Mercury Retrograde – tarot cards to get you through

I’m no astrologer.

However I am an avid consumer of astrological gubbins, information, readings, symbols-and-structures-I-don’t-quite-understand and this totally qualifies me to write about such things on my blog. I have a wonderful friend who demystifies the celestial bodies for me, and a favourite set of blogs in which I love to lose myself when the planets call.

One thing I do sort-of understand, however, is the phenomenon called Mercury Retrograde. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s basically Mercury (as in, the planet) slowing down in its transit around the sun. It doesn’t actually go retrograde by the way (imagine if planets could turn and go backwards!) …it just appears to, in relation to other planets. And it happens about four times every year. Here’s a website which tells you the start and end date of upcoming MR times!

Mercury being the astrological messenger, this impacts on communications here on earth.

Famously, emails vanish, teccy things screw up, messages get lost in translation. We are warned against starting new projects, signing contracts, making grand declarations, catching trains…which is damned inconvenient considering it happens four times a year.

So what can you do safely during a Mercury retrograde period? Embrace the retro of course! Never mind social media, iPhones or even emails – it’s time to put on some rose-tinted specs and make like the good old days.

Mercury retrograde tarot
Mercury Retrograde tarot

Tarot cards for Mercury Retrograde

Six of Cups

A card of childhood pleasures. Even though communication is said to break down during this period, how about writing an old-fashioned letter? Put together a parcel for a faraway friend, make a mix-tape, dig out stickers and magazines, cut and paste, express yourself. Let an old flame know you’re single. Reconnect with a childhood friend.

And if you’re really worried, you can save it to send on the first of March 🙂

The Empress

Time for some me-time. Forget about all those stressy things on your to-do list and chill for a bit. Get a massage, eat a cake, stroke a baby. Luxuriate in your own loveliness and treat yourself like a goddess.


How does the past affect you? Are you still holding on to old hurts, bitter memories? Now is the time to go back and put these things into perspective – forgiving others, forgiving yourself. Revisit the past in order to let it go, for good.

Page of Swords

Communication breakdown? The Page of Swords reminds us that people do gossip, that whispers take on lives of their own, that miscommunication happens. We’re only human. Apologise where you need to, accept apologies where they come to you, and above all, remember to blame it on the planets.

Eight of Pentacles

If Mercury doesn’t want you to start something new, don’t worry. Concentrate on developing something you’re already good at! Wrap up old projects, hone your skills, pick up that scarf you started knitting before Christmas…concentrate on perfecting what you already have.

Four of Wands

Whatever the sparky wands get you doing, every so often you need to stop and give yourself a pat on the back. If now ain’t the time for charging forth with the next stage of your master-plan, then great. Go for a drink. Look back on your achievements. Maybe the road ahead is hard, and long, but now’s the time to celebrate what you’ve achieved so far. 

 Good luck!

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