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  1. Totally rockin’ post Beth and Tabby… I shall be doing this too. My Mum (Tabby’s Nanee Annee), got me into Astrology, I used to read my *Stars* and she had a birth chart done for me years ago. The only guy I really took any notice of was Jonathan Cainer, sometimes he seemed to be uncannily accurate, like he was looking into my soul. I know they say that not all of this can apply to all of the Cancer’s, etc in the world, (I am a preety much 90% Crab!) but it is how you process and use it. Like Tarot it is a guide. I have spent more time studying the Tarot, but I will be following along with the course! Thank you so much Beth and Tabby xoxo

  2. liv says:

    So cool! Well done 🙂 nice to get a mention in your blog! I still revert back to that chart periodically, and you’re right, it does help you realise yourself, even the parts that can be hard to look at. Creepily uncanny! Exciting!!

  3. My first love was astrology from around the age of 11 and I have done several courses over the years. I remember having a book called Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and recording all my friends and famiies birth details. I still have that book somewhere! I myself am a Gemini with Leo Rising and Moon in Scorpio. I’m looking forward to rekindling my interest in astrology via Tabby’s blog posts. 🙂

  4. Shannon says:

    This is certainly serendipitous! I had been taking a beginner’s astrology class in person for the last few weeks. I found out last week that none of my classmates would be able to take the second part, which was supposed to start last night, so the class was put on hold until next February. While missing my class last night, I decided I needed to find a way to continue learning besides just reading all of the astrology books I’m acquiring. Thank you for offering this just when I needed it!

    BTW, I’m a Sagittarius with Leo rising, Moon in Capricorn and LOTS going on in my 5th House. (But I identify as an introvert!)

  5. Caroline says:

    Hello little red Tarot,

    Great site!!!

    I use tarot often – just to reconfirm I am heading in the right direction.

    However, I change card deck depending on which images feel right on the day.

    One of my decks are in Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts & Spades. There are not two cards. It goes 10, jack then queen.

    My question is: Is the Jack card the Page / Daughter or the Knight / Son card????

    I hope its ok to ask.
    Thank you

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