Move in the right direction – Eight of Cups

God I love the Gossip.

No other band makes me want to dance the way these guys do. They’ve gone all clubby/poppy/dancey lately, but that ain’t no bad thing. Their songs are still as bolshy, proud, in your face, vulnerable, angry, loving and amazing as ten years ago, when I first saw Beth Ditto taking over the stage with a fat queer feminist rant and a voice which made me want to live and die at the same time.

Move in the Right Direction – The Gossip

A song for those days when you’re stuck in the mud, when you don’t know what to do with yourself, and when you need a little help to stop the mistakes of your past from holding you in a rut.

The Eight of Cups is about moving on.

It’s about accepting what can’t be changed, forgiving ourselves for mistakes and looking instead to the future. I normally think of it as a ‘quiet’ kind of card. But, whilst leaving behind the elements of the past we no longer need can be a melancholy process, how about something loud and powerful to spur you on and reassure you that you’re doing the right thing?

Keeping my head up, looking forward,
reminiscing will get you nowhere
never say never, starting over
it’s not perfect but its getting closer.

I hold back tears
so I can move in the right direction
I have faced my fears
now I can move in the right direction.

Beth Ditto

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