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  1. Eli says:

    My period is starting, I’m getting sick, and I’ve decided to quit my shitty retail job and make a go of it as a freelance writer and tarot reader, while also recommitting myself to pursuing my academic dreams. I’ve been wrenched into admitting to myself how deeply I love my new partner, how strong and important that love is, and that pretending to be coolly in control of my love is dishonest. I’ve been struggling to reconcile this feeling, the way love can feel like undeniable need, with the lessons on emotional self-reliance I worked on while single. I’ve been grappling with the play I’m in, “Taming of the Shrew,” and with the chilling realities facing poor fierce Katherine–I’ve been refusing to reckon with these fully until now, because, agh, it’s a comedy, it’s meant to be funny…. but Katherine has been refusing to let me near her until I start taking her seriously, until I let her take her space within the history of women’s fights for life and connectedness, for love and understanding and authenticity.

    What I’m saying is, it’s been quite a day. And reading this helped me embrace all of the turmoil more openly. Because if I listen to all the uncomfortable and overwhelming thoughts and feelings, they’re all about truth breaking through repression, speech through silence, desire through denial. It hurts to let myself know and feel and want everything I know and feel and want, but what magical pain.

    • Eli! What a f’ing day! What an amazing day? I mean not the sick part, but woweeee I’m so proud of your decision to quit your job and do what you love! Happy bold Leo moon! You’re going to be an incredible freelance writer and tarot reader! <3

      And love… <3 <3 <3

      Ugh, the Taming of the Shrew. We did it in school and at that age I could never explain why I found it so depressing and frustrating. The way Katherine’s spirit is constantly mocked…like, it’s not just an on-the-side dudebro comedy storyline, but the whole story of the play? So exciting that Katherine is communicating with you.

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