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    • Abbie Plouff says:

      Honestly, you can really do either – I have a set that I made a long time ago, and I also have a set that I bought last fall. I primarily use the set I bought, actually. If you do buy a set, you can initiate the runes and personalize it that way. Part of the reason I use the set I bought is the wood it’s made out of. The runes are carved in Hawthorn, which is a plant ally that I work with quite a bit in other areas as well, whereas the runes I made are basically scrap wood and I don’t have a deep connection to the particular tree or bush they came from.

      I do encourage people to make their own, but I totally understand that’s not always possible (sometimes we just don’t have any time at all and just want to get the thing.) You could always buy a set, and then make your own custom set later. When you make a custom set, definitely think about your own associations with trees. Yew and Hawthorn are both extremely traditional trees to create a rune set from.

  1. Wren says:

    “Runes have no chill” is my favorite thing ever, and also a really great aspect to remember as I begin delving in.

  2. I no longer use runes much, for anything, as my practice has drifted more towards the Hellenic, but my understanding of the runes is as individual spirits themselves, ones that Odin was the first to know, and he paved the way for us to know them. The Tarot, on the other hand, I do not experience as a collection of separate spirits individual to the cards, but as a single spirit per deck, attached to the design of the deck instead of the individual physical deck, and in a much quieter way.

    Thought you might find it interesting.

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