INTERVIEW: Queer punk bruja Cristy C Road on creating the Next World Tarot

We all know the world needs more queer tarot decks. And that the world needs more POC-representative tarot decks.

Queer punk artist activist bruja legend Cristy C Road is hard at work on just such a deck – her forthcoming Next World Tarot is filled with radical characters of diverse cultures, colours and sexualities, illustrated in Cristy’s trademark raw-yet-tender, in-your face punk style.


At long last, the Next World Tarot Kickstarter campaign has been launched! Cristy seriously needs your $$$ to make this deck a reality so if it’s possible for you, get yourself over there to give what you can and support an amazing artist’s awesome project. Can’s afford even a few dollars? You can show your support for radical queer art by sharing the project with your networks!

Need convincing, wanna see the artist at work (recommended!) Or just want to play ‘spot the cat’ (that would be Miss Chippy)? Check out the video!

Meanwhile, I got to interview Cristy – a long-time punk hero of mine – for Autostraddle! You know that thing where meeting your heroes is totally nerve-wracking and awful? It basically wasn’t like that at all, because Cristy is such a freakin’ RAD person.


She spilled the beans on how the project is going, and shares the stories of how her spirituality emerged from her Cuban-Catholic roots, the intersections of her QPOC identity with a reclamation of witchcraft, and what it’s like to get a tarot reading from Michelle Tea.

Aside from bringing another deck to the world, I’m excited to create a deck that illustrates a blend of mind and body outcasts. The deck originated as a “Queer Deck,” so being generally non-normative as far as gender representation is a huge part of it; but its definitely grown since that. I want to focus on people’s cultural and subcultural backgrounds, I want to blur fundamentalist spirituality, but maintain a lot of the traditional concepts behind the images.

>> Read (and share) the whole amazing interview here!


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