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  1. This will be a movie I want to see for myself. Your description has made me a bit emotional. it resembles partially my own life. After 20 years of marriage my husband had to move into a care home after having a major stroke. We both had to learn how to be apart from eachother and how to change our vision for the future. We would have love to be like the Lovers of the Anna K tarot but that wasn’t in the cards for us.
    As you’ve said you never know where you will be next month so cherish the precious moments together. Live now and love now!
    I wish you a beautiful loving journey together
    Hugs Ellen

    • Oh Ellen, I’m so sorry. I can’t possibly imagine how that must feel. I will absolutely take heed of your message and cherish this time living with Em. And I hope you do see Love is Strange – it’s full of very touching details which may really resonate for you. Big big hugs xxxxxxx

  2. chloetarot says:

    The film sounds gorgeous! I’ve only lived with two people, and it’s certainly a learning experience, if nothing else. Like you say: love, respect and support! Sounds to me like you and Em have those things already 🙂

  3. Thank you for reminding me why I bought the Anna K tarot as my first deck! This was a lovely post about the Lovers – I struggle with thinking about them in entirely positive lights, so this was a breath of fresh air for me.

    …And now I want to look up that film!

  4. Diane Norris says:

    Thanks for this review Beth. The description of the “quiet love” that these two share describes the love between my partner and I beautifully. Now that we are together nearly all the time since retiring, our ability to be quietly,respectfully and humorously together is something we both cherish.
    The American humorist Erma Brombeck, once stated that she had married her husband “For better or Worse” but “Not for Lunch”. Making reference to her husbands’ retirement. I always worried that we would give each other the terminal irrits when it was our turn as we were both used to running rather large shows, but with mutual good will sanity has prevailed.
    I sure you will find your couple speed too, the first 12mths are usually the tester. Best love to you both, Diane.

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