How to make your own knitted tarot bag

I made a neat little knitted tarot bag for carrying my cards around.

Then I made another one! Seemed only right to write up the pattern and share it here. The pattern fits your standard Waite-Smith 12 x 7 x 3cm deck (the size of most decks) but it can easily be adapted to fit different dimensions.

Knitted tarot bag
Knitted tarot bag

Knitted Tarot bag pattern

Download PDF: Knitting pattern: knitted tarot bag

To fit your regular Waite-Smith-sized deck of 12 x 7 x 3cm

You can make this little case in any stitch. This is just the basic pattern for you to adapt howsoever your heart desires. That’s why I’ve included a diagram of the pattern, and the lengths of each piece too – so you can design it how you want it without worrying about the sizing changing too much. I’ve made three of them now in different stitches so have added some extra thoughts at the end – read them before you decide what stitch you want to use.

Needles: 3 ½ mm / 9 (UK) / 4 (US)

Yarn: A nice chunky aran is best

1.    Cast on 32 stitches (7 cm)

2.    Knit 12 cm in whatever stitch you fancy.

3.    Cast off 6 st (3 cm), knit to end end of row. Next row: again, cast off 6 st (3 cm), knit to end of row.

4.    If you want to change yarn so the back is a contrasting colour, now is the time! 

It’s also good to change to something like basket stitch here.

You have the centre 20 stitches left on needle.       

Knit 20 cm.

5.    Next row: K3, YON, K10, YON, K3

You have 18 stitches left on needle.

Knit 16 rows (6 cm) or however long you want your flap to be.

6.    Make hole:

  • Knit 7
  • Knit two together
  • Yarn over needle twice
  • Knit two together
  • Knit to end of row.

7.    Knit 4 more rows, taking care to knit or purl the bottom of the hole. For extra strength, do the last three rows in moss/seed stitch.

Cast off!

8.    Sew up seams and find a jazzy little button or toggle, and voila 🙂

Knitted tarot bag
Knitted tarot bag Knitted tarot case

Extra ideas 

  • On one version, I crocheted around the edge of the flap, because I’d done it in stocking stitch and it kept curling at the corners.
  • I made the whole of the red and purple one shown above in basket stitch, which is time-consuming, but keeps everything nice and strong.
  • The fastest and simplest way to make these is all in garter stitch, except for some moss stitch around the edge and bottom of the flap to keep it all from curling.
  • Another nice thing is to do a k1p1 rib for the first four or five rows, this keeps the rim of the case nice and tight.

If you’ve made this tarot case yourself, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the blog!

Here’s someone who did! Penny’s knitted tarot case


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