Heathen’s Journey | A rune poem borne of sacred rage

I write from a position of snarling fear, of burning rage.

This missive comes to you from the United States, June 27th, 2018.


We count our losses:

Due process.

Net neutrality.
The US announced plans to pull out of the UN Human Rights Commission.
My country is detaining immigrants at the border in tent camps.
A “moderate” voice on the Supreme Court.

So many more.

We stack our dead; our dead are phoenixes. First it burns, then we rise.

Now is not a time for pretty charms.
Now is a time for hexing and hellfire.

It’s the women who know.

Like Lilith I refuse to serve            like Gudrun when I burn I rise.


A spell for the revolution: A rune poem borne of sacred rage

Hearing I ask from witches, wise ones, the rebels
Who have become dangerous out of their love
There are two sides to love: It makes you gentle, and it makes you fierce

They say your heart is a weapon the size of your fist
The heart attacks – its target complicit.
There is a consciousness, a waking that feels like sleeping that feels like dreaming that feel like nightmares.

We dissect our mistakes,
A scalpel to the system        Our trauma cauterized by fire
We can’t fight with open wounds – we must fight as we heal.

Early in time we were given instinct, intuition
To know when to fight, when to fly
And now the ravens call our spirits back from the other realm
We wake, in our cold bodies, and feel the pain long forgotten

Dark moon, Full moon, North and South and East and West
Wind and Sea and Sky
Sister and Sibling and Brother
The Raven flies to fetch the dead

Hearing I ask of all the people.

I cast the circle, I spread the salt
I call the Gods do any remain?
Desperation, and then the raven returns


A recipe in three acts:

Nine runes, nine spirits, nine guides.


Act i: To protect those who have been targeted

I call thee, Isa – we live in dark times
When it feels as if attacks come from every front
You will serve as the barrier; slow or halt any attacks,
Ensure the people have cover to move.

I call thee, Elhaz – bring down your shield
Transform the ground we walk upon to a sacred hallows
Protect the resistance from attack, allow us to move unnoticed until we strike
And when we do, make space for the arrows to fly.

I call thee, Sowulo – to provide light in dark times.
Give us the confidence of the mediocre white men,
Give us the will for strength to persevere
Lift our spirits, and guide us beyond our fear towards victory.

Isa to slow our enemies: May they be unable to do further damage upon their targets.
Elhaz to protect the most vulnerable among us: The immigrants, ancestors of slaves, refugees, trans and queer siblings.
Sowulo to guide us to light: To give us the confidence we need to break down the system of injustice.


Isa to halt attacks

Elhaz to shield our people

Sowulo for strength to persevere


Act ii: Tearing down and disrupting status quo

I call thee, Thurisaz – divine rage and justice of Thor
Be the lightning that strikes down whiteness, white authority
The leech that draws out evil humors
Of blood, and bone, and fear

I call thee, Hagalaz – harbinger of change,
In your deep connection to chaos you make a ruin of
The unjust status quo.
Tear down the systems we have in place, that we may build anew.

I call thee, Teiwaz – rune of justice, of judgment, of right
Give strength to the spiritual warriors, those who
Dedicate themselves to the resistance, in spite of the odds
Serve as a cosmic axis to balance the scales of justice in favor of the oppressed.

Thurisaz to be both weapon and shield: To strike with divine truth, to protect us from the rebound.
Hagalaz to break down the status quo: To tear out the roots of white heteronormative patriarchy that we may rebuild.
Teiwaz to aid in bringing justice: For those oppressed, for those who have too long been the targets of white supremacy and authoritarianism.


Thurisaz to wound and protect

Hagalaz to disrupt the status quo

Teiwaz to aid the powers of justice


Act iii: To show the light to rebuild

I call thee, Raidho – guide to the spirits, to be a vehicle
The exclamation point upon the page, the forward motion
Divine the path, and call in the spirits
Forge the way amidst the chaos of transformation

I call thee, Kenaz – the mystery of regeneration
Truth in death, gain in sacrifice
Cauterize our wounds, burn away the poison
Show us the truth to be born from ashes

I call thee, Dagaz – rune of daybreak,
Bring us into the new era with sunshine in our hearts,
Transform our consciousness to one of perseverance –
Give us aid to see the new ground we can build together.

Raidho to guide us from destruction: to move our feet when our hearts are heavy with fear.
Kenaz to clarify our truths: The fire that burns away falsehoods, leaving in its wake full knowledge of the system and its weakness.
Dagaz to shine light on new ground: to bring us all into a world of justice and abundance beyond systemic white supremacism.


Raidho to show the path.

Kenaz to destroy and be made anew.

Dagaz to hail the daybreak.

The seethe-witch sinks to her knees, grounding, centering, releasing.
Anger, when unexamined, is dangerous.
Sacred rage is an arrow to what needs changing –
Serves as fuel, propellant –


We rise.

We rise.

We rise.


We are risen.

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  1. Angharad says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Definitely getting my runes out tonight.

    Thank you for this gift of sacred rage.

  2. Beth says:

    I can feel this rage. And the power and the magic that comes from connecting present-time rage to your ancestral traditions. Humbling, inspiring and empowering to read – thank you Abbie.

  3. Lisa says:

    Calling on Thor to strike down whiteness,.NO,..Runes passed down the Northern Line,if that isn’t cultural appropriation!!!(Tongue firmly in cheek).

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