Infographic! Me and you and everyone we know

So here it is.

Everything you told me that could possibly be quantified or somehow made into a cute little graphic, every card you mentioned, every deck you gushed about, every cat you said yes to, every list-of-all-four-jobs-you-do…

Eesh, I’ll tell you now that I did this the long-hand way with pen and paper and a good old tally and it took a long time and a lot of wine.

So in thanks to the 286 (!!) amazing people who took my recent tarot survey, may I present to you…

My very first infographic!

And it’s all about YOU.

So what is all this information for?

Well as discussed in my previous post, a lot of what you told me will be used to make LIttle Red Tarot better, more relevant, more helpful and more fun for y’all. Watch this space.

Even more exciting is the social network-y bit!

I’ve had a feeling for a long time that there’s a big hole in the internet where an ‘alternative tarot network’ could live. For people who don’t identify with the mainstream tarot aesthetic, or who want to politicize their readings, or who just want something different. There’s a whole new generation of tarot readers and learners and people who are just picking up a tarot deck for the first time… I want to build a space where we can all hang out and learn from each other. And I want you to help me get it started.

More on this to come folks! If you’re not on my mailing list, sign up now to make sure you stay in the loop:



Part 2 of the survey looked at what you wanted to see here on Little Red Tarot.

You made all kinds of suggestions and I loved reading them – thank you!

Find out what’s coming up in 2015 (and what you can enjoy in the meantime) here.

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    • Beth says:

      Yeah I agree, it’s falling short in the cat department. There were only three to choose from but I could have recoloured and reused them!

      Will try harder >o.o<

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