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  1. Jetta says:

    I was so excited to see this interview! I greatly admire Maranda Elizabeth’s work and have been following their blog for years. They always have interesting and important things to say, and their work on tarot is no different. Wonderful interview! Thank you!

  2. Paypal Xanax says:

    Thank both of you so much for this really crucial viewpoint. I have so much to think about and process from this as a chronically ill reader myself and I’m really thrilled to know about Maranda’s work.

  3. Wow, I’ve not come across maranda before and am grateful for the introduction. So much of what was said here reflects my own experience and relationship with tarot, it’s powerful to see it written so well. Thank you

  4. I love all of this so much. ” I also wants folks to know that they don’t have to be uncrazy or undisabled – or “healed” or “recovered” – to practice any form of magic.” and “A lot of people come to Tarot specifically because of their experiences with trauma, depression, mental illnesses, disability, and oppression, and it’s unfortunate and troubling when spiritual and/or witchy spaces are made less accessible…” YES! We need more and more voices saying more and more of this. Thank you!

  5. Ah! This was like a cool drop of water after a long thirst. I’m struggling right now with managing pain, and wondering if I’m not sleeping well, and I want to believe that I, too, can make something beautiful, and that it’s okay to not be able to sleep, and it’s okay to not be on my culture’s schedule, and that maybe it’s even okay to rest my wrists as long as they need — and if I can keep reading and thinking about Tarot while I do, so much the better. Thank you andi, thank you Maranda Elizabeth for sharing this.

    • Thanks for reading and responding. I’m so glad that Maranda’s work is being shared and well received. I also fell instantly in love upon reading the first time I came across their work. And yes everything you are saying resonates with me for sure. <3

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