Let’s get together!

Lovely, lovely people.

Today I’m going to present to you something I’ve been banging on about for, oooh, at least six months.

It’s not perfect. But it is wonderful.

Six months ago, hundreds of you told me that you’d love a social network just for tarot lovers. You wanted a place to geek out about your favourite decks, practice reading for each other, talk about your cards… in short, a space where you could learn tarot together.

I went away and did some research. I experimented with different software. I built three separate networks! I swore and shouted, gave up, got back on the horse and finally – it’s ready for you.

And even though it’s Friday afternoon and it’s Mercury retrograde and this is quite possibly the worst time I could do this, I can’t wait a moment longer.

May I present to you…

The Alternative Tarot Network!


It’s a good old-fashioned forum, with areas for talking about cards, decks, readings and spreads, as well as oracles, astrology and news. There’s a forum for swapping your unwanted decks and books, and a space for offering or requesting readings. It’s slower than Facebook, clunkier than Twitter. It’s not about instant gratification, but a slow-building conversation all about tarot and the many different ways we read.

It’s a network we’ll create together.

Sure, I’ve built the site and I’m currently in charge of running it. But that’s not the dream. As the Alternative Tarot Network evolves, I’d like to share this load. We’ll need volunteers, moderators, administrators. People to welcome newbies, people to push forward with new ideas, people to ensure this stays a safe and inclusive space. That’s all to come. Today, I’m just gonna open the door a crack and see what happens.


Look who’s here!

But wait!

Before you go dashing off… you’ll need a secret code to register.

I’m launching this network carefully, and slowly, bit by bit – today, I opened the door just a crack. If you’re on my Bits & Bobs list, you’ll have had the code emailed to you a few hours ago. You’ll then have 24 hours to register.

If you missed the boat, stay tuned! Make sure you’re on my list and I’ll open the doors for a second time in a few weeks.

One more thing…

This won’t stay free forever. There’s a huge amount of time involved in creating and maintaining a site like this (not to mention the cost of the software) and I’m damned if I’m gonna allow advertisements to get in the way of our talk. If things go well, I’ll look at building in a small charge in the autumn (no more than $2 per month.) There will be plenty of notice before this happens and I’ll be 100% upfront every step of the way.

That’s it! Go join! Go talk to people, make friends, talk tarot, geek out!

And have a wonderful weekend. I’m off for a very stiff drink and a bit of a dance.

Lots and lots of love,

Beth x

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  1. Nrocinu says:

    Noooooo I missed it and I really have been looking forward to this. Can’t wait for next chance!!!!

  2. Argh! I missed this because I was asleep on a bus and then caught up in the amazingness of the US to my non-American eyes! (I’m sure you’ll understand as you did this recently yourself).
    So now I need to wait for the next one and hopefully I’ll be a little more present this time!

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