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  1. What a lovely idea for a deck, actually. Wildlife alternatives for the cards (not just the courts like in Wildwood) and using photos. That would be neat. Even simple use of maybe plant shapes for the minors except for the courts (cuppy-looking water plants, wandsy-looking trees, disky-looking flowers or fruits, swordsy-looking grasses).

    I kind of saw that you weren’t going to get too far with the minors, and the Empress is absolutely perfect for your manatee!

    • Tee hee! Yes, as if I could really know what a manatee is like. I’ve never even met one! And probably never will. But she sure *feels* like an empress to me 😉

      I love the deck idea Joanne. There are a few animal-based decks out there – the Druid Animal Oracle being the first that springs to mind. Thinking specifically tarot (as most are oracle decks) the Buying Alprazolam Online Cheap, and they often surprise you – Page of Stones is a lynx, King of Bows is an adder. This has really developed my understanding of the court cards, the four suits and the four elements too.

    • The Zen of Manatee, haha! There’s a website.

      Honestly, I’ve never felt a strong desire to go to Florida (I went once actually, years ago) but as I was reading that Manatee website I was this close to booking a ticket.

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