

Cost: $35 – giving you lifetime access to the course and library

Spirit Stock x Little Red Tarot

Got a question?

First, check out the questions and answers on this pageSince sharing this course with my beloved Bits & Bobs List subscribers two weeks ago, I’ve been updating this page with their most common questions.

If this doesn’t answer you, email me and ask away! I’m at I’ll be at my desk all of this week to answer questions, iron out any issues, and help folks get started with the course.

Happy tarot-ing, friends! I’m so excited to share this new offering with you.

Photo credits: Top photo shows Trung Nguyen’s in-progress tarot deck. Second photo from Spirit Stock, by Fonna Sedu.

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  1. Claire says:

    Oh, how I’m loving the course, Beth – I just started last night…
    I pulled 3 of swordsa, and thought, ‘That’s a great card to start :/’, but I adore your interpretation ‘Scarred, but strong’.
    Yesterday I led a church service – first time flying solo since the stroke 10 years ago… It was powerful and emotional, and there I was, doing something I used to love, and never thought I’d do again. There I was, ‘scarred, but strong’.
    So perfect, Beth, thank you 🙂 x

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Claire – I’m happy you’re taking the course, and so glad you’re enjoying it!

      And HUGE congratulations on your venture yesterday. What a bold and amazing milestone 🙂

  2. Sela says:

    I have a question. I live in United States and I want to but a deck of tarot cards on my birthday which is a month later, can I buy a deck when the money currency is in euros and its from another country?

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