Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles sits upon a heavy plough horse in the midst of the field of dreams. In his hands he carries a single gold coin, but his eyes reflect careful thought and consideration. The knight is engaged in the often toilsome, routine efforts required to realise the dreams of his heart.

Biddy Tarot

PentaclesknightsilvereraKnight of Pentacles from the Silver Era Tarot

I couldn’t find the Knight today – my day consisted of a very long, but productive meeting, followed by a conference-type event, in which I was very bored, but in which the speakers seemed excited and inspired by their subjects. No-one seemed bogged down with the mundane, no-one was so fixated on the practicalites of the task in hand that they’d lost sight of the ‘bigger picture’ (in public sector speak) or ‘the essential magic of the earth’ (in Tarot speak). I then met a friend for a couple of pints…again I searched for the Knight of Pentacles and could not find him – our discussions were impassioned, angst-ridden or emotionally driven. I couldn’t have picked a worse friend to meet for Knight of Pentacles day – it’s not an exaggeration to say that our get-togethers are characterised by the need to seek and find the deeper meaning in every aspect of our lives.

Now, I personally associate this card with someone plodding and mundane, someone who you can rely on to get the job done, but without that spark or wow factor. But maybe I’ve been thinking too negative. I went back to Biddy at the end of the day to read the complete meaning and was struck by this interpretation: If you are dependent on the efforts of someone else to help you accomplish some goal in life, they will prove trustworthy.

I looked across at my partner. He gave me a warm smile…then said “…what?”, wondering why I was gazing at him. I don’t think of him as plodding or mundane, but I count on his support, which frequently provides me with what I need, be that space, or help, ideas or a cup of tea, to get my stuff done. And then I thought of how hard he tries himself, how conscientious he is at work, and how he’s always doing lovely things to make me smile, to make our home a better place to be, and how when he gets a project in his head, he bloody well gets the job done. As I sit snuggled in bed typing this, I can hear him sitting downstairs, chuckling away to Have I Got News For You. That makes me feel warm and comfortable and loved. I don’t care that he’s just watching telly after a hard day at work – so what? We can’t spend every moment seeking for magic and meaning in everything – who has the energy for that? I like to think that’s a strong aspect of my personality, but I can’t deny that sometimes it’s nice to forget that stuff, work damn hard, get shit done…and then relax. Relaxation that’s been earned, like the pint at the end of a long, hard walk, or the summer holidays after those exams. They woudn’t feel as good if we didn’t sometimes have to focus and knuckle down. And suddenly, I realised how much I value the qualities in this Knight.


A quick Google of the card brought up an interesting discussion on an AeclecticTarot forum where participants were in agreement that this Knight is a careful, considerate lover – taking care to please, neither sighing and dreamy like the Knight of Cups, nor “too fast” like the Swords or Wands. Something to look for next time this card comes up maybe…

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