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  1. I. LOVE. THIS. Seriously! Thanks for sharing it. My card for July was the Nine of Cups, and this post has given me so much more insight into its meaning for me. I used the Wildwood for my draw this month, which calls the Nine of Vessels “Generosity”. For me, your words here reflect another aspect of that generosity, which is how much we unwittingly receive when we shift our focus away from desiring to receive, and instead release desire altogether – effectively, we give it away. Phew. Breakthrough moment! Thank you!

    • Ok, you know what’s really whacky? I’m also on a bit of a holiday, with a couple of weeks off my day job to spend at home chillaxing, and like you, I am battling with my impulse to STRIVE to have an amazing, relaxing time. Totally counter productive! After I read this post, I decided to pull some cards to see what I can do to move past this and actually enjoy my time off, and who should appear but the Nine of Cups, again? I get it universe, I get it!

  2. S says:

    Hello there – I’m just a ‘random’ stopper-by after googling ‘nine of cups yearly reading’, but wanted to comment to thank you for your insights on this card!
    I drew ‘9 of cups’ from the Shadowscapes deck for my overall 2016 card (just a single card reading), and after reading so many interpretations about wish fulfillment etc, it didn’t quite sit well with me (just didn’t feel spot on).
    I’ve spent 11 months intensively ‘trying’ to push my job/career in a new direction, being so proactive literally (interviewing and being offered 3 new jobs over 4 months, none of which felt right so declining them all, then finding one I thought I wanted recently, and it being the only one I didn’t get!), mentally (delving into new and old texts on spirituality, manifesting, all sorts of career advice, exploring further education in several fields etc.), spiritually (bringing back a regular meditation practice and sticking to it), physically (meeting with several people in my networks to discuss their careers and current roles and if I would be suitable for / enjoy moving in any of those directions, interviewing, making calls etc.) … just poured SO much into this endeavour.

    I’m currently working through a brilliant online program and continuing a meditation course around soul purpose, but I’m still unclear as to the path ahead, and somewhat exhausted by putting so much work into it for nearly a year with seemingly no ‘outcome’ (but lots of learning) – not feeling ‘met’ by the universe given my really clear efforts.
    So given Nine of Cups appeared as my overall 2016 card, ‘wish fulfillment’ didn’t quite seem right as I don’t have a clear wish or direction.

    So, the following words of yours really struck a chord, so I wanted to extend sincere thanks for sharing this!
    “the Nine of Cups says ‘relax’. It says, as did the other cards in that reading, ‘you are in a process. Things are changing. You cannot force them.’

    Let them be. Let them change. Quiet my mind and tune in to a deeper source of knowledge. Let – don’t make – the circle complete itself.”

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