My Jupiter return & the Wheel of Fortune

This is a guest post by Giorgi.

Some girls obsessively plan their weddings.

For the past year or so, I’ve been doing something similar for my Jupiter return.

I’m glad to say my planning hasn’t been in vain. I’ve been seeing some, ahem, returns on my investments – from the personal to the professional. I read somewhere that your Jupiter return year is a great time to move to a new city, so I timed my move to LA for the very first week. I sought out enough new gigs that I’m now making a living with my writing for the first time ever. I also moved into a studio apartment where I’m living alone for first time!

Have I made this a self-fulfilling prophecy? Sure. But would you be here if you didn’t also believe in astrology? No. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of your own Jupiter return!

So what is a Jupiter Return?

If you’ve seen Jupiter Ascending, you know that Mila Kunis’ character was destined to save the universe because she has Jupiter in the first house; that is, ascending in her chart. Jupiter in the First House probably wouldn’t have been as snappy of a title. In the first house of your natal chart, Jupiter’s influence makes you really lucky and charming, and makes you more likely to be doing well where money and social status are concerned.

Mila Kunis’ character is your typical romantic comedy clumsy and awkward quirky girl, which isn’t a great representation of what this would look like. The first house rules how you come off to other people, and Jupiter’s influence is all about chutzpah.

So that’s what Jupiter ascending means – but what’s a Jupiter return?

Well, in your natal chart, Jupiter will be in some sign of the zodiac, like 5 degrees Scorpio in my case. Around when you turn 24, Jupiter will cycle back around the zodiac wheel to return to the exact same spot in the sky when you were born. If you’re past 24, don’t worry – this happens every twelve years, so you can still catch your Jupiter return at 36, 48, 60, 72, and so on!

Your Jupiter return is a time for great expansion and good fortune in your life.

When you turn 12, you begin to hit puberty and start having all the new experiences of being a teenager. At 24, it’s usually to do with hitting your stride in your career, starting a relationship that may lead to marriage, and generally getting into the groove of young adulthood. It’s a great time for changes, new beginnings, and making big plans. For one year, you’re in an astrological sweet spot where you will often feel like you’ve gotten your big break, and everything is suddenly falling into place.

My love of fortune telling is one thing I probably have in common with girls who obsessively plan their weddings. I’ve been doing tarot spreads for months on the subject of how best to use my Jupiter return, and things are looking rosy. The Sun, the Star, lots of Aces: all suggesting potential for growth, plus the Pentacle royal family are making a lot of appearances to show mastery over practical, financial, and career matters. I’ve also been seeing Death a couple times, which I probably don’t have to tell you foretells big transformations and changes – not me dying.

There was just one thing that kept coming up which stood out: The Wheel of Fortune was in every single one of my readings, usually in a future-oriented position.

The Wheel means change above all things, especially in the context of life cycles. The Wheel is also associated with ‘what goes up must come down’ and ‘what goes around, comes around’ logic – if you’re on top now, you’ll be on the bottom again soon enough, and what you put out into the world comes back to you three times over. This all makes perfect sense to me. After all, Jupiter return is a time of huge growth and change; plus during the past twelve years Jupiter has moved in a literal wheel shape around the zodiac to return to my natal Jupiter’s position. Jupiter’s return signifies a new twelve year cycle of luck and expansion for me.

But the real revelation happened when I did some research, and I found out that The Wheel of Fortune is ruled by Jupiter! My tarot was literally predicting Jupiter in my future.

To affirm these reflections on Jupiter and the Wheel of Fortune, I did a new reading — this time with the Wheel set aside as my signifier. This way, the reading became all about what wisdom the Wheel had to offer me in the context of my Jupiter Return. For the spread I chose the tried-and-true, oldie-but-goodie Celtic Cross. I find the Celtic Cross especially good for open-ended and conceptual questions — plus you get to read aaaaall those cards!

1. Where I am right now and the heart of the matter: the Lovers

The Lovers represents connection and relationships with others, but it is equally about our relationships with ourselves. Choice is a big theme of the Lovers, so taken as a reading about a Jupiter return, it could represent figuring myself out and taking the next steps in my personal growth.

2. Challenges/ opposing influences or an equally important issue to keep in mind: Page of Pentacles

This is a great card to have in a Jupiter return reading. It’s all about huge amounts of energy to accomplish new projects. A Page is just beginning to learn the ways of their suit, so they’ve got boundless enthusiasm. The suit of Pentacles is about practicality, money and career stuff, so this card represents how excited I am about ~stacking my paper~ this year.

So! The Lovers and the Page together could mean that I’m just starting out as a writer and that I’m very enthusiastic about it (the Page); plus I’ve got a lot to sort out in terms of what I want (The Lovers). With The Wheel in here, it could mean I’m really energetic about my new chapter of life, but I lack direction.

3. My unconscious approach to the problem and things to keep in mind: the World

Well, the World means just about what you’d think: The World is what I want from this Jupiter return. I’m approaching this year wanting to take over the world. However, while the World represents total success, it also means the end of a cycle, recalling the theme of the Wheel. I’m thinking of this Jupiter return, not just as a beginning of a new journey, but as the fulfillment and completion of my last journey. I’ve got perspective on where I’ve been for the past twelve years, and I’m using the wisdom from my last Jupiter cycle to tackle the problem presented in the cross – figuring out what I’m going to do with the next twelve years.

4. The past and what I’m bringing to the problem from my past experiences: Page of Swords

The Page of Swords has the same enthusiasm as the Page of Pentacles, but for learning and ideas. Think of the Page of Pentacles as a student in business school or a young entrepreneur, while the Page of Swords is a freshman in college who just discovered communism. As someone who was that freshman not too long ago, this probably means I’m bringing my youthful idealism into my career – trying to bring the energies of these two Pages together.

5. My goals for the situation and my conscious approach: Nine of Pentacles

This one is pretty straightforward too! The Nine of Pentacles is the almost-pinnacle of professional achievement, the dream of every Page of Pentacles. That’s what I want and what I’m consciously seeking.

6. The near future: Knight of Cups

This one’s interesting because it appears in front of the two Pages. With the Page of Pentacles in the cross and the Page of Swords in the past, this Knight in the future position seems like a step forward. Keeping The Wheel in mind, this life-cycle-oriented pattern is something I should pay attention to. A Knight is a messenger, spreading the good word about their suit like a door to door missionary. With Cups representing emotions, maybe that means I should be more emotionally expressive in the future? Combined with the Wheel, it could mean that my passion for ideas (Page of Swords) and for my career (Page of Pentacles) can be put together with the Knight of Cups’s energy.

7. Myself and how the cards suggest I approach the problem: Two of Wands

The Two of any suit represents decisions. The Ace is pure potential, and then the Two takes that potential and starts to break it down into a plan. It’s also about discovery, because often when we start planning out how to reach a goal we find new surprises along the way. This probably means I should plan for the future, while staying ready for the unexpected – the Wheel could always throw me a curve ball. So this card is telling me that, while I should definitely be making plans, I should also be ready to improvise and go with the flow.

8. My environment and what I need to know: Justice

Justice echoes the general theme of making decisions and searching for truth. This card is also about consequences for one’s actions, especially in the long term.

9. My hopes and fears for the situation: (Here I had a jumper!) Ten of Wands + the Empress

The Ten of Wands represents a lot of stress and responsibility, but also success and achievement. Like all Tens, it is the completion of a cycle, bringing back the theme of the Wheel. The Empress represents femininity and sensuality. It’s about nurturing and pleasure. The Empress forms a bit of an opposition with the achievement-oriented energy of the Ten of Wands.

10. A potential future: Judgement.

This card echoes the Lovers in a more solemn way: I have to think about the big themes and goals of my life and how I want to get there. Judgement isn’t about being judged – with this card, you sit in Judgement, and it’s on you to make the best choice. It also calls to mind rebirth and finding one’s calling – an awakening brought about by serious self-reflection. Judgement is about learning from the past and moving on with the wisdom you’ve gained.

All right, so what do I think about this spread as a whole?

One thing I’m getting from the Wheel in this reading is that I shouldn’t become complacent. Yes, this is my Jupiter return and things might go well for me this year, but I shouldn’t go from obsessively planning my wedding to being a Bridezilla, expecting everyone to cater to me because it’s my day. I’ll still have to put in work to make my Jupiter return pay dividends, or I’ll be on the bottom of the Wheel just as quickly as I got to the top.

Actively working toward my own success instead of relying on chance is probably the most important thing I should be keeping in mind going into my Jupiter return. With perseverance and hustle, I can make the Wheel’s highs higher and its inevitable lows less severe.

This is a good lesson for anyone, no matter when your next Jupiter return. Tarot and astrology can tell you what the universe has to offer, but only you can take the universe up on it. For those of you who are my age or any multiple of twelve away from my age, keep this in mind during the bountiful year ahead – and Jupiter will be sure to smile on you!

About the author

Giorgi Plys-Garzotto is a Chicago native and aspiring television writer working as a freelance writer in LA. Her dearest wish is to create the world’s first pun dictionary. She loves cooking vegan food, going for long walks alone, and binge-watching Riverdale. She spends most of her time jacked into Tumblr’s information superhighway of memes, working through the huge backlog of books she can’t stop buying more of, or disassociating.

Giorgi’s short film Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?! has been in the official selection for 21 film festivals to date, including the Toronto Independent Film Festival, the Milwaukee Women’s Film Festival, and the Munich Underground Film Festival. It has won 6 awards, including two for Best Director and one for Best Student Film. It was recently screened at Anthology Film Archives as part of NewFilmmakers NewYork.

Her writing has appeared on Bustle, Thought Catalog, The Female Gaze, Queerly Reads, and FF2 Media. Her short story “The Five Best Places To Wash Your Face On NYU’s Campus: An OCD Student’s Guide” was published in Pif Magazine’s March Issue.

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