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  1. Lain says:

    Wow I love these articles. Hats off to you for following and examining your own path, even as it’s co-opted by terrible people. While I’m not connected to the Norse Gods, I am a Jew in the classical music community, and (I hope this isn’t minimizing but) your experiences with claiming and reclaiming heathenry remind me so much of my experiences singing the music of Richard Wagner. Knowing that his Ring cycle and the Gods incarnated in it can be more than just the property of racist antisemites feels deeply validating. Thank you for your perspective.

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you so much for writing this series, and especially these two posts. I came to Norse paganism through an academic exposure to the Icelandic sagas and Old English poetry, and when I went poking around the internet for information, I was horrifically dismayed by the way white supremacists have used these symbols and stories. Thankfully, I also saw quickly that there are lots of folks practicing this tradition who are inclusive–and I’m especially glad to find you and this series, since being on Little Red Tarot pretty much guarantees to me that you’re safe 🙂 It’s very encouraging and comforting to read your thoughts and see how the movement of speaking out against racist heathenry has grown. I look forward to more of your articles!

  3. Nathan says:

    I wonder who is high-jacking whom here?

    The Asatru Free Assembly was racial in nature and was around as the only Asatru group in the US. This was around for a good 20 years or so before Universalists broke off with “inclusivity” and formed the Troth.

    Now if you compare numbers to the AFA (Asatru Folk Assembly) and the Troth there is something around a 3-1 size. (That was when Joe Bloch was in both organizations) We can extrapolate that towards the unaffiliated and there are more Folkish than there are who have your mindset. (That is including the Norse-Wiccans in the Troth)

    So the real question with based on the numbers of Heathens who have racial beliefs versus those who don’t and the founding of Heathenry was based on being Folkish. Who is actually high-jacking whom?

    • Abbie Plouff says:

      Hey! So I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, but your question is super valid. Just to make sure I’m understanding, here’s how I’m interpreting your question:

      “You want your Norse-rooted practice to be inclusive and anti-racist, but the groups and organizations doing this kind of practice are racially-motivated and have been for years, so why do you think you can take the practice a different way?”

      (If that’s not what you’re asking, lemme know.)

      I think the numbers of pagans that belong to organizations are actually really difficult to use. Most of the pagans that I know are solitary, or are aware of broader organizational groups but don’t actually belong to any of them. And I think that, just because the AFA has been around longer, it is bound to have more members.

      I DO think it’s important to interrogate this practice, and I do think there is a beauty in the Norse mythology, in Nordic witchcraft, and in the runes as a tool in both spellwork and divination. I also think that, as I talked about other places in the column, it’s really important to understand the cultural context and history. I live in a part of the states that is actually really heavily influenced by 1800s Scandinavian immigrant culture, right around the time that Norway was going through a huge revival of folk literature and arts. So to me, studying runes and this branch of magic is a really interesting inquiry into understanding more about the white culture I grew up in – and you can’t combat racism without understanding it or its roots.

      I also think it’s really important that solitary heathens speak up now, because if we don’t the racists have won. I’m also decidedly NOT a reconstructionist – I’m more interested in the archetypes that come from Norse myth, and building on the tradition of witchcraft, and then using those in new and unique ways. And showing that it’s possible to practice within/be inspired by the Norse tradition without being a reconstructionist is also very important to me.

      (That was all super rambly, but I hope it made sense!)

  4. Laura says:

    I am finding some disturbing comments made by Freya Aswynn that I wonder if you’ve heard about. Links here Alprazolam Online Buy particularly the longer version of the interview with Vor Tru. I was shocked.

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