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  1. This deck looks fabulous, and I am in want! Just got your newsletter and am totally drawn to the Shoggoths, I will be going back to read more soon. So much juice in this weeks bits n bobs! I have to say, the canal water outside my boat never seemed to look so blue as that outside your window.. but maybe it was, that pic,, above all made me want to rush back and find a boat.

    Your hair looks gorgeous… my daughter Polly shaved her head once, it looked stunning and brave yet vulnerable…as does yours 🙂 Looking forward to Tabby on Monday.

    Have agreat weekend… full on end of semester college stuff here! xo Bobby

    • Thank you so much!
      Yeah, I use this spread with every new deck I get these days, I find it such a nice way to ‘meet’ a new deck and begin getting to know it. It’s also really interesting to come back to those old readings a year or two later, and see if your relationship with the deck turned out like you thought 🙂

  2. owlsdaughter says:

    Interesting! I teach this spread to all my beginner students. I even have a very pretty handout for it. Wish I could add the jpeg of it for you. I never knew where it originated, do you?

    • Hey! I don’t I’m afraid…I first came across a similar version at (it was posted in the forum I think) but I’m pretty sure the person posting it had found it somewhere else…!

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