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  1. Red says:

    I’ve been lost so many times. Quite dramatically lost, at times. And then I think I’m found but it just means I’m more lost. The map gets a little more detail, a new landmark, a little more tattered but I’m still unfound. I do wonder if I’m ever meant to be found. I’m certainly meant to walk alone, that I know and that I radically accept. I’d truly love to join your story. X

  2. Oh, Beth! I hope you’re ok! As you know I certainly can relate to feeling lost! That hasn’t changed that much since we last chatted–which actually, marks a long amount of time of feeling stuck and lost and how I WISH we could get together IRL and wander those beaches introspectively. I feel in need of wandering myself! A very far way away–but don’t have the resources to do that.

    My love and I moved in together but it has completely changed our relationship and I find myself lost in soul searching on a daily basis. We so want a life together, a home together, we so want to be married but are uncertain and afraid of the ways moving in together has changed “us”–it feels like everything’s unraveling. And I’m still soul searching and lost in terms of earning money and my place in the world. I wanted to follow my heart and I started a photography business this summer and have worked so hard and done free shoots but haven’t had a single (paying) client yet.

    I feel you. XO

  3. I’d love to join in – I’m totally disorientated…
    We have to move house (our rental of 7 years is being sold), just been given a moving date today – 5th August – 2 weeks away! Hubby’s applied for early retirement (he hears next week if he’s got it). We become empty-nesters in September when daughter leaves for uni (son enters his final year at uni)… mamahood has been my focus for over half my life, so what do I do now? How do I define myself? And in a new place full of strangers???
    Please toss me a lifeline!
    PS I’ve just starting re-reading Anne Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea, how ‘spooky’ is it, as I read your post??

  4. Sue Dieter says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Lost is a very apt description for my current place in the Universe and it is immensely helpful to know how others found a way to navigate while being uncharted.

  5. I can really relate to this today. I’m so lost. I feel like my plans have fallen down around my ears. Things are just not working at the moment. I’m taking a step back. I’m not closing my Etsy shop just yet, but I’m taking a step back. I’m learning to let go of control and allow spirit to lead me to the right path. I’m going to spend time exploring and walking my path. I’m going to get back into yoga and meditation. I’m going to find my centre again. And you are right, being lost is part of the journey. And it’s totally okay. Getting lost doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong. We are where we need to be. Many blessings.

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