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  1. I just finished reading this in Many Moons. I wanted to reach out and say how it spoke to me. All of it. Thank you for your gift. Thr affirmation you crafted is like a personal mantra. I’ve written it down in my journal and will be using dry erase marker to note it on my mirror? Now for the tarot spread.

    • Thank you for sharing this Cristina – I’m so glad these words resonated for you. I wrote this piece almost a year ago – it’s interesting to come back to it now and see how much I’ve grown… and yet at the same time, how much I still need that mantra!

      I’m so glad it’s useful to you. Enjoy your tarot time! <3

  2. Angharad says:

    I really needed to read this today 🙂
    A lot of things are shifting inwardly for me right now, and I’ve been exploring my Gemini North Node & Mercury, which rules my ascendant as well, as a way to get unstuck. I seem to have got away with ignoring a lot of the lessons of Gemini energy up until now – but as I was flicking through my journal the other night, I saw something I had scribbled in the margins on the last new moon:

    “tired of the awkwardness of being neither one thing
    nor another,
    I’m growing roots in the spaces in-between”

    The mantra you crafted is a powerful reminder & I will include it on this new moon’s altar. And I’m looking forward to trying out the spread! Thank you for these gifts.

  3. Jane says:


    Thank you and yes I feel more alert in the. Autumn too. And last night I was looking outside at the evening thinking aren’t you ever going to get dark!
    NM usually I’m way off key this time particularly so. No planets in Gemini . I was born on a new moon.
    Thanks for blogging.

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