A holiday tarot spread

It’s summertime!

Maybe for you that means holiday time! Whether you plan to go camping in Cornwall, trekking in Tibet or lying on a beach in Ibiza (and can I please come with you to all of those places?) here’s a holiday tarot spread to help you find out more about the energy around you as you head off for some fun times.

Cards are laid out in a simple circle as you pack and head off and return from your holiday:

Holiday tarot spread littleredtarot.com

Here are the card positions:

  1. Your spirit in going – Where you’re at before you head off
  2. What to pack – You’ll be needing this
  3. What not to pack (or unpack if you already packed it!) – It may be tempting to take this with you, but leave it behind this time
  4. The spirit of the holiday – What’s actually going on while you’re away
  5. The highlight – The best thing about/moment of your holiday
  6. Your souvenir – What you will be bringing back with you, the lasting impression of your trip.

I created this spread whilst away in Spain recently and got some surprising results – you can read about that here.

Try it yourself!

Holiday Tarot Spread
Holiday Tarot Spread

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  1. Jane says:

    Ooof. I just did this and got 10 of wands as “spirit of the holiday”, which breaks my heart! Is there a way to read this that isn’t exhausting? This summer has been so hard (health problems) and I’m acutely aware of taking on too much, but want this as a break to rest and get better. Wahh! Is this a reminder not to carry those wands? Or a warning my holiday won’t be as relaxing as I expect?

    • Beth says:

      Yikes! Perhaps it’s a suggestion that you have even more on your plate right now than you realise, and a strong encouragement to leave phones, laptops and all commitments firmly at home! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday Jane 🙂

      • Jane says:

        Thank you!! I made the same decision to de-wand as much as possible, as well as asking my partner to pick up extra wands when they could, which led to a very lovely relaxing time. Until we missed our flight home. Ah well!

  2. Shelby says:

    Hi, so I am planning a road trip with my best friend. And I decided to do your spread. I was wondering if you could help me figure out what it means since I am fairly new to using tarot cards. I just can’t seem to understand my hand at all. 1- The high priestess 2-Seven of pentacles reversed 3- Ten of cups reversed ( 2+3 are what confused me the most) 4- Queen of cups 5- the chariot 6- the magician. To me it seems very contradicting. Saying that I should give into adventure and fantasy but also be weary and cautious.

  3. Mary Silla says:

    I just did one for my summer job and got these:
    9swords – yup, v. nervous
    moon – pack some dreams.
    strength – don’t pack… too much forbearance??
    three of cups – holiday of friends
    knight of pentacles – work will be a highlight, hmmmmmm.
    devil – lasting souvenir !!! what will happen?

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