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  1. Anrael Almuna says:

    I’ve always thought that Fehu means inner wealth, such as our personal talents and abilities, you know, that valuable stuff we carry with us all the time and that we can share with others.

  2. Tango says:

    I wonder if the idea that the Futhark opens with wealth gives us the willies, because we jump to a capitalist conception of wealth.

    Because capitalism has put most of us in a scarcity mindset – and we’ve been harmed or traumatized in that mindset – we’ve developed a defensive repulsion to opulence and extravagance. We connote ‘wealth’ with a sort of unsustainable abundance.

    But that’s not actually the root of ‘wealth’, especially when discussing such an ancient symbol. The runes came along long before capitalism. Wealth might’ve more simply been the concept of having everything you need.

    It reminds of the Magician who has all the necessary tools and just needs to learn how to use them. That’s the inherent wealth of life, the inherent abundant quality of this world.

    • Abbie Plouff says:

      EXACTLY! Yes! You put it so eloquently here.

      I think it’s especially interesting to think about in a family or village oriented context, as well as the very physical context the ancient Norse were living in. In the harsh conditions, the dark dark winters, the short growing season – you had to have a bit more of a collective understanding of property. There’s actually a lot in the Eddas about the virtue of preserving resources, about being silent and modest. That would definitely support a more collective understanding of wealth.

      One of the paradoxes of working with the runes is that at the same time that we can’t ever really know their “real” meanings or fully understand the culture from which they come, we also know that the culture of the ancient Norse was completely different from ours – pre-Capitalist. Whereas Tarot was largely developed, as we know it, under the cultural norms of the Gilded Age. So runes feel like a window to living in a radically different way, but there’s this thick curtain in the way.

  3. Lydia Légaré says:

    I love this serie that’s just starting! I’ve taken up runes not long ago and I’ve struggled to connect with some of the meaning of the runes. You managed to create a link between me and Uruz, and now Fehu makes much more sense to me!

    It is refreshing to see another take on the meaning of the runes! I’m so excited to read the rest of this serie and I’m adding these ideas to those I’ve previously learned about!
    I kept searching for something other than the classical definition of the runes (which are fine) but lacked deeper more attainable meaning.

    Thank you!

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