10 ideas for your tarot blog or journal

Hit a rut with your tarot blog? Nothing to write in your journal?

Here are ten simple prompts. Pick one, and get scribbling!

1. Tarot is…

Answer this question: “How does tarot work?”

It’s a question professional tarot readers grow weary of answering, but it’s an intriguing one…and everyone answers it slightly differently. Let’s hear your version! How does tarot ‘work’ …and what does that question even mean? This prompt can take you off on all kinds of tangents, so just follow along, keep digging in to the question, and see where it takes you.

2. Doing it my way

Let’s say you’ve been invited to contribute to a collaborative tarot deck. You get to choose the card, your medium, the style, colours, theme, everything! Which card would you choose to make? What would it look like? What symbols would you choose? Why did you pick this one?

(Bonus points: Actually make your card!)

3. My least favourite card

Which tarot card really makes you groan? (Maybe one you’ve avoided writing about? Mine, for some reason, is the Sun – in six years of tarot blogging, I’ve not once written about this card!)

Can you get to the root of why you dislike it so much? Think about your fears, your aesthetic, any symbols that put you off. Can you think of a moment or question where you would truly love to see this card?

4. Celebrity card match

Choose your favourite author, actor, musician, whatever. Which tarot card do they most embody? How, why, in what ways? You might want to stick with face/court cards for this one, since they are the ‘people’ of the tarot, or you could keep it wide open.

(For inspiration, Sarah Shipman’s Our Tarot project is a deck in which every card is represented by an inspirational woman.)

5. Today I will / today I did…

Early morning or in the evening, grab your deck, shuffle, and pull one card.

If it’s morning: what advice is this card bringing you for the day ahead? How might you put this advice into practice? Looking at your schedule, can you see a moment where this card’s energy might appear – whether that’s in a positive way or as a challenge you might face? Think about yourself and your actions and reactions, but also about the folks around you, the situations you’ll encounter and so on.

If it’s evening: where did you spot this card’s energy today? It may have been in a throwaway comment, a stranger on the bus, a peaceful moment… tarot can reflect anything from the mundane to the full-on transformative.

6. My first tarot reading…

Do you remember your first ever tarot reading? Who gave it to you, where were you, who was there? What did you take away from it? Do you remember which cards you got, or any symbols, ideas or images that jumped out at you?

7. Reconnect with an old deck

Do you have a tarot deck getting dusty on the shelf? Maybe you moved on ages ago… but how about digging out that old friend for a reconnect. You could use the tarot deck interview spread, or simply spend time shuffling through the cards. Pull out some favourites, or reconnect with a memory of using the deck in the past. Maybe you’ll fall back in love with it, or maybe you’ll remember just why you ditched it – both make for an interesting story.

8. Respond to a writer

Grab a tarot book and open it anywhere. Read that one page, and think about the ideas shared there, then write a critique. Do you agree? Disagree? In what ways? Can you take the ideas further, off on a tangent, or reimagine or adapt what the writer is saying? Remember that there are an unlimited number of perspectives on tarot, you don’t have to agree with the ‘experts’! It’s also a great idea to use already-published ideas as a springboard for developing your own.

This also works with posts on a tarot blog: click the ‘surprise me’ link on this blog for a random post!

9. Hopes and dreams

What’s your big dream right now? What would you most like to accomplish this week, this month, this year? Grab your deck and take a look through those cards. Can you find one to represent your goal?

(Bonus points: Put it at the top of this spread, and do the whole reading to map out your path!)

10. In or out

Are you ‘out’ as a tarot reader? Do your family know about your hobby? If it feels okay, tell us about that. Think about perceptions of tarot in your community, among your friends and so on. And what about your own perceptions?

Cards shown in this post are from the Wild Unknown Tarot, the Lioness Oracle Tarot and Thea’s Tarot.

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  1. I love this! I started doing a Star Wars characters Tarot card match for May 4th (yes I am that much of a geek), I had to give up because I felt to much of a beginner to make sense of it all, but it was such a great way to reverse my thinking about the cards. Usually you tend to work from card to meaning, and now you have this character, and you try to narrow it down to a card, which was a great exercise to do, even as a beginner.
    Maybe I’ll have the guts to try again next year and actually put it online somewhere then.

  2. Dee says:

    Hi! Beth,
    Mine is a tarot blog, but i write about other things too…ie:astrology, meditating, crystals etc…
    PS/ I see your from a part of Wales I love:)

    I’m in Western Canada…

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