May Sunday Spread | Sustainable Resourcing

Hello, darlings! Welcome to May!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is officially here!!! I know that I’ve been sharing the ramp up after my winter hibernation here on the Sunday Spread and I haven’t (yet) lost steam. My Aries’ heart and pitta body are definitely susceptible to the seductive energy of summer. There’s so much to do, the days are so much longer, and the May weather is perfect! Every time I think my schedule is tapped out or slowing down, sure enough, an amazing offer/idea/healing opportunity/magic collaboration falls into my lap that I just can’t resist.

However, one thing that this little fire sign has been very careful of this year is sustainability. While I want to ride the productivity wave of the season, I also don’t want to burn out before the fall hits. A lot of my creative projects have also centered around heavy content – trauma and healing. And I realized how our healing projects can be just as alluring as any other. When we find ourselves with a bit of extra energy it can be easy to get swept up in checking off a self-growth to-do list and miss when what we might need to add in is self-care.

So as we head into this lovely time of temperate weather, long days and rebirth all around us, I want to take up a little blog space to talk about sustainable resourcing as it relates to our energy. We often turn to our tarot decks when we’re struggling with something or when an answer/direction/clarity seems to be evading us. Sometimes our tarot practice is as much a part of our healing work as our self-care. Do you consider this before you pull? Do you set up safe and holding space for yourself? Do you check in with your energy levels before you make space for work?

Sustainable resourcing tarot spread

My offering this month is a spread to make sure that we’re tapping into and taking stock of our resources before we ask our brains, bodies, and even our tarot decks to point us towards work that needs to get done.

Card 1 Climate of Your Energy: This first card represents where your energy resources are currently at. Are you low on energy or even overdrawn? Alternately, have you been hibernating and storing long enough and need to move forward? This card is a note on where you’re at right in this moment.

Card 2 Reminders to Consider: This card offers us insight on what we need to pay attention to in terms of our energy. This might be a general way we’re inclined (to over- or under-utilize our energy). It might also give us some sort of insight about our current energy climate. My reversed Hanged Man noted that I might not even realize that I’m running low.

Card 3 Strengths/Resources: This card reminds us of where our strength lies. This is a great place to look to for resources. Maybe you’ve poured a lot of energy into a strong community and it’s time to reach out for support. Perhaps, you’re the Fool, drawing your magic from your faith, openness, and will. I pulled the Hierophant, or the Instructor, in my well-loved Collective Tarot deck. Not surprisingly, if you’re a fan of the “Secret Language” books, my birthday is associated with this card. This past month I’ve been especially focused on how and where it’s appropriate for me to share knowledge, always wanting to be conscious of respecting traditions without reinforcing unhealthy hierarchies.

Card 4 Conscious Practice: This last card is about integrating the wisdom of our pull, so we can move forward resourced, sustained, and ready. This card helps us move forward in the kindest way we possibly can for ourselves.

As you make summer plans, I hope you take some time to check in with yourself and your energy! There’s always a to-do list to get to, but you only have this moment take care of your present needs. Your energy is valuable and sacred, guard and manage it as such.



Featured deck: Collective Tarot

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  1. Angharad says:

    Looking forward to trying this later! This spread & its focus are very much needed in my life right now.

  2. I love your spreads so much, Traci! I always know you’re going to share something really interesting that’s not quite like anything else I’ve seen before. And of course this speaks straight to my card-casting heart: “Sometimes our tarot practice is as much a part of our healing work as our self-care. Do you consider this before you pull? Do you set up safe and holding space for yourself? Do you check in with your energy levels before you make space for work?”

    • Traci Medeiros-Bagan says:

      Thank you, Alexis! That means so much! I’m so glad it spoke to you. I figure we could stand to re-focus a little of our attention to self-care. Sending all the sustainable vibes your way! <3 <3 <3

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