Meet our two wonderful new writers!

The world is in turmoil but right here, I gotta say, things just keep getting better.

You might have noticed two new faces on the blog in recent weeks: Asali and Maranda are our two brilliant new writers, each exploring tarot, magic and spirituality from different margins and perspectives, through two new columns, Asali’s ‘Ritual & Honey’, and Maranda’s ‘See the Cripple Dance’.

It’s time to introduce them properly! I asked Asali and Maranda a few quick questions about their approaches to tarot and their hopes for connecting with you guys. Here’s what they said!

Asali | Ritual & Honey

What does tarot mean to you?

Tarot is self-care, healing, reflection, and perhaps something like liberation. At the root of my healing practice is the idea that the right to self-care and be cared for, claimed and activated by marginalized communities, helps to disrupt systems of oppression that rely on our trauma and death. Healing into expansion and growth means we are better able to take up spaces we are pushed out of. Tarot became an accessible way for me to carve out time and space for myself to replenish, reflect, and heal. It’s taught me to honor my intuition, and give it in service to my community where I can. Slinging cards is a way for me to commune not just with the universe and ancestors but with my deeper spirit as well- whether I’m feeling well enough to do a large spread or have just enough capacity to draw one card.

What do you hope to bring to Little Red Tarot?

I stared at this question for days and I still don’t think I have the full view of it. Here’s what I do know. I have been very lucky coming into the online community that has formed around spirituality that deviates from the mainstream. I say lucky because my first experiences of it were amongst queer, trans, and people of color – so much so that at first I didn’t realize just how small that community was compared to the larger machine. And it does feel like that at times – a machine – financially privileged/thin/able-bodied/cis/white/heteronormative and just as ready to gobble me up and spit me out.

I hope that Ritual & Honey helps someone feel like they are enough, the way learning the magic of ritual and honey did for me. I hope that my writing joins in with the work that our community is doing to disrupt that narrative. I hope to not cause more harm and unpack and boldly face up to the privilege I do have. I hope to be brave enough to allow all parts of myself that often get drowned out – black, queer, femme, traumatized, crazy, tired, still learning to heal – show up in my work and show up in healing for others.

Where can we find you when you’re not here on Little Red Tarot?

I write, practice, and create at Asali Earthwork. It started out as a sort of online tarot journal and has evolved into a catch all for my community healing practice as well as the work everyday I’m doing for myself. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter rambling about healing, self-care, and social justice issues. Also cats.

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Maranda Elizabeth | See the Cripple Dance

What does tarot mean to you?

Shuffling a deck of Tarot cards is like opening a book you’ve already read a hundred times and still finding new information contained within. It’s reclaiming things I’ve been told are not-real, and resisting invalidation. And it’s rejecting the idea that only “experts” can help me (especially as crazy and disabled). Tarot also encourages me to continue creating systems of meaning-making and (re-)developing imagination after trauma. It’s a crucial part of my process of connecting with my various selves and asking them/us complex questions. It means moving toward feeling how I want to feel despite systemic and interpersonal barriers to contentment, joy, creativity, and trust. After the initial $20 (um, or $50) of buying a deck, it’s basically a cheap and accessible resource of inspiration and magic that will never diminish in supply. Tarot gives me radical forms of living, communicating, and learning that do not require formal education, acceptance letters, credentials, or any form of permission, etc. to acquire.

What do you hope to bring to Little Red Tarot?

I hope to make affirmations for broke crazy disabled queer folks of all races and genders who feel left behind in witchy &/or Tarot spaces. I hope to use my privileges (whiteness, time, writing skills, and online platforms with followers are some of them) to make space for the forgotten and abandoned, for outcasts and weirdos in pain. I want to ask questions (and provoke new ones) about how queer and trans crazy crips engage with witchcraft, experience nature, find and create access, resist harmful ableist classist cissexist racist messages in spirituality, and think about anti-capitalist spirituality. And I want to address the complicated realities of those of us who’ve been traumatized by spiritual or ‘New Age’ or witchy family and acquaintances in our lives, as well as by the medical establishment, but/and continue to inhabit these spaces.

I want to make room for these conversations, and encourage folks to ask questions that don’t necessarily have easy, obvious, stable, or single answers. I want to talk about how to use Tarot and witchcraft to find ways to live in worlds that weren’t created for us and don’t want us. If I can’t have access to one thing/space, I’ll find access to something else and it’ll become more meaningful and validating than what I’m supposedly missing out on. I want to talk about how spells really do come true.

Where can we find you when you’re not here on Little Red Tarot?

I’ve been blogging at for six or seven years, with a focus on mental illnesses, in/accessibility, chronic suicidality, self-care & support & $upport, friendship, hospitals, reclaiming borderline, and politicizing recovery. I’ve had an Etsy shop for ten and a half years at, where I have zines, books, and Tarot readings. I tweet @MarandaDearest. And I publish essays about borderline personality disorder, disability, the joy of missing out, witchcraft, poverty, etc. on Medium at

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