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  1. Madhvi says:

    I send you light and a big hug. May it keep you warm when you need it most. Your light shines bright Beth

  2. Rachael Farmer says:

    I like what sits between those lines as much as I like the honesty and humility of your words.

    A quote comes to mind: ““Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. …live in the question.” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

  3. Just beautifully expressed. Poetic. I’d like to print it out and save it. As an old woman and a tarot explorer of more than 40 years, I ‘discovered’ you a while ago and I guess it’s time to thank you – just to add that we all share the same universe and that it is wonderful when someone speaks to us across the generations and we are reminded of what it is to be part of this extraordinary life.

  4. Buying Xanax says:

    This piece really touched me deeply. Firstly it reminded me of my time volunteering in a physic garden in Northumberland. My thoughts aren’t fully formed but the feelings I experienced in that beautiful, peaceful and special place kind of resonated. I wasn’t ready to fully allow myself to settle (the preceeding half decade had been somewhat harrowing and heaven knows submission to that beautiful green zenith should have been easy).
    I don’t know that you actually need strength or anything other than just be. Now, this second is the only bit that exists and whatever comes/happens is just another second to ‘be’ in. No pressure, no catastrophe.
    I’m not being very articulate here, or making much sense but it feels important.
    Oh, and people? I get you there ?

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