How to make astrology a regular practice in your life

Hurrah! Tabby’s wonderful Astro DIY column is back! Catch up with the whole series right over here. Parts 1-13 teach you how to read your birth chart.

For years, astrology was one of those things that I would get really excited about for a short period of time, followed by quickly forgetting everything I had read and not thinking about it again for ages. I would come back to it again and again until I decided to commit to learning astrology properly and giving it space to be something that fit naturally into my every day life.

While astrology can seem overwhelming even to those of us who have been learning or practicing it for years, there are lots of small ways you can bring it into your world on the regular.

Here are some tips for making astrology a regular practice in your life:

Read horoscopes

An obvious one, but possibly the easiest to get started with. Chani Nicholas’s weekly horoscopes are my favourite, but there are heaps out there and we’re all drawn to different writing styles so it’s worth exploring.

Number one tip – if you know your rising sign, pay most attention to that – they are more accurate in relation to your actual birth chart because of the way most horoscopes are calculated.

Use apps

Time Passages is a great mobile app where you can view simple interpretations of your daily and long-term transits for free! If you pay for the advanced version you can also add other people’s details and read their birth charts on the go (or you can do this via This app is better for accurate daily information than the other horoscope apps out there because it’s based on your personal transits, rather than just a general overview for your sun or rising sign.

Look at your daily transits and journal about them or the Time Passages app are places where you can see what transits are affecting your chart each day. Take a few minutes each day to read and journal about these and how you might be feeling their influences. Notice the difference when something significant shifts (eg. a planet moves into a new house or changes signs, a long lasting aspect ends).

Tune to the moon

Being in sync with what sign the moon is in each day is a really easy way to learn more about the twelve zodiac signs and their influence in our lives, or how different moon signs might act. You can get moon calendars and apps that show these really easily and start to use this information to plan all sorts of things – dates, hair cuts, gardening, parties, work and more!

Study astrology

There are heaps of free resources on the internet like this very column, Astro DIY, or more structured paid courses like Astrology 101 from Corina Dross. There are even qualifications in astrology you can take and lots of cities will have astrology groups or centres you can be involved in. Whether you’re studying more formally or just by yourself at home, try to make it part of your routine – a night a week dedicated to your learning, or a new topic every day.

Look up the astrological correlation of your daily tarot card draw

If you draw a daily tarot card, why not combine it with your astrological learning at the same time? Look up the astrological correlation for your card and see what that adds to your interpretation. Amelia Quint at The Midheaven has a free guide, #STARSANDCARDS, to help you out. Some decks even have astrological symbols on the cards.

Guess someone’s sign/s

This is a great game, especially if you’re with other people who are also into astrology. See if you can guess someone’s sign – of course it’s more satisfactory if there’s a way for you to then ask them or find out how you did, but even challenging yourself to match characteristics to the zodiac signs in small interactions you have can be fun. Maybe your barista gives off Libra vibes, or the girl you overheard on the bus almost definitely has some strong Leo in her chart!

Read your friends’ charts

Ask the people you’re spending time with for their birth details – give them a mini reading or see what you can learn from looking at their birth chart. Looking at new charts can be an exciting way to keep astrology alive – it’s fascinating to think about how the different patterns in our charts affect us and to use astrology to better understand the people in our lives.

Bring astrology into your social media presence

Post your astrological thoughts/discoveries/learnings on a blog or via social media. Follow other astro literate people – Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram are all full of astrological communities. Having astrological articles, comments or memes come up on your newsfeeds is a great way to stay updated and keep astrology present in your mind.

How do you guys bring astrology into your daily lives? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Theo says:

    Time Passages seems to be only for iOS, yes? Do you have any comparable (or least, best of what’s available) app recommendations for Android?

    • Tabby says:

      Thanks for pointing this out Theo, I didn’t realise it was only for iOS, sorry!

      I think the closest apps to it for Android are Astro Gold (meant to be the best), Astrological Charts Pro by RS-ASTRO-DEV and Planetdance. I haven’t used any of them personally, though, might have to borrow an Android and have a play!

  2. Bubbles says:

    First, I am so, so, so very grateful for your posts!!!! You have brought Astrology to a place where I am FINALLY getting it!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    Second, what tarot deck are you showing in this post?
    Thank you again!
    Cheers and Blessings,

    • Tabby says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m so glad you’ve found this helpful! The tarot deck shown is Sakki-Sakki Tarot and the first photo with the back of a deck is from the Arcana of Astrology Oracle Deck!

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