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Gratitude, and (not really) goodbye. Long may these conversations continue <3

To all of you: thank you. To those who have been reading for years and those who have just joined the party – thank you. It is the simple fact of your being there – reading, feeling, engaging – that gives this space purpose and meaning. It is you that… Read more

The World is endings & new beginnings

It is radical self-love.
It is owning your whole beautiful f’ing life.
It is knowing, on a cellular level, on a spiritual level, on every level, that you belong, that you are enough.
That I belong. That I am enough. Read more

See the Cripple Dance | A farewell: Eight of Pentacles, language, & emerging themes of Venus Retrograde

In their final column, Maranda talks about building a legacy word-by-word, a commitment to further development of writing skills, and imagining age. Read more

Face Up Tarot | A final community card pull to mark the end of LRT

Siobhan offers space for a closing circle and community card pull to mark the end of the Little Red Tarot Blog. Read more

Get to know… Siobhan Rene (plus a beautiful closing poem)

“I learned while writing for Little Red Tarot how powerful it can be for people to know that they aren’t the only one to have an experience and to receive empathy.” Catch up with Siobhan, and find out how to follow her work beyond LRT. Read more

Fool’s Journey: A new collection of tarot poetry & art

“If you want to be
immortal, stick a
wax mould all around
your bones and take your
temperature when the moon
is full.” Read more