Introducing… my new website!

Happy just-waxing moon, dear friend!

Today, I am so, so excited to unveil my new website.

It’s a simple, heartfelt offering of the work I want to be doing right now – with you, with our WitchyQueer community, with the owners of tiny spiritual businesses in this big, chaotic world.

The details:

I’m continuing the Bits & Bobs newsletter into this new iteration.

Though the Little Red Tarot Blog is winding down on 31st October, the newsletter has been a consistent source of joy and connection in my many years of work. I’ll be continuing to send out monthly newsletters to all who wish to keep hearing from me. Sign up for those here! They’ll start in November.

I’ll still be blogging (I mean, obviously).

My new blog, The Garden, is a space where I’m sharing notes, observations and wranglings from my journey into more conscious, anticapitalist business practice, and reclaiming my own creativity and art.

There is also plenty of space here.

Space for new ideas, explorations, offerings projects, iterations of self. Space for what has not yet come through. Space for what has come through, but needs time, needs sitting with, needs to last more than 20 minutes in my overexcited mind. I have consciously made this website as simple and spacious as I can – fighting the fearful urge to add offerings, services, whatever, (anything to fill the space!)

Because my biggest project right now is to be creating space in my life.

I have spent years working way over capacity as I piled demands onto myself and juggled them. It is a complete shift for me to seek not to fill empty moments, but to notice and then simply sit in them. To quiet a mind that is used to to-do lists and emails and promises, and allow for silence. Despite a million ideas for ‘what I could do next’, my new website is deliberately minimal, calm and simple. I do not yet know what is next for me. Only that I need the space and time to quietly let that come through.

It’s already happening. My challenge is simply to allow.

Thank you so much for being here, to witness these newly-formed pieces of myself.

Change is intimidating – whether that change is growth, or instead a letting go, a paring down, as this one is for me. It has taken me weeks to put down the idea that in order to take up space, I must be of service. I want to be of service, of course – but this point in my life is about shedding old habits and duties, so that something new can come in its place.

Fear and self-doubt have been devils on my shoulder for the months I have been dreaming this change into existence, devils I have in many ways enjoyed greeting, acknowledging, getting to know. I’ve practiced making space for my wholeness this year, and now, as autumn takes hold, I am feeling a sense of emergence. I feel more whole. I am becoming something new.

Now, here I am, and here you are – and I am sincerely grateful.

To changes – yours and mine. And to the journey itself.

With love and so much gratitude,

Beth x

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