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  1. Happy birthday!
    I love this spread so so much– I didn’t used to/don’t currently like my birthday much, but a friend of mine told me they should be celebrated as a new year of a new you, and I love that way of thinking. Definitely saving this for my friends birthdays (and my own, of course :))!

  2. Monika says:

    Happy birthday and fabolous and wild celebration, Beth! Nice spread, I will be definitely using it with my friends and my birthdays ;-)!

  3. Victoria says:

    Happy Birthday, Beth! Hope you had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing this spread; I’d been thinking about doing a solar return reading, so I will try this on Monday 🙂 Best of wishes and lots of love for a fab year ahead xx

      • Victoria says:

        Hello! Happy to share 🙂 This will take me a bit more contemplating, particularly as I’m not used to reading cards together yet, but this is what I drew, and what I inferred:

        1. Wheel of Fortune. Eesh, feels like a biggie to leave behind, but over the past few weeks I’ve resolved to making a change in direction, so, the wheel rolls on..

        2. Five of Wands. Heh, all the chatter! Hm, but I like peace and quiet. Perhaps take part in the chatter rather than hiding from it. Sometimes it’s good to have another’s POV, you stubborn so-and-so.

        3. Daughter of Swords. This feels good. Some youthful exuberance and energy to get going with the aforementioned change in direction.

        4. Daughter of Cups. Yay, more youthful energy! Inspiration. Pay more attention to the creative spirit.

        5. Eight of Swords. Heh. I had the day off work on my birthday and had made various plans with myself to go into town and do this thing and see that thing, but by the time I did my reading at noon I’d resolved not to go outside! The butterfly on the Wild Unknown deck looks all cosy and peaceful 🙂

        6. Ten of Swords. What?! Is staying in and drinking prosecco at lunchtime melodramatic?!

        7. Three of Wands. Stop thinking, start doing. Yep.

        Thanks for the spread, Beth! x

  4. I did my birthday spread using the Tarot of the Magical Forest. It was so much fun to do (it was my first time reading the cards in over 13 years!). It was spot on and gave me lots to think about. Thank you for sharing this lovely spread idea.

  5. It really is. I think a lot of people think it’s a ‘fluffy’ deck but it’s really much darker than that, as I discovered with my birthday reading. I plan on trimming it once I can remember all of the cards (13 years is a long time and I am VERY rusty), ‘cos the LS habit of printing a bazillion languages on the borders drives me bonkers.

  6. Lara says:

    I don’t own a tarot deck and have never done this before but what I do own is a collection of magical horse-and-cat themed magic the gathering cards…
    If I’ve learnt anything from my recent reading of this site it is that you can do things your own way, so I did this birthday one (my birthday was recently) and it worked perfectly.
    Some of the cards have poems on them and some just illustrations (along with the MTG battle instructions haha!), and so when we came to number 7, there was a beautiful poem saying,
    “I knew a creature carved from a dream of wild freedom. Any attempt to lease or exploit it failed, and at terrible cost.”
    It was beautiful and I love that I was able to do this with what I had already with me.
    There were lots of messages of freedom and lightness.
    Thank you for this wonderful activity!

  7. okymiden says:

    I did this spread today, and it was very insightful and supportive. I look forward to meeting this year to come, it seems like I will be developing aspects of myself that I have had trouble reaching and feeling strongly. Thank you for this wonderful spread! I will be using it for years to come:3

  8. Ellie says:

    Thank you for sharing this spread with us! I did it today using the ‘Happy Tarot” (what can I say… I want a good year! Lol) and this spread combined with the “Happy Tarot” gave me such a spot on reading! I was blown away at the accuracy. I don’t know what I was expecting to be honest since I haven’t used my cards in a while…. but the spread was easily used and clearly written. I really appreciated that so thank you!

  9. Birthday is tomorrow so I did this spread tonight! Thanks for it! So interesting. Only one was confusing… Used Doreen Virtue’s archangel power tarot.

    What to leave behind – 17 The Star (A dream come true! Believe in yourself. End of difficult situation.)
    Haha, it’s an 8 card and it’s an 8 universal year… That means abundance (huh?) and strength. A difficult situation is ending.  Letting emotions govern everything. Light at the end of the tunnel, look to the skies, light from the woods. Believe in yourself moving forward.

    A lesson learned, carrying me into next year – page of Raphael (cups – new emotional situation, messages reharding relationships or social invitations, intuitive insights) 
    Trusting intuition, opening a new page of love, trusting emotions, it’s okay to start fresh. Staying open hearted. Not being afraid to dream. Psychic gifts rising (yep!)

    Both above indicate renewed purpose and having faith in yourself and trusting intuition. TRUST has been a big theme this year.

    Next thing I will learn – 9 Epiphany (hermit – joy through spiritual growth. Light to others. Answers from meditation) 
    Going within to find answers and to guide myself forward. To guide others along with me. It’s okay to say no and be alone for a bit to figure out your next steps. Discover true self, inner joy and find the light within. Share the spiritual journey. 

    Theme of next year – 12 perspective (hanged man- there’s a better way. Pause for reflection. And insight. Dare to be different) 
    Not being afraid to go against the grain. Ditch what’s not working.  Finding the better place for me to be, and what to do. Speak your truth. There’s a show for you to do.

    From both: Go inside yourself to find the true light you need to shine. The perspective you’ll gain from going inward will ultimately help you find your way and understand the shifts You need to make. Time of teflection and meditation is necessary. You give the world true gift when being your unique self so find it and shine it. 

    Something to celebrate – 8 of Gabriel; lots of activity, immediate results, important communication. 
    Flying high from this year. Lots going on and lots to come. The cardinal stands out, looking at me. All that happened this year. New information coming my way. 

    Something to do- 3 of Michael; release the past. Grow from situation. Time heals wounds. 
    Release what’s holding you back. Emotional baggage to be released. Take time to heal and ask for help. Forgive what’s past and all involved. Thinking the divorce when I was a kid and the woman who told me I was going to hell because of it (that’s what came to mind for some reason). View things differently, fresh perspective. 

    Message from ancestors – 6 the lovers 
    (Make choices from your heart. Deeply emotional commitments. Power of love.)
    Be open to love. Life changing relationship imminent. Important choice to make. Make it from your heart. Period of true love. 

    Now to see how to implement this all. 🙂

  10. Arielle says:

    Read tarot for my dad on his 61st his birthday. It’s been a rough year, moving, renovating a house, but the cards said that his perseverance worked well and in the new year, he can celebrate living in a new city and a new life. The card I associate with him ( page of coins) came up as the bottom card, reminding him to keep being himself, but maybe allow a bit of spontaneity into his life, which worked out as today we celebrated with wonderful and weird adventures. Thanks for the spread!

  11. Nicole says:

    This spread was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I celebrated my 38th turn around the sun just the other day, and I used the Wildwood Tarot to do my reading. This is what I got: 1) The Pole Star; 2) Four of Stones; 3) Six of Vessels; 4) Five of Vessels; 5) 18 Moon on The Water; 6) Ace of Bows; and 7) Ace of Vessels.

    There’s so much in there in terms of themes and connectivity between the cards I ended up getting truth shivers. And it was a bang-on reading too! I’m so very excited for the year ahead!

  12. Amanda says:

    I’m so new to the cards, but I think some things are clicking for me. Thank you for this amazing spread.

    It’s the end of my birthday (39!), and I decided to try this. I got: 1. Queen of Pentacles 2. The Tower 3. The High Priestess 4. Ace of Wands 5. Two of Wands 6. Five of Wands 7. Four of Pentacles.

    I’m still working on the pairings, but I’m very excited about this year seeing the High Priestess and the Ace of Wands. Thank you again and happy early birthday as I know from this that yours is coming soon too!

  13. mary silla says:

    Happy birthday for this and last year!
    It’s my birthday today and I got:
    1. 4 of wands
    2. 4 of pentacles
    (a nice solid pair in the past)
    3. 2 of pentacles
    4. 10 of pentacles
    (lots of work in future)
    5. 6 of cups
    6. 6 of pentacles
    (celebrate the sixes!)
    7. Knight of Cups – who I’ve pretty solidly identified as That Person. I think my ancestors are trying to tell me something about them but I’m not sure what, so I drew another as clarification and got Temperance. Hmm.

    • Thanks for sharing Mary – and *happy birthday!!!***

      To me, your dual sixes of cups and pentacles feels like it’s about balancing giving and receiving, like, for every gift you receive, give somebody else a small token of appreciation, something like that.

      • Mary silla says:

        Thanks! I have a lot of people to pay back and be grateful for, as I’m homeless and couch-surfing friends right now. I need to do more thanking!

  14. Gaylee says:

    Hi Beth,

    Happy Belated Birthday and Happy early birthday for 2017!! I stumbled on your blog because yesterday Sept 10th was my birthday and wanted to do a tarot spread for myself. I got–

    1.) 9 Cups
    2.) Knight of Wands
    These two cards mean taking my dreams into action, and letting go of it since its in my past? But i still feel like I haven’t done any of the action part!

    3.) King of Cups
    4.) 4 Pentacles
    So for the future– I need to balance my emotions in order to reach success in my goals, and to also remember to be grateful and not forget where I came from.

    5.) Page of Pentacles
    6.) The Fool
    This two together seems like its great! But I’m still pondering on how so.. lol

    7.) 3 Swords
    Message from my ancestors– heartache.. =( Just recently my bf and I were talking about our relationship since we’re in a LDR, maybe my ancestors are prepping me to let go… =( I hope not! I still hope to work things out with him.

    Thank you so much for this Beth!

  15. Hello! It was my birthday last night! Happy Birthday to you as well (very late or very early). I just wanted to say thank you for creating and sharing this birthday spread!
    I’m not very good at focusing my mind when shuffling tarot cards when it comes to reading for myself so I recited “Happy Birthday” to myself to keep my mind from wandering. Then drew the cards when they prompted me and took a bath and came back and read the cards before bed.

    The cards I drew were:

    1: The Queen of Cups (R)

    3: 9 of Swords

    5: 8 of Pentacles (R)
    6: XVI: THE WORLD (R)

    7: 5 of Cups (R)

    I pretty bad at the interpretation part but the way you explained your card positions made it easier to see what was before me.

    Thanks again.

  16. melanie says:

    LOVED this! Thank you so much for sharing! I feel so much more prepared and at peace for the year ahead and now know what to release to make space for it. Such a beautiful process and I really appreciate you sharing!

  17. Sarah Myers says:

    I searched for “birthday tarot spread” and this post on Jan 22nd came up. My moms birthday is Jan 22, so I saw it as a sign 😉 I read my cards on my actual birthday Aug 31st

    I used the Wild Unknown deck because I’m smitten with how beautiful it is and how it feels like home.

    1. What to leave behind in the past year.
    “Strong will, triumph” – The Chariot

    I interpret this as releasing control, feeling like I have to push through any obstacle to succeed. In this position it seems like a hyper-independent, I’m powerful and don’t need help, card. I also think it’s acknowledging the successes I’ve had in saving money and going back to school.

    2. A lesson learned last year to carry with me into the next year.
    “Balance and change” – Two of pentacles

    I also pulled this card in my new moon spread on August 8th. The book’s words paraphrased “even if you fear change, it needs to happen and it might even be fun…a world of possibilities balanced upon your delicate wings” I saw lots of symmetry in the card, and of course the infinity symbol. It reminds me that beginnings and endings are tied to each other. This means there will continue to be changes in this next year, and finding balance as things shift is important.

    3. The next thing you will learn.
    “Blocked vision, stalemate” – Two of swords

    Two 2’s in the spread, I love patterns in numbers. used a tarot app on my phone for a 3-card read on my birthday and the Two of Swords came up there too! Symbolic of feeling stuck with a decision or not knowing what path to take. The book says “opposing forces, there’s an answer that’s being blocked – maybe by choice.” For me it feels like an internal struggle when it comes to dating/relationships. Or the struggle with finally finding body positivity/happiness in my skin, and being confronted with possible health issues that are rising up, and how to reconcile both.

    4. The theme of the year ahead.
    “Self-empowerment, action” – The magician

    This is my favorite card in the spread. To me it’s similar to the World – so many possibilities. I think it symbolizes continuing my spiritual journey, really embracing my intuition in an everyday role. The book emphasizes this card is about the power of all elements, action, “embrace the wildcat’s speed, grace and abilities”

    5. and 6. ways to celebrate, something to do to ring in my personal new year

    5. Six of pentacles – “Prosperity, Growth, Generosity”

    My family all pitched in to buy me the Ancestry DNA kit, I’m really excited to get the results back! My aunt mentioned our family land in TX is going to be renewed on lease to drill, so there might be a bonus check coming my way soon.

    6. The Sun – “Vitality, Enlightenment”

    How could I miss the sun?! It was blazing 100+ degree days all last week. I think this card feeds right into the energy of the Magician, very kinetic and full of vitality. “Spend some extra time outside, be grateful for the radiance and life force of the sun” I’m getting the message that I need to watch more sunrises.

    7. A birthday message from your ancestors.
    “Scattered, lack of focus, lost” – Five of wands

    This card seems to echo the two of swords – scattered thoughts feeding into inability to make a decision. “Since the wands suit deals with dreams and goals, it usually means your conflict lies within” it’s important for me to bring calm and focus to my mind, maybe I need a nightly or morning ritual that allows me to feel less “tangled” in my thoughts.

    Pretty cool spread right?! Thank you for the guidance.

  18. Mercutia says:

    What would you say the 9 of Swords is as a message from my ancestors? We tend to depressiveness in my family, but I already knew that. Maybe “bad thoughts you have aren’t true, but illusions”?

  19. Risuna says:

    thank you so much for the spread~! it was really fun to do >w< my bday isn’t for another couple days but the energies had aligned for me to do the spread early – it was so insightful & helpful~

  20. Sonali Tharwani says:

    Hi Beth,

    I wanted to read for my birthday and a little feeling inside me said I’d find something in your treasures. Thanks for sharing.

    7 of Pentacles
    High Priestess
    The Chariot
    The World
    King of Wands
    The Emperor

    Lots of love and light

  21. Kym says:

    Thanks for the birthday spread! I got:
    1- 3 swords – sorrow
    2- IV – The Emperor
    3- XI – Justice
    4 – 5 cups Disappointment
    5 – Ace of Cups
    6 – 6 of cups – Pleasure
    7 – Ace of Wands

    Very interesting but I’m not quite sure what to think about it all. (except the obvious 5 & 6 – yayy party on me & hubby!) The disappointment & Justice cards together make me raise my eyebrows but we’ll see what happens! Any thoughts on the cards that I pulled? Thanks for the spread!

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