The Hidden Light Tarot: An elemental, magical, Jewitchy deck

The Hidden Light Tarot is an elemental, fey, Jewitchy, & subtly spellbinding tarot deck.

Its name derives from a Kabbalistic teaching about the primordial divine light— or haganuz, the hidden light— concealed within creation as sparks to be redeemed and united with their source. A portable universe that fits in the palm of your hand, this deck is a tool for intimate conversation with the seen and unseen dimensions of life: for divination, meditation, and magic. Deck creator Oli StarFrosting’s half-a-lifetime experience as both zinester and tarot reader yields a deck whose aesthetic hums with raw, lively fey power.

The Hidden Light embodies an elemental, imaginative, and viscerally magical approach to divination. Created through collage and multi-media pen, ink, and paint work – the cards themselves enact the divinatory process of Tarot. The Major Arcana are predominantly collage to indicate their macrocosmic, transpersonal nature, while the more down-to-earth Minor Arcana focus on hand-drawn illustrations.

This deck is saturated with elemental powers.

The suits of the minor arcana pair the elements of earth, air, fire, and water with their magical tools of Pentacles, Wands, Swords, and Cups respectively. Readers may notice these elemental attributions for Swords and Wands do not follow those of more ceremonially-inflected decks. Indeed, in the Hidden Light Tarot, the energy of Swords— of sharp double-edged blades, forged in fire, acting as the instrument of a purely honed will— is associated with fire. By contrast, Wands— supple gifts from the bending and swaying branches of trees, moving energy with the powerful dancing force of the wind— correspond to air.

While the Hidden Light deck is designed with this aesthetic/energetic intent, readers are invited to access whichever elemental attributions resonate for them— since the Hidden Light Tarot deck embodies tarot as an activity of creative discovery, not rote memorization or submission to another’s interpretation. Tarot is a tool that – used wisely – helps us cultivate spiritual authority, integrity, and clarity.

The Hidden Light Tarot draws from traditional decks in its structure but sheds their hierarchical and patriarchal inheritances in favor of queer and immanent perspectives.

Astute readers will notice playful shifts in the Court Cards, which retain the designations of Page, Knight, Queen, and King while emphasizing a non-hierarchical array of powers and genders. In this deck, Pages are the seekers, embodying inception and mutability. Knights come as messengers, bearing communication and rapid manifestation. Queens act as artists, envisioning and shaping the warp and weft of reality. Kings are the guardians, navigating and maintaining established forms.

An immanent Jewitchy touch threads through the major arcana as well.

Instead of the Christian symbolism so present in many standard tarot decks, the Hidden Light Tarot invokes Jewish, earth-based, and cosmic imagery. Hence, for example, the 15th key becomes Bondage, the 20th key Redemption, and the 21st key a luminous Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Emphasizing the macrocosmic, more-than-human aspect of the energies expressed in the major arcana, the Hidden Light Tarot’s major arcana is filled with vibrant, evocative scenes that put readers in touch with the vital processes of creation which are always unfolding.

Informed by both mystical Judaism and ecstatic Witchcraft, the deck taps into the divine presence that fills & surrounds all things through the language of magical tools, evocative images, drenching color, and the primal pulse of the elements of life. Attuned to these magical paths and mystical Jewish practices, the spiritual themes of the cards are articulated in earthy, cosmic imagery that conjures wider tides of contraction, expansion, concealment, and revelation.

Printed locally in NYC on an HP Indigo digital press, the cards are 130# silk cover, with matte coating and rounded edges. A handmade instructional tarot zine, Arcana, is available to accompany the deck.

Decks and zines can be purchased here..

About the author

Making zines and reading Tarot for over 16 years, Oli StarFrosting pours half-a-lifetime’s experience into Tarot readings and the creation of The Hidden Light, a Tarot deck that hums with raw, lively, fey power. When not inking, cutting, and pasting, he’s deep in the practical mystical work of writing, teaching philosophy, and Jewish practice. He lives in NYC between two rivers, but you can find him at or @thehiddenlighttarot.

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