Inspirational astrology: Your need-to-know for 2017

(an excerpt from Mystic Medusa’s 2017 Horoscopes books)


Real astrology is not about ‘oh god, Saturn made me mad’ or ‘what will Venus Retrograde do to my love life?’  It’s about being aware of the astrological Zeitgeist and aligning with the positive while mitigating the negative.

You collaborate with the broader celestial trends as you deploy your own epic Sun Sign or Rising Sign traits to navigate through them wisely.

2017 is the Chinese Year of the Rooster and well, it is certainly cocky enough in tone. This is a year to strut right into, confidence endorphins flowing and ready to rule your particular roost with aplomb.

In crystalline contrast to the harder grind of 2016, not to mention the arduous, non-stop evolution of 2012 to 2015’s Zap Zone, 2017 features some fabulously supportive astrology.

There are several astrological highlights of the year that you can tap for maximum success, fun, prosperity and personal fulfillment.


Venusian Voodoo

From January 3rd until June 7th, Venus – the Goddess of Love, Art, Beauty and the sort of Money that you attract, rather than earn – glides back and forth between the signs of Pisces and Aries. Usually the Goddess also known as Aphrodite spends just three weeks in a sign, but this lengthy sojourn in and out of just two signs is due to her Retrograde from March 4th until April 15th.

Venus Retrograde is traditionally not a good time to go in for any full-on cosmetic surgeries or to get married. Take care with any image adjustments that would be hard to reverse. And also beware of sex with the ex at this time. During a Venus Retrograde period, people can often find themselves gazing wistfully backwards at days gone by and suddenly feeling that reconciliation with a previous lover would be a fantastic way to alleviate an existential crisis. It’s not.

However, eerily, Venus Retrograde IS known for strange synchronicity that seems to set the scene for people who were meant to meet to come together.  Karmic astrologers link it with past-life lovers connecting all over again.  It is also absolutely brilliant for reassessing your image and/or creative strategy. If you’re an Astro-fiend, Venus spends January to June going between 26 Pisces and 13 Aries.

This Pisces/Aries Venusian Hot Zone takes place at the end and the beginning of the Zodiac, as Pisces is the last of the signs and Aries is the first. There is something profound about an astro-passage like this. Relationships that come into being during this phase have extra cosmic oomph behind them. It is also the completion of a romantic cycle that began in early 2009.

The Venusian Voodoo favours genuine relationship resets, so this is a rad time to shake up stale relationships or move on from those that have officially expired.

Solar Destiny

From May 2017 until November 2018, the North Node of the Moon is tracking through the sign of Leo.  The Moon’s Nodes are mystical points that pertain to one’s ideal path in ‘this life.’  The corresponding point to the North Node is the South Node, which suggests what you should be letting go of in order to grow.

In ancient times, they were known as the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail. In general, having the North Node in Leo boosts the arts, cinema, fashion and music. It’s a light, ‘follow-your-bliss’ type of vibe. Aligning with the Tribe Vibe will become a lot less important than super self-actualization.

Depending on your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign, you can access the Nodes magic to let go and grow in different areas of your life over 2017.


Guru God Jupiter

Jupiter, the luckiest planet of all, begins 2017 in the sign of Libra and then moves into Scorpio in October. Also known as the Guru God, Jupiter governs the ‘expansive’ principle. Grow the part of your life currently being affected by Jupiter (see my 2017 horoscopes) for prosperity and a general feeling of upgrade.

The signature feature of Jupiter in 2017 will be his two intense aspects to Change God planets Uranus and Pluto, which begin in late 2016 and are ongoing till October 2017.  March is the most intense month, geopolitically, as Jupiter acts like a growth hormone on the already supercharged Pluto and Uranus energies.

The social and global financial changes that were strong in 2012 to 2015 with the Zap Zone are now writ large on the world stage. But it is also a time when authentic, contemporary and pure raw awesome businesses thrive.  Check your 2017 horoscopes to learn more on how you can riff off this vital catalyst energy with grace and alacrity.

Time God Saturn Meets Rad Planet Uranus

The beneficial aspect made between Saturn, which represents structure, and Uranus, which represents innovation, creates an immensely amazing vibe – it is THE energy to access and work in 2017. Think of  it as your most liberating and incredible life paradigm ideals supported by the pragmatic energy of Saturn.

When Saturn and Uranus meet on such good terms, you can construct and design a cool and sustainable style of living for you and yours.  The Uranus Vibe is always ahead of the times, but this visionary and pragmatic astro-passage suggests that actual society will be catching up with some of the futuristic utopias Uranus dreams up.


Psychological Wholeness Or Else…

Saturn is also going to be squaring Maverick Healer Chiron on and off all year. This is a prod to finally just drop old addictions and any ancient angst that acts like a brake on ambitions, healthy loving and living in the now. For the world, Saturn-Chiron is a sign of massive health, nutrition and fitness advances.

Blessings for an absolutely brilliant year!


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