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  1. I don’t mind when my querents come back for follow-up questions, however, there is a limit. With me they get one draw (the draw that they’re paying for) and I will often re-word whatever I originally said as answer to their questions should they come back to me.

    If the question starts with “what I really meant to ask is…” or “what I was really asking is…” or any number of variations on that theme then they are invited to purchase another reading with me. If they’re asking other questions I’ll draw an Oracle card (one without long written messages, so one like Earth Magic or Earthbound – I don’t want them interpreting it themselves at this point since they will have more questions) and use that to provide them with closure. That Oracle card is a heavy hitter as it wraps up the reading and also has to provide a sense of finality. If I’m drawing an Oracle card for you you’re not getting more out of me without paying for another reading! It’s a very gentle way to be firm about boundaries and the vast majority of my querents understand without asking that it means “okay. Enough is enough.”

    Another thing worth mentioning is the burnout thing. If you’re just totally not feeling it, then that’s okay even while it isn’t much fun. It simply means that you need a day (or more) off, and that it’s time to up your self-care practices. How are you looking after yourself? You have to look after yourself, if you’re doing email readings. In fact, your clients are paying for you to be grounded and in your best state, so charge fairly as they’re also paying for your personal healing/cleansing/whatever you call it rituals.

  2. lefthandtarot says:

    Typing out written emails in TXT or PDF format is yesterday’s technology. It’s faster, easier, and simply more expressive to use MP3 or any of a number of streaming video services to make the service more enjoyable for everybody involved!

      • lefthandtarot says:

        No, *writing* will never be yesterday’s technology, but *delivering readings in a written format when video and audio now easily available* is yesterday’s technology.

        • I don’t think it’s about whether a ‘technology’ is old or new, it’s more about the needs and/or preference of the client or reader. Written is one form, audio is another. It’s like books vs audiobooks. Both are cool! Both give you a different experience. I personally love to receive (and deliver) information in written format, though I get that others like different formats.

        • Video and audio might be preferable for some clients and it is amazing that there are so many different ways for us to deliver distance readings. However, like Beth, I am extremely hesitant to deem written formats as outmoded. We must not forget that our clients do not come to us with identical bodies or minds. If you have a Deaf or Hard of hearing client, for example, an MP3 is simply not an accessible option. Additionally, I have found that many people like having the text they can print our, tuck in a journal, mark up, and save for another time.

  3. I’ll add my two cents here even though I’m a brand new tarot reader — Theresa Reed is my mentor, so enough said, right?? I only do email readings right now and I love them. I’m a blend of yours and Theresa’s methods in that I do a 3-card reading but I do more than a paragraph for each card. I’ve received great feedback which makes me tingle all over. I do suggest to the querent that if they have questions to let me know and I am happy to extrapolate a bit more on the same reading. I haven’t had much of that yet. I don’t have a website yet, so my readings are word of mouth and people that I know or who are referred to me by friends. I have a lot to do for my tarot business and through the offerings of seasoned tarot readers such as yourself and Theresa, I am sure I will be in full operation by 2017 — that is my intention. I have a couple of other businesses which take a lot of my time and tarot will be a wonderful addition. Thank you for the opportunity to add my comment!

  4. Buying Xanax says:

    Most of my clients prefer a written reading, I only have a very small percentage who request an audio or video. I also find that written readings allow me more time to connect to the client’s question, as opposed to an audio or video reading where I’m umming and arring throughout while I piece the reading together.

  5. Thanks for sharing all this valuable information, friends. I’ve been giving friends free readings in exchange for feedback, but I fell it’s about time to start doing it as a paid job. I have twin babies and the email reading format seems just great for me: I can work when my babies fall asleep, I can deliver the reading in silence with my girls near me, aaaaand I’m a bit shy, so this way I can feel “safe” and not “exposed”. Sounds great to me! In my country, as far as I’ve learned, the email reading format is not common. I’d love to ask some advice on how to “introduce” this type of reading. People here expect you to go to their home to do the reading, or that you have an office to receive them. How did/do you explain your querents the type of reading you do? Would anybody share with me a link to their website or blog where I can read different ways of introducing this type of reading? Hope I’ve conveyed my ideas clearly, excuse me if not, since English is not my mother tongue 🙂 Thank you! <3

  6. Paypal Xanax says:

    Thanks for this great article/discussion. I’ve been offering email readings for about a year now, and my clients love them. There is something about the written format and keepsake PDF they can return to over and over again that has long lasting power. But, I am struggling with it because email readings take so much of my time. Often about 4x as long as a video reading. I don’t feel right charging more for an email reading that has 5 cards, for example, than a live reading that includes a 9-card spread, but in reality the first will take longer. So I am thinking of transitioning to all video and getting rid of the written format. I don’t really want to, but I just can’t seem to cut the time down to make it workable for me. Even when I focus and close down email/social/phone. Anyone else been through this?

    • Yes, written readings sure do take some time I find! For me that’s part of the cost, as I said, remember that clients are paying for your time (which includes the skills you can deliver in that time) and charge accordingly. What is an hour of your time worth, what is half an hour worth, etc. If you can’t make the price you’d need to charge feel right, then you’re probably right to switch to a swifter format.

      Theresa’s method of just one paragraph per card is another approach – so her email readings are much more concise and thus quicker to do.

    • Karen Grace Aung says:

      Hi Charlotte. If you Google “Voice to Text” or “Speech Recognition Software” lots of options will come up for software you can install and then when you speak, it turns it into text! Now, I’m not qualified to advise any particular ones, as I’ve only just had the idea to look into it. but if it’s helpful.. I’m happy! xx

  7. Fred says:

    What a fantastic article!!! I’ve been a tarot reader off-and-on for 30+ years now. Mainly face-to-face, for friends, and clients.

    I’ve always felt some what daunted by email readings. Last year as a fund raiser for a Divination Suite at PantheaCon I offered year readings as a perk. I wound up doing audio recordings for the folks that got year readings. My stream of consciousness comes out of my mouth much easier than typing it up, LOL.

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