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  1. A. says:

    I usually don’t buy sort of general purpose tarot books that aren’t either for a specific deck or on a specialized niche, but Melissa’s writing is seriously charming me into reconsidering! I love those excerpts. What deck(s) are the pictured cards from, just various Llewellyn ones, or one in particular?

    “Best of all (for this tarot nerd) pentacles come first in this book, rather than last.”
    Also, out of curiosity, why do you prefer this?

    • I *think* it’s the Llewellyn Tarot that’s pictured inside, which is a RWS-clone.

      I like Pentacles first because I feel like it takes care of the foundations first – ground-up, get your physical needs seen to first so you’re strong and secure for all the self-development that comes after (think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.)

      • A. says:

        Late response (because I forgot to check the box), but thank you for the answers! After a little more reading around I did end up adding this one to the to-buy list, so I’m really glad you featured it. A print copy of someone’s creative yet familiar takes on cards is a handy thing to have.

        Would’ve never even occurred to me to think of the suits in terms of Maslow’s pyramid and of that sort of building up; that’s neat. I enjoy the different ways people reason out ordering for the suits and I’ve never noticed that! And now I see how the other ones can fall into place, too.

  2. Buying Xanax says:

    I read the sample and she talked about her morning routine. It involves feeding Phill the turtle (I actually made a note about it in the book). I knew then I would love this book.
    It’s one of my favourite books atm, and I totally agree, I love her interpretations and her style of writing.

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