I love my life

I just fucking love it.

Life sends you Towers. It sends you Deaths and Stars and Judgements and then ultimately, it offers you The World.

I don’t mean I’m there, I mean I can *feel it*. I have the best friends a girl could wish for and I’m living the life I choose. I feel The Magician and The High Priestess running through me, yet I know I’m still, again The Fool.

El Tonto, from the Tarot Ollin by Felix Deon

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  1. moose7448 says:

    I read your blog each day to inspire me to read tarot. In your “I love my life” can you please tell me what deck the fool card is from? Most times you indicate which deck the cards ate from, but thus particular posting does not indicate. I would love to find this deck. Thanks. Currently I use The Wild Unknown, the Original Rider-Waite, The Auquariun Palladini Deck and still trying to connect with the Deviant Moon Deck but am finding this deck is not connecting with me overall and may have to retire it. Thanks for your time.

    • Little Red says:

      Hi Moose,
      Ooops!! Don’t tell Felix d’Eon I forgot to credit him! I think I wrote this post when I’d just got in from a lovely night out and might have been a bit drunk… 😉
      The card is from an unpublished deck by Felix d’Eon. The whole thing used to be on his website here: http://www.felixdeon.com/ but I can’t seem to find it anywhere now.
      Thanks so much for your kind comments! I personally really dislike the Deviant Moon tarot, I have one I’m trying to sell but it won’t move on! But I too love the Wild Unknown and Rider Waite Smith decks – both really resonate.

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