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  1. Oh wow I love this! My very first reading was done via email. I thought it was so strange at first and not “spiritual” enough. But then I realized how close minded I was being. The great thing about this day and age is that we have the ability to do readings from our own sacred space and can send this sacredness to someone across the country or ocean. It’s even more magical!

    I really love this and I really want to get a reading from you! I’m putting that on my list of things to do! 😉

    • Hey Ashley,

      Yes, a lot of people feel this way about email readings and I can completely understand. For others, an email reading is a nice way to have some distance, you don’t feel as ‘on the spot’ as you do when you have a face-to-face reading. They are two very different experiences (as too are Skype and phone readings!)

      Sometimes I really want the distance and the written report of an email reading, other times I want to *talk* and it’s gotta be face to face. Different strokes for different folks or moods!

  2. Buying Xanax says:

    I pretty much do mine exactIy as you do Beth, but have not used a timer in the past, I can see how it is needed though! I have stopped for a year or so because of college demands. The only other difference is I sometimes get help from my Tarot reading goat, Gypsy! I can’t share a photo here but will email you one!!

  3. Jeanna says:

    What a great write up. The timer for boundaries totally makes sense! And I hear you on tech distractions — I think that the time I spend on daily cards + readings during the day is the only time I spend with my technology truly “off” and out of sight.

    Have been wanting to get a reading from you, and I think this is the post that just pushed me to do so!

  4. Paypal Xanax says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just downloaded Ommwriter. I’ve just been listen to meditation music on YouTube with my headphones while doing my e-mail readings to help drown out outside noise…this is so much better!

    • No worries! It’s a new-found love of mine – I too used to type straight into the document and it wasn’t too bad, but I would sometimes get distracted by formatting and so on. With Ommwriter (or other distraction-free writing apps) all distractions are removed, which for a butterfly-brain like me is a godsend 🙂

  5. Monica says:

    Nice write up. Thank you! It is neat to ‘see’ someone else’s process.

    Curious what the deck is in the photos (particularly the photo above #4/Sending).

    Thanks! 🙂

      • Monica says:

        Ha! Of *course* it is! That deck sneaks up on me ever once in a while and says ‘nyah nyah nyah, you don’t have my out of print tarot treasure fabulousness’!

        I heard rumor–can’t remember where now at all–that there may be yet another reprint, but some of the folks involved were not sure they were up for it. With all respect to the artists and folks involved, my fingers are crossed it happens!

        Thanks for the reply (and great blog!).

  6. Cheryl Turtlemoon says:

    i do mine very similarly to you, except i dont use a template – GOOD IDEA!!! 🙂 the timer is a good idea too, as I spend sometimes too long on one reading! 🙂 excellent post!!! 🙂

  7. You said that you prefer contacting your querents personally to ensure that you’re the right reader for them. I have so much respect for that philosophy. That’s what I call the true spirit of service. Awesome! I would so love to pick your brain about other aspects of business. Thanks, yet again, for another wonderful post.

    Victoria a.k.a. BreathingSince72

  8. My favorite distraction-free writing app is Q10! Just throwing that out there.

    Also, do querents ever have follow-up questions? And do you have a procedure or set boundaries for answering (like how much time or a certain number of questions)?

  9. Kimber says:

    It was really interesting to read about your process! I use a similar process without the writing app (instead a template I made using Google Docs) and timer. I’ve wondered how other tarot readers do email readings and how long it takes them to do one. It takes me a lot of time (usually 4-6 hours; sometimes longer), so I’m making very little for as much time I spend. I look forward to checking into the OmmWriter and I love how you started using a timer to get a better time balance and set boundaries. I love what i do, but overdoing the time I spend is draining and means I’m making way below minimum wage an hour.

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