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  1. I love this! I started doing a Star Wars characters Tarot card match for May 4th (yes I am that much of a geek), I had to give up because I felt to much of a beginner to make sense of it all, but it was such a great way to reverse my thinking about the cards. Usually you tend to work from card to meaning, and now you have this character, and you try to narrow it down to a card, which was a great exercise to do, even as a beginner.
    Maybe I’ll have the guts to try again next year and actually put it online somewhere then.

  2. Buying Xanax says:

    Hi! Beth,
    Mine is a tarot blog, but i write about other things too…ie:astrology, meditating, crystals etc…
    PS/ I see your from a part of Wales I love:)

    I’m in Western Canada…

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