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Magical Playbook cover by @khourianya

Are you ready to make your own interactive grimoire full of card spreads, divinatory games, magical maps, a finger labyrinth, scrying mirror, crystal grid and more?

Make This Magical Playbook is an art-meets-oracle Instagram challenge that explores divination, magick, and intuitive guidance systems.

An interactive grimoire

Last year, I made three attempts to create a grimoire. A grimoire (or book of shadows) is traditionally a Wiccan reference book of collected magick. But these days, there are many woo woo offshoots that aren’t specifically Wiccan in nature; rather they are reference pages of whatever magical stuff you’re into.

After losing interest in my grimoire three times, I asked myself what was the block? What type of book did I really desire? What would be the most convenient tool for me? What I realized is that the information I was putting into my grimoire wasn’t really me. It was just some stuff I had a vague interest in studying in the future.

When I thought about what I’d love to have at my fingertips, I knew it would be super convenient to have my tarot and oracle card spreads or layouts in one place. What would be even better would be to lay the cards right in the book. A few pendulum charts and maybe a crystal grid or two would be nice to have in the same place as those spreads. And perhaps a scrying mirror and a finger labyrinth to help me focus and meditate. I soon realized I wanted a playbook or a super-interactive grimoire.

What is a Magical Playbook?

A Magical Playbook is a book of intuitive guidance that allows you to interact with each page in a new way every single time you open it.

A Magical Playbook…

  • is interactive
  • is based on your personal interests
  • allows for different types of play
  • is handy for travel
  • contains your favorite card spreads
  • has your reference pages at your fingertips
  • is a divination and magical tool

Your Magical Playbook can be whatever you want it to be! The challenge provides 15 prompts or pages you might like to include, but feel free to add whatever pages you’ll enjoy. For example, if you’re into crystals, yours may contain crystal grids for different purposes. If you LOVE working with your pendulum, your Magical Playbook may be filled with pendulum charts. If tarot and oracle cards are your thing, it might be mostly spreads. The goal of this challenge is to give you ideas. Use the ideas to spark your imagination to create the Magical Playbook of your dreams!

Week Ahead Spread by @khourianya

What you need

You’ll need a few art supplies, including a large journal or art pad. I recommend a mixed media or watercolor paper spiral bound journal that’s at least 9 x 12 inches. You’ll want something that lays flat and allows room for expansion. Next, think about how you’d like to decorate your Magical Playbook. I’ve used gel pens and markers mostly but washi tape, stickers, magazines, stencils and stamps are great too. Finally, you need a few tools for interactive play: a pendulum, dice, crystals/stones, and tarot and oracle cards.

Vision Board by @otm_academy

Organizing your Magical Playbook

Here are a few things to consider about the organization of your Magical Playbook.

Your magical interests. Keep in mind that your Magical Playbook should reflect YOU, your interests and how you like to play!

Tarot and oracle card spreads. Do you have favorite spreads or spreads you use regularly? You might want to add these so they will always be handy.

Reference pages. If there’s information you’re constantly looking up on the internet or in books, consider adding this information as a reference page(s).

Welcome or opening page. There are several ideas for this first page of your book. If you’re studying astrology, perhaps that’s where you’ll put your Astro-Tarot Chart. If you study spell crafting, you may wish to put a protection spell here. If you’re studying tarot, perhaps describe who you are through a few tarot cards. If you’re Wiccan, you might use this as a blessing or dedication page.

Table of Contents or index. You don’t necessarily need either a table of contents or index but you might want to include one to find pages easily.

Magical Map by @authenticpathways

The challenge begins May 1

You can participate by sharing your in-progress and completed pages using hashtag #magicalplaybook on Instagram. We’ll make 3 pages per week. Here’s the schedule:

May 1 – 5
Week Ahead Spread
Astro-Tarot Chart
Word Search

May 6 – 12
Pendulum Chart
Vision Board
Magical Map

May 13 – 19
Gratitude Tree
Scrying Mirror
Favorite Spread

May 20 – 26
Finger Labyrinth
Sticker Scrying Board
Magic Spinner

May 27 – 31
Crystal Grid
Magic Puzzle

Sticker Scrying Board by @spitfiremd314

The Class

If you’d like guidance on creating and using each page in your Magical Playbook, I’m offering a class that provides direction. Each lesson explains the concept of the page and topic, gives a video walkthrough of how to use the page, and provides the steps to make it. In the class, you’ll find a list of art supplies and tips for organizing your Magical Playbook. Bonus pages are also included and there’s a private Facebook Group for sharing ideas, art techniques, and intuitive discoveries.

I hope you’ll join me and other Magical Playbook makers in May!

Decks in Vision Board: Do It Now Deck, Oracle of the Ancients (in progress), Birds Are Angels Oracle, Desert Dreamwalk Oracle (in progress), Light & Shadow Archetypes (in progress), Spirit Animal Oracle, Bridge Witches Tarot, The Crystal Wisdom Oracle

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    I am enrolled in class. Some of the pages are new ideas for me. Decided to make a first draft of my Astro-tarot page. Learning so much from the work. Kristen presents great directions and tips.

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