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  1. Kat says:

    The Motherpeace was among my first decks when it came out (I’m old). I return to it every few years because it feels like “home”. I love decks with earthy themes and non-professional looking artwork. This is the only woman-themed deck I will use.

    Looking at the Clover Tarot by Latvian artist Nika Berne. While not a feminist deck, she does have many women pictured. Love it. Her website: Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap. Comes with a book, pictured here at this review: Alprazolam Purchase Online

      • Kat says:

        Hi, K. Yes, I used to have the Shining Tribe deck. But I never could connect with it. So for now, I’m using the Anna K deck and Motherpeace. After decades of using tarot, I feel weary of the structure (the suits, courts, major and minor) and may want to use an oracle type deck for a while. But haven’t found any that really grab me.

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